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Peter obi MTN. Everywhere you go! If nothing, one must confess that Peter Obi is quite energetic. His vast daily engagement in moving around the country and the diaspora is impressive.

If God doesn't answer our prayers through Peter Obi in 2023, it means that God has forgotten Nigeria because Peter Obi is an answered prayer.

If this man eventually wins, Nigerians will understand what it means for a leader to be straightforward, goal-oriented and people-centric

Peter Obi is too fresh.

I love this man

I pray that God makes him win.

Peter Obi will make a good president.

He commands great respect anywhere he goes.

He's the right man for the job

God bless the incoming president of Nigeria.

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...the Bible says prayer and faith without work are dead.. after praying to God for Peter obi to win the presidential election.. Nigerians must do the job by learning from their past mistakes of voting for incompetent and evil leaders. And politicians now rally around to support and vote for Peter obi to win the presidential election.. God will not come down and vote for Peter obi or force Nigerians to vote for Peter obi..it's Nigerians that have to do that

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Whether na one nairaaaa. LOL. Congratulations to the latest duo ❤️wish you a good house with plenty of pleasure and kids

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Anyway, don't want to conclude until I hear from the man too. I judge reading different books. But if what she said is to fly then, the man was coming to gold dig


9 months ago

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Why Do Most Brides Invite Their Ex Boyfriends To Their Weddings?

Because she wanna spite u & rub it on ur face that she's gotten a new man.

U can beat her to her game bro by doing this:

1. Arrive the reception venue in a benz or any other exotic car if possible with security escorts while u are holding 2 beautifully sexy big booty babes that are far above her league.

2. Make sure she notices ur presence & see how u are enjoying ur life to the fullest with prettier babes & money & influence.

3. U & ur crew should not eat anything they offer u there.

4. Send ur babes to spray her & her husband some wads of cash.

5. Finally, fake a call & pretend u have a very important event or activity to attend, then u & ur crew should leave the venue (dont spend up to 30 mins there) with ur full dignity

Make sure she notices u doing this & make it look real.


I bet u, she will be dazed, jealous, shocked, wet & flabbergasted at once. She will try to call u to soonest to know how e dey be.

She will even try to seduce u to prove that she's still better than ur babes.

All these will play to ur advantage.

At times when u want to defeat a woman at her game, use another woman that is superior to her.

If, however u can't do any of these, then simply boycot the wedding.

Ur absence more dignifying in this case

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Its Libation. It is respect and a feeling of been connected to the bigger life.

Just image if the missionaries didn't come to Africa or if our great grand fathers prevented them from influencing our beliefs, this is part of what we Africans will be practicing as one of our religious beliefs.

Someone once asked me, what good has the traditional religions done to you?

A whole lot

To better understand spirituality and the concept of only general concept all religions agree on (which is love) only then will you understand.

You can’t hurt someone and expect the same not to be done to you coming under the guise of God’s love once you sin an opening has been left for any to harm you.

Life has value so do not take it when you can’t create one.

There’s only one supreme God which all religion accept but where the problem or disagreement comes from is who is his son or follower each religion claims theirs came from the only One God

Love is all that is the most important and giving including helping.

Plus I’m more more connected to my roots, I know my pedigree even to the 7th generation( I know the qualities, behavioral patterns my own offsprings should carry (look at the Oba and his offsprings you will understand and the ones before him), if you are into breeding you should know how to turn this to your advantage. Last but not the least, knowledge about herbs that are beneficial and how they work, it’s not Bragging but no one especially a woman can be barren in my lineage as long as she is healthy (the highest a woman can go childless is 2yrs as long as she is healthy and has a womb) but for a man I do not know.

The foremost pharmacists have ties to the Catholic Church and many priests still do till this day.


one year ago

AfricaLast activity one year ago

Even ritualist Nigeria dey learn where Ghana and Benin Republic dey self

NigeriaLast activity one year ago

KALABARI should be number 1 sha

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Check Out The Traditional Wedding List Given To Me To Marry My Calabar Bride

You don go carry four-corner head show dem say you be resident Elon Musk na. Why dem no go bill you?

8 gallons of palm wine? Na drunkard competition?

Kolanut/Kanda enough? Na food dem come chop for your head? And they called this part items for knocking the door?

So after they knock the door eating all those, they'll now loosen their belt to eat the main bride price?

16 gallons of palm wine? Mehn.

Look at all the crates of beer there!

Only compensations na ₦250k? Compensating them for what? Na cow dem rear?

Under “other items,” bride price is there but they said negotiable. Wetin come be all these ones dem dey list before?

Uncle mah confuse call am “traditional wedding list.” Na marriage only o make e no double your eye.

Baba, after marrying her, she dare not call you honey. You are her personal lord and savior!

My heart goes out to you.


one year ago

NigeriaLast activity one year ago

This is unsurprisingly coming back to modern Nigerians and Africa too.

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husbands are the bread winners in homes,if he stays at home nothing will move well.

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I rebuke it😂

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Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

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