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Without sounding unsympathetic to your loss, and as long as the woman never cheated on the grounds of the marriage, she hasn't done anything wrong! Her marital vows to your brother were till death did them apart. They were dissolved by death, and she had every right to move on in her own time.

She has to move. She waited for a year. So you want to make her die too? Life goes on. Know this

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Long ago and in a place far away, Christians used to fear God. They saw a yawning gap between their limited intelligence and the mind of God. So they were exceedingly careful about presuming what God had to say about almost anything. 


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He is enjoying his life…let him enjoy alone, let the Spanish girlfriend be there for him, rubbish…people should start learning to keep people who haven’t got your back to the left…

They can never take what the dish. Madam, for go back then show that man pepper. Knack another man in front of him while he sits in a wheelchair to watch. Wicked man


3 days ago

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I blame my gender for swallowing the shit men wont even take in the first place.In as much as a man cant forgive a cheating wife, why should a woman forgive a cheating husband? Society is just bias towards women😢

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A very selfish and wicked man that thinks the world revolves around him. Sadly there are a lot of men with this mentality.

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Very senseless man; if you like to follow up his advice once he gets better again, he will still leave you for another woman.😢

I will be wicked in this situation and not take his ass back. The man advising her to go back is furious. Like he will take it if the wife does the same. Don't dish what you can't handle.

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But the thing is: if a man loves his woman, he knows sleeping with another woman will hurt her. He would not sleep with another woman because he loves his woman too much to hurt her. So whether he loves the side chick or not is not the point because there will be no side chick


3 days ago

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I know of A man who went AWOL from his family. They searched for him but to no avail, only for the man to appear 13 years later. He was very sick and dying.

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Take liability back? Because you need a nanny?? If he had had the accident while he was with her, it would have been a different story!!!

Then it's obvious you don't have experience in that area, so you are not fit to advise her.

The motivational speaker that can't take his advice.

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Werey no fit take him own advice 😂😂😂😂

I wouldn’t say I like his misogynistic, selfish, and disrespectful views on this situation.

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