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You mean to say generally, most tech companies are over bloated, not that they can be run with only ten employees.

There are a few explanations for why companies like Google and Microsoft end up with 100k employees.

1. Keeping the lights on: A few workers can write the lines of code for the MVP product (for example, the very first version of Uber was written in a few days and used by Travis and his friends). Now, as a business scales, you need to add more layers to handle things that come up. Bug fixes, Infrastructure maintenance, and Customer support, a few employees can only do some of this. Each of these tech companies can receive thousands of support requests daily. Also, as the software or app gets used on a variety of platforms (think mobile, desktop, each with a different OS), the product needs to constantly adapt to the necessities of these platforms for optimum performance. You need professionals who understand these platforms and can bring out the most useful in your app on them.

2) Innovation: it’s not enough to build a product. At some point, you need to think ahead. Otherwise, your opponents will do so and best you (I.e., Apple, and blackberry). Innovation falls in two brackets - ongoing product improvements based on customer feedback, product discovery, and next Gen invention, where you come up with something out of the ordinary like ChatGPT. If you don’t have employees worrying about new ideas, your business will die very soon.

3) Business operations: every business needs people who will run it. These aren’t engineers but think of roles like HR, Legal, Risk and Compliance, and people managers who ensure you don’t run foul of ever-changing regulations in countries around the world. Companies like Google and Meta keep getting fined millions of USD by the EU and other regulators worldwide for one or the other. Now imagine they had no one focused on these areas. They would probably have been shut down or fined more heavily, as ignorance isn’t a reason to violate a law or legal requirement.

4) Sales: this one is straightforward. It would help if you had a marketing and sales org to get the $$$ coming in. Especially in a B2B setting.

5) Competitive edge: Companies have to keep hiring to keep the best professionals away from the competition. This is something they have to do to lock in talent. this is where you have a point as it can lead to an excessive workforce, but some would argue that it is a business necessity as if you don’t have the best talents working for you, you might as well not have a business.

There are a couple more justifications, but I’ll stop here. I hope you get the gist.

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You need 1, 2, 3, and 5 can be merged if the person is lazy folk to use a template. Six must be specific, depending on the specifics of the program.

Are you into SoftDev?

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Template? A multimillion-dollar firm should use a template. People who left a whole Bootstrap framework because it makes a website look 'bootstrap.'

These companies are mining and selling data. Their data experts must be top-notch. They also need complex algorithms to rank content in users' timeline based. And they're constantly improving their algorithms and building anti-spams because spammers are evolving.

Most importantly, these companies are different from ours. They measure their uptime in "point nine nine"s.

Do you know what that means? AWS, for example, has at least a 99.99% guarantee. The weakest of those companies might be a 99.9% guarantee.

Even with all these hires, people suffer burnout.

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God, please. So sad. I hope it does not affect the Nigeria office sha

if na Elon musk now, we nor go hear a word again

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But that's just the absolute truth. Technology has made it difficult for people to read books and made education seem to be a bit difficult. In those days, we engage in novel reading competitions, but today, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is with the phone, the worst of it all is, to soothe a baby, give it a phone.

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God abeg!🙄🙄

Honestly, the back own is clear.

Hilarious but also very grim.

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Saw this some time ago—really great work. If Nigerian Govt doesn't take him seriously, the whites definitely will. It's just a matter of time.

Impressive, if he had come out of BBN, the so-called fans would have given him a gift of a Range Rover and 2 million naira cash. That is how mediocrity is celebrated in Nigeria.

Hmmm, they have given him a scholarship at Baze University in Abuja. How good are they?... what news have they ever come up with? What improvement have they made on anything? They can do better to send him abroad to be on the cutting edge. After all, much money is spent unnecessarily sending people abroad with nothing to benefit Nigeria or Nigerians.

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I am sure our incoming VP Datti owns Baze University. More talents will be discovered once Peter Obi and Datti fully takes control of the driving seat

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Learning an online course is not the same as having expertise in the subject area; without extensive practice, that course is useless. The way most I.T companies work is that they'll still train you in the company's cultural and operational methods, but you must be able to scale an interview without looking like a confused person.

If the goal is to earn lots of money, then I.T is not for you; success in this field requires passion and tough skin. Your ability to translate complex technical language into simple and concise statements for the target audience(consumers, management, etc.) is everything!

In all that you do, stay away from that Chemistry trap; those jobs are the least flexible in this global economy of gbas gbos!

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Simple but very technical question.

Lol this reminds me of a white girls response to this question some years back.

Interviewers : why do you think we should hire you?

White girl: what a dumb question. Of course, You should hire me cos I need the goddamn money to pay my bills. I got bills to pay.

I need to change my wardrobe as you can see. I need the money to live a good life!

Lol.. I can't stop laughing any time I remember this or hear this question.

I mean there's an element of truth in what she said. At least im not only going to be working towards the growth of the company, I'll work for my pocket too... Yeye girl.


How Best Can You Answer This Question During A Job Interview. Why Should We Hire You?

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Help! My Generator Works For 12 Hours Everyday (Photo)

You should change your oil every 60 hours or 2 weeks of running it daily @ minimum of 5 operational hours..

To get a good life span out of your petrol generator,

Do an oil change every 2 weeks of 5 hours daily usage (2 stroke cycle oil) and replace your spark plugs every 3 months,clean your carburetor and air filter every 3 months to get a good Air and fuel ratio in your combustion chamber.

Lastly,make sure your oil alert switch is tested after every oil change to avoid a locked up engine.

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It depends on your interests.

What area of Programming do you want to play in.

Data analytics / Engineering?

Full stack development? Application /web development?

Database development?

You Choose:

Having been familiar with Data & Analytics domain,

I'ld advice.

Excel > SQL> R> Java. In that Order.

I really don't know much about Full stack development but you should check Code with mosh on YouTube for more details.

ALWAYS know that programming is NOT an end but a means to an end. So Value above medium should be the watchword.


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Why dont you learn something related to bricklaying, eg tiling, designs etc

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