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Mr Ahmed T.B must be aware, we are watching very closely.
A plan to burn the electoral office is in place, as Mr Ahmed T.B continues to work hard to cover his tracks, contacts have been made to set the facility ablaze. The facility must be protected. 800 thousand dollars agreed to be paid if the facility is burnt down with an initial deposit of 200 thousand dollars already made.
This assignment would be carried out within the next three days. Steps must be taken to stop this and you must remember
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us.


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If Responsible was a father, this is him. He reassured his kids of how reliable he is and for them to always reach out to him anytime. Having those uncomfortable coversations because life will happen and citing himself an an example of how gentlemen behave is everything. The son will find it easy to support his partner in future and his kids too..same with his daughters. So many lessons in here

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There are apps like Daisey the Dinosaur and websites that support coding for kids. You can Google them. There are also learning materials and videos that are specifically meant to teach kids how to code. You can always check Google.

I'll advice you to lay your right hand on the head of every child in your class and decree like this "You deaf and dumb spirit in this head, be banished forever and you spirit of coding enter" repeat this process for 2weeks and they'll become professional programmers even though you decide not to teach them at all.


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Lol. Are you really contemplating keep a teaching job? Not even a lecturing job at a higher institution o? Do you have any idea what lengths Nigerians wanting to travel out go to get passports? Working from the NIS headquarters with all the added benefits of knowing people who may open more doors to you and you are still holding on to dy/dx.

go for any of the 2 jobs.

but i prefer number 1 - shopping mall manager because government can change and that number 2 private firm can loose that contract.

by all means, leave that teaching job asap!

if for any reason you get employed into option 1 or 2 and u den have issues on the job/or loose the job u can easily glide back to teaching considering the fact that u have good years of experience in it already. so teaching becomes a safe net for you career progression.

but if you get stuck with teaching, then u only have one option (teaching) until another help comes u way. Truth is that the stars must align for someone to recommend u for a job in Nigeria (2 jobs at that!!!). Such opportunity comes almost once in a life time.

Take option 1 or 2 and move ahead into your horizon, u would make new contacts and have refreshed insight of other sides of the job market outside teaching.....

be strong, be wise, take good risk son!

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If you have to quit your job, then go ahead and quit in order to build your own business. But personally, I would prefer doing the delivery business as a side hustle until it has become profitable enough to sustain you, then you can quit the job.

Starting a new business in this country right now is very tasking and you may get fed up and desperate easily if there's no other source of income. I currently have 2 side businesses, but none is profitable enough to quit my day job.

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my guy any opportunity you have to leave this country don't miss it. Nigeria is not getting better anytime soon. you even have a job and accommodation waiting for u there,what else do u want? just go for it, with time, you can get a better job cos their economy is more organized than 9ja.

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am in support of that cos children of now adays knows more than we adult

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It's totally your choice.

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