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Bola TinubuLast activity 18 hours ago

make them carry this bulletproof glass to meet Tinubu boys for Lagos agbero bus stops. Make we see if them no go change the slogan of you break it you take the money. Yeye dey smell

The Bishops Who Met APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Have Said They Were Not Committed To Endorsing Him.- Daily Trust

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Tinubu boys don too dey too busy now with their illegal strategies to destroy democracy and to run a riots to manipulate and terminally influence the out come of the 2023 election.

make them carry am come Ajegunle. Boys no go just only carry the money, we go also carry the glass join. Botuser

Bola TinubuLast activity yesterday

The Constitution of Nigeria talks about federal character and principles of inclusiveness. Is Tinubu saying that there are no competent Christians of Northern extraction? Kaduna has always had that balance of a Muslim-Christian or a Christian-Muslim ticket until El-rufai introduced a Muslim-Mualim Ticket. We all know the result today in Kaduna. Now they are daring Nigerians to go to hell. Can the north ever accept a Christian-Christian ticket? This is the time for Nigerians to stand up and reject this evil plan of APC. The blood that has been shed so far since the coming of APC is enough.

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2 days ago

All this line is stale already. Northern Christian leaders are already starting to get associated with Asiwaju, and even Bishop Kukah, the most respected bishop from the North, invited only him to his book launch in great defiance of the usual media rhetorics.

They are starting to get over the initial shock and rancor Muslim/Muslim initially brought. As we move closer to the election, more and more of them will lean towards Tinubu's side because if you mingle with Tinubu, you will understand his nature and negotiation power.

If Nigeria remains in 50 years, there will be a time when a strong Northern Christian will be on the ballot. If he is to pick his Vice from the South, he can never choose a Muslim southerner because two minorities cannot be on the ballot. It is impossible.

Tinubu is a minority religion from the South in terms of faith. If he chose another minority religion from the North, he would come last on Election Day.

Whose business is it if he comes last? Like who gives a Fcuk? That muslim-muslim ticket is a recipe for disaster & we like it like that.

Don't get it twisted, the rejection of Tinubu isn't about religion, it's about his conspiratorial silence & blind support for Buhari & his fulani tribe in the face of the herdsmen killings all over the country.

His refusal to condemn the fulani attacks even in his region was borne out of the fact that he didn't want to incure their wrath, such that they can support his 2023 presidential bid. To him,his lifelong ambition is worth the blood of innocent & defenseless Nigerians of which majority of the victims of these attacks are the northern christains. Even equity loving northern Muslims see it as being unfair not to talk of the christains.

The Northern christains' insistence on having a high level representation in a presidential ticket is just merely to assuage their fears that their interest will be protected. Lives are at stake here & we r treating it like they just rejected the composition of the APC ticket without valid reasons. To Tinubu, it's politics above morality.

Northern christains have made up their minds a long time ago. 

Nigerians r fed up. Don't think anybody has time for a continuation of APC's poverty-stricken policies.


2 days ago

Bola TinubuLast activity 2 days ago

They never mentioned Tinubu alone in their speech. They just said they are not committed to endorsing anybody.

A very fair game. They keep their cards to their chest, which is excellent.

I am glad the Pentecostal Bishop of Northern Christians agreed to meet Asiwaju openly. I am grateful to Bishop Kukah for deeming it fit to associate with Asiwaju on his birthday against the usual dummy people like Babachir intend to sell about Northern Christian.

Even at all this, no other party chose the Northern Christian as their Vice, and it’s only APC that at least conceded the campaign chairman to the NC. PDP is even trying to take chairmanship from Ayu ( a Northern Christian).

Regarding track record, negotiating power, liberalness, political reach, and capacity at the highest level

God bless Northern Christians.

God bless Nigeria.


4 days ago

VideoLast activity 2 days ago

When pandora was going from one country to another, defrauding the Igbos diaspora of their dollars in the form of Lecture-fee, you all acted blindly to it abi.

Pack of thoughtless children of hatred

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You see your life. The post is not in any way have anything to do with peter obi. Still, because Peter Obi lives rent-free in your head, you decided to drag him into this with the false accusation that he defrauded Nigerians in the diaspora.

It would help if you were worried that Tinubu is being rejected by his people while Nigerians are supporting and campaigning for PO with their own money.

Do you think a man who has been threatened, extorted, and forcefully made to paste a tinubu sticker on his vehicle will support or speak good of tinubu to his passengers? Do you think he will stupidly vote for him on election day like a zombie?

Such acts will always portray Tinubu as a lousy candidate.

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

They must get a sense by force, LOL—political Spoilers.

They must consume the tinubu most precious pill, by force by fire. Only agberos support tinubu. That is what he has flexed Lagos to. Agberos are everywhere you go. People in Lagos are no longer permitted to make their choices. They have to force the old senile man down people's throats

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

To Thiefnibu, everything na by force.

A known thief and drug lord can never rule this country.

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

God prohibits BATthing.

Hand dey shake. Leg dey shake. Baba wey no well, dey shout EMILOKAN.

Nigerian youths, shine your eyes o. Is N715/$ OK?

Is it OK forcing our fathers, brothers, and uncles riding Keke napep to buy an APC sticker?

Is N200/liter OK? Graduates earning N30k per month, is it alright?

Loan shark took advantage of us because of the hardship on the land and called out contacts to defame us. Is it OK?

Politicians hijacked all the coronavirus palliatives given to us by the western countries for their selfish gain. Is it OK?

Bank debiting our bank account at will, is it OK? Bread is now N1200-N1800. Is it OK?

Cooking gas is 850/kg. Is it OK? Is extortion from the police force OK? Is the killing of Samuel Deborah OK?

Is the ASUU strike OK? Is raping our mothers and daughters, sisters and aunty OK?

Is the rise in the cost of foodstuff OK? Agbero dressing well and feeding more than our fathers, brothers, ourselves driving kerope, OK?

Their children are traveling Abroad, and we are here suffering for their sins. Is it OK?

Another year has come, and now you want my vote once more. They are flying private jets with taxpayer money. Is it OK?

Is Nigeria labeled as corrupt people by her president, OK?

Is all our youth traveling for a greener pasture and abandoning their fatherland OK?

We cant boast of a 12hours power supply, and ordinary Ghana just celebrated three years of uninterrupted power supply. Is it OK?

Traffic jams here and there in the country due to the wrong road. Is it OK? Unless you have a long leg, you can't get a government job on merit. Is it OK?

Bad roads are killing us daily, is it OK?

Is the Supreme court Governor OK?

The ritual here and there in the country, is it OK?

Our politicians are living a flamboyant lifestyle. Is it OK?

No more freedom of speech, is it OK?

Oil is in the southeast and south, but the refinery is in the north. Is it OK?

We are yet to see feeding our children in school, is it OK?

Dey holds bottle water like say na breast him dey suck.

Don't sell your conscience for a plate of porridge, please. After 2023, na till 8 yrs later.

Kidnapping in the country, is it OK?


Let's get it right once and for all.

Obi is the man

The Labour party is the platform.

We are the movement to sweep out all those mentioned above in our land.

Nigeria will be great again,


VideoLast activity 3 days ago

See them. Obi disciples are poisonous etc. See their level of forbearance.

Those hooligans are even collecting cash for the stickers. Criminals.

U should stay in Ghana than in some parts of Nigeria. There is no government in Nigeria.

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

Where will Tinubu get his vote from? Because it is apparent that Lagosians are not interested in whatever he is campaigning for.

My humble advice is that tinubu should continue looking for his imaginary vote up north because the southwest is wiser now.

Peter ObiLast activity 11 days ago

So Sheikh Gumi is now coded Obedient. He's most probably a closet Obedient Shame on all Tribalistic Yorubas. Shame!


If a terrorist sympathizer can see the light and know what's good for us, it's all shame and stupidity to Yoruba agbadorians. I spit on tribalism, i spit on farmers will make more money... I speak on all BaT cassava crooners.


Awọn bigoted werey

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