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Hmm! Chindima, I don't believe this is your story at all. No matter how muscular your strength is, there is no way to overpower the man. When it's just a pity dead can't defend himself. You said you put some drugs on his drink, and later, you could kill him when he demanded too much sex 🙄. The story gets k legs, sweetie. I hope you rust in jail.

Serious K leg full the story! I guess she is the available scapegoat! But be assured that the real culprit is sipping coffee, watching all the drama unfold.

Her defense lawyer cooks all these lies for her to get her off the hook. Lawyers can do anything, including bribing a judge if the judge is corrupt.

She said she added drugs to his drink which would have weakened him. So, go figure.

Men, That will not keep their jelly in one place should also expect this kind of treatment. Maybe he has a beautiful wife at home but decided to fool himself with those one Chick side. And most men, once they are getting little constant money, the next thing is to keep a side chick. That lady should be punished according to the country's laws.

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