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Change of environment does not usually translate to change of financial & lifestyle status. There is a level of financial freedom & education you must have attained in Nigeria before you travel out that will set you on the same pedestal.
e.g going back to uni or getting a white collar job, living in a decent community.
You can't travel with your last kobo or as a stark illiterate and expect to just japa and start balling "in the abroad". The idea of japa is to continue where you stopped in Naija not automatic change of status!

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22 days ago

how do I like this comment a thousand times! It’s as if u were in our service yesterday.. this is one of the things the pastor touched on.. Do you know how many times I have had to talk and talk and advise certain ppl about the conditions of living abroad (just the way you put it) and also talking to them from experience for someone who lived and studied there.

I tell them that in naija, bad as e bad sometimes, at least u have neighbors that u can turn to when the going gets rough— how? U can knock on their door, borrow small salt, sugar, rice, oil, or Maggie etc; and u go still eat.. but over there.. go and knock on anyone’s door, some go dial 911, some no go open door, some go say make u go collect food stamps from government…this is just one area.. But when you talk to them, they begin to say you don’t want them to achieve anything good or you want them to remain where they are.

even after all you mentioned, your so called collar job is still far fetched darling, have you forgotten 70% of most people that japa are graduates and start with a cleaning job or primark? Please leave English, a professional plumber will leave Nigeria and earn big and live in your so call decent community because hand work is huge out here while an educated person is struggling to barely survive..

not true. The same menial jobs that you do in Nigeria, if you do that abroad, you make more money

And you think those that couldn't do a factory work in Nigeria will be able to cope with factory work in abroad or do a job where you will be asked to stand up for without sitting down for good 8hours in abroad?.... Abroad is an upgraded hustling, the difference is that your payment is guaranteed if you can endure the pains. Mind you, one menial job will not anyone anywhere in abroad, to survive and meet up your needs, you must be strong enough to more than one. Abroad is not for the lazy mind, you must be fit and strong...

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Waterboard for Italy don cut their water😂😂😂

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We go still come😏😏😏

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This same boy has been scamming people for so long. He will always be the road Lekki Epe expressway. On Monday, this boy was there. His act was the topic we all talked about inside the commercial bus through our destinations.

All these Yoruba mumus everywhere, Yoruba too mumu Sha ndi ofe nmanu... See this one doing a small scam, and later Dem go say na Igbos dey spoil the country... Tufiakwa . I never relate with any Yoruba man, all of them na olodo.


6 months ago

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Abeg leave them, may their prayers & sacrifice be accepted!

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This matter still dey? Follow your heart se sera sera

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Chai. Nothing wey person no go see. Abeg where you see this matter happen or how take know?

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