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So, Christians shouldn't vote for him? Several APC supporters here on SM had lashed out at Prof Osinbajo when he came out to run, calling him unprintable names, even linking him with RCCG. They've done worse in this election, even spiting pa Adebanjo, a well-respected Yoruba man. They saw the GRV's comment on Twitter calling tinubu afonja and suddenly generalized it on the Yoruba race. Meanwhile, they've called Pa Adebanjo all names for supporting power rotation to the southeast. Then, they didn't see it as an insult to yourbas despite his sensitive position and how vital the organization is among us.

These guys are nothing but hypocrites. If you like, dig out all his pasts, it won't change anything in Saturday's election.

Which atrocities could be worse than calling a battalion to attack and kill unarmed civilians at the lekki toll gate by a puppet who first denied it but later bowed to pressure by saying he acted on the abovementioned instruction? Had his child been among the protesters, would he have tried that shiit?GRV never did anything close to this, yet, they're trying to bring him down at all costs. If you like, come out in your usual ęgbęjoda t-shirt in different colors and besiege all lagos roads, it won't change anything. GRV is our own, and we won't let him down in Lag come Saturday at Alimosho. We don't know sanwoolu here. He did nothing here in the last four years. Alimosho must progress. God bless ambode, who remembered us. They only remember us during campaigns. They know we have the largest population in Lagos and Nigeria as an LG but always neglect us. It won't be business as usual this time.


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When a governor actively disrespects and kills Christians, you meet him and start saying he has a good heart. And northern Christians that know him better are complaining that El Rufai is not protecting them. Of course, it's Yoruba behavior. He does not want to confront and play safe or cause trouble.

I've always said it RCCG is one of the problems we have. They brought Buhari, sold him to Christians, and haven't apologized for that calamity. If Osinbajo had won, you'd have seen how they would campaign for him. Now you can choose obi, who is a better alternative. At least consider the lives of Christian members in the north so they are protected. Only a Christian president can effectively fight Boko haram or the northern insecurity. Instead, you chose to keep quiet.

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These scenes have become a common place in recent past in Lagos and no emergency has been declared or someone sacked from office for certifying these trucks to be road worthy! I am appalled at the way we see life as nothing. We have made our own country totally unsafe and dangerous. This has to stop! And until people and heads of agencies are sacked for such negligence, then we have not started as a nation to keep our environment safe.

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Why won't they fall??? When that houseboy abandoned his duty and follows Thiefnubu around.... LAGOSIANS, if you truly want to be free from Thiefnubu MAFIA GROUP...Vote LP for President 📌📌...Vote LP(Gbadebo) for Governor, 📌📌etc


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Pamela Adie Narrates How A Cousin's Husband Traveled Out To 'pursue A Football Career', Left Her With Two Babies, And Never Returned.

I know of a man currently in SA, and have refused to pay his cute little kids fees and they've been home for over 10 months. While he is helping people everywhere else, and all this because he refuses to trust his wife then a misunderstanding happened. This man is wey older than the wife and more experienced, i used to see it online but this one is close to me. All i can say is wow 😳 , you really don't care about your kids?

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Pamela Adie Narrates How A Cousin's Husband Traveled Out To 'pursue A Football Career', Left Her With Two Babies, And Never Returned.

You read stories like this and wonder if people have a little conscience or a heart in that chest of their...hmmmm


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May APC never happen to Nigeria again. May Death, shame, and disgrace come upon the body that will cast their vote for APC. May the person die that Saturday night

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This move might be helpful for those who require internet in the middle of nowhere. But we need to put wires in the ground for cities and towns. We can't expect our people to pay so much for something as basic as broadband internet.

Also, there are national security concerns. We must rely on something other than foreign corporations for critical services. All of them behave like Shell when given the opportunity.

It makes sense for organizations and companies etc. For example, I operate in a workspace, and we plan to get it, not minding the initial hardware cost as the monthly plan is affordable.

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Big municipalities and villages already have fiber cables in the ground in Nigeria - but the monthly are more expensive than the Starlink rate (equipment/setup is cheaper than Starlink tho)

All in all - ftth Is the most affordable and best for big towns and cities in Nigeria.

The problem with fiber right now is the scale. It only exists in a handful of locations, so they're trying to make its money back from a tiny consumer base. We need to expand it to everyone. It should be like electricity.

The way the internet works makes everything more affordable the more nodes the web has. The government needs to be compelling this. We have more important issues right now, but still.

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I rarely go on Facebook anymore. Facebook now feels like my village town hall meeting r

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Asiwaju @officialABAT

Asiwaju @officialABAT President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria/1

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