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Travel AbroadLast activity 11 days ago

Between 2020 and today, of my five friends, four left. You can't quantify the loss of community just from people leaving. It's the absence of hope. People are watching their savings just come to nothing.

IgboLast activity 11 days ago

Our chief executive father called us lazy youths, so we decided to prove to daddy that we were better than he thought we were. Buhari also called us Lazy during the days of Fela, and Fela questioned the government with his music(beast of no nation) about how a government can call it's people lazy. Animal wey dey wear agbada

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Fela was a prophet from from another timeline and not like these fake MOG that we have nowadays. He saw it all and he said it all. Now it is happening

Travel AbroadLast activity 11 days ago

Between 2020 and today, of my five friends, four left. You can't quantify the loss of community just from people leaving. It's the absence of hope. People are watching their savings just come to nothing.

NigeriaLast activity 12 days ago

It’s deeper done just undermining democracy. So USA wants me to believe that for all these years now that they have realized Nigeria has corrupt democracy at hand. 🤔🤔🤔. What is it USA wants from Nigeria that the government refuses to give. 🤔🤔 They have been using these tactics to oppress governments by using their own people. An example is what we all are witnessing.The USA sanctioned Iran all because they refused to stop making atomic boom when they ask them to stop, They also do a hole lot of sanctions to Russia in the name of the Ukrainian war . Emotional thinkers, please restrain your comments. Dummies.

NigeriaLast activity 12 days ago

Hope the politicians from high and low are involved , pls don punish the common Nigerian who is trying to make a living outside ..... but una see all these thiefs politicians Ban dem abeg mak dem remain for Nigeria face dia sins and crimes 👏

Travel AbroadLast activity 13 days ago

The money you make abroad buys you goods and services at the abroad rate, not the Nigeria rate. Stupidly converting is the flawed mentality and failed education that leads many to make wrong decisions about japa. Even with that conversion, many things are still cheaper in Nigeria. Something that costs 3000 nairas can cost 9000 nairas abroad converted.

If you want to japa, start by calculating DISPOSABLE INCOME, not gross income. Some think $16/hour work 40 hours a week, they become millionaires and build village mansions. Or £60000 per annum job, they can send their entire village to Disney world in 3 years.

Why do you think people abroad are 'stingy'? Compulsory PAYE tax swipe, council tax, road tax (if you drive), hidden shopping taxes, rent, electricity, gas, fuel (all cost more even converted abroad. You don't pay court cases and fines galore. Before you know it, £500 debt becomes £3000. UK university fees na your mate. How much is it in Nigeria converted? And na same cheap basic, supposedly flawed Nigerian education you use to get a job abroad. Many sent children to good private schools in Naija before, japa to put their children in the nearest free community schools abroad in the poorest areas with socially maladjusted kids that would soon be culturally disconnected from same parents.

Fuel: 300 nairas per liter in Nigeria, small to more than 1000 naira per liter conversation abroad. Some will say at least you are earning money. When you go there, you realize few have disposable income= same generational poverty you were running from at home.

Credit cards and inheritance are how many oyibo afford many things. Selling grandparents or taking loans against parents' properties to buy first homes, cars, go to university, holidays, etc. Meanwhile, many of us are selling our inheritance in Nigeria to boost UK universities while offering our services for free slavery.

For the few who break even, one day, you realize how living as a second-class citizen has unconsciously diminished your self-worth to the point that if you could turn back time, you'd make different choices. It can be challenging to go back home except for the occasional holiday show-off.

Where you want starts when mates in Nigeria at least have more rounded lives. Even if they are not super wealthy, they have family around, social status, healthy social life, good weather, and fresh food unless they like faking it with processed junk at ShoppinRite. Please ignore me for the doubters and those trained to believe living close to whiteness is heaven. My mouth is smelling. Please do all you can to japa as soon as possible.

Travel AbroadLast activity 13 days ago

The problem here is that Nigerians need a different perspective on western life. They think of making money immediately after they land abroad. If you still think so, you are hallucinating or in a dreamland. Part of your plan is to give yourself six months - 9 months to understand the environment and better plan yourself within this month, endure all the suffering that the climate will throw at you.

We cannot compare abroad with living in Nigeria o. Nigeria is a hell of a place to live in. I have been here four years now, and it's getting better every year. I was in Nigeria for four decades and cannot boast of anything. So, if you have the opportunity to JAPA, please do. My advice is to plan very well, and you must have a very thick skin to endure hardship for some moment and ensure you get enough information about this. I believe you be fine.

VideoLast activity 22 days ago

Change of environment does not usually translate to change of financial & lifestyle status. There is a level of financial freedom & education you must have attained in Nigeria before you travel out that will set you on the same pedestal.
e.g going back to uni or getting a white collar job, living in a decent community.
You can't travel with your last kobo or as a stark illiterate and expect to just japa and start balling "in the abroad". The idea of japa is to continue where you stopped in Naija not automatic change of status!

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22 days ago

how do I like this comment a thousand times! It’s as if u were in our service yesterday.. this is one of the things the pastor touched on.. Do you know how many times I have had to talk and talk and advise certain ppl about the conditions of living abroad (just the way you put it) and also talking to them from experience for someone who lived and studied there.

I tell them that in naija, bad as e bad sometimes, at least u have neighbors that u can turn to when the going gets rough— how? U can knock on their door, borrow small salt, sugar, rice, oil, or Maggie etc; and u go still eat.. but over there.. go and knock on anyone’s door, some go dial 911, some no go open door, some go say make u go collect food stamps from government…this is just one area.. But when you talk to them, they begin to say you don’t want them to achieve anything good or you want them to remain where they are.

even after all you mentioned, your so called collar job is still far fetched darling, have you forgotten 70% of most people that japa are graduates and start with a cleaning job or primark? Please leave English, a professional plumber will leave Nigeria and earn big and live in your so call decent community because hand work is huge out here while an educated person is struggling to barely survive..

not true. The same menial jobs that you do in Nigeria, if you do that abroad, you make more money

And you think those that couldn't do a factory work in Nigeria will be able to cope with factory work in abroad or do a job where you will be asked to stand up for without sitting down for good 8hours in abroad?.... Abroad is an upgraded hustling, the difference is that your payment is guaranteed if you can endure the pains. Mind you, one menial job will not anyone anywhere in abroad, to survive and meet up your needs, you must be strong enough to more than one. Abroad is not for the lazy mind, you must be fit and strong...

VideoLast activity 22 days ago

Waterboard for Italy don cut their water😂😂😂

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We go still come😏😏😏


one month ago

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

I Carry My $150 Bachelors Degree And Enter Yankee Do MS In The Same Class With People Who Took $150k Loans For The Same Degree.

Not sure about you, but my tuition in UNILORIN 100L = ₦200, 200L = ₦‎250, 300L = ₦‎400, and 400L = ₦‎550. I got Hostel accommodation in 100L AND 400L for ₦‎90 each time. I spent two years off campus with my uncle. Okay, Handouts and textbooks no dey sha. But I only buy some Handouts, not all. I thank God I studied in Nigeria. I'm in America right now working in a Bank after working in Nigerian banks for years. All my American colleagues have huge students loan they are battling to pay off. If anyone tells you Education is cheap, tell the person he never waka. It is VERY EXPENSIVE. NB. I GRADUATED IN THE YEAR 2000.

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