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He is spitting fact, Mercedes Benz is used as taxi in most developed countries. Our people need to stop worshiping money . Na God pass everybody πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯


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This is one reason why UK driving licence is hard to get. all these ones didn't do proper driving training. Both drivers are wrong. Slow down when approaching a bend, a turn or exit, he could have avoided the rather m*ad green car driver.

Both taxi driver and tricyclist drive like animal. Most of them do not even know rules that guide the road. If you love your car sha don’t claim road with them.

Very anyhow people , especially kubwa drivers , the most uneducated drivers in Nigeria . Dem go scratch ur car frustrate u .

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Pele dear..

Never enter a tinted taxi.

Never Stay at the back.

Don’t have conversations whatsoever Nigeria is so unsafe

…even friends can hurt u out of hunger.

I hope before she calms down and ''forgets what happened'' she reported the incident to the police, Bolt and her banks..

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Some drivers claim they make between 20k & 30k daily. Factors to be considered are cost of fueling, proper maintenance, car security, and wear and tear. 

Some prefer late night driving because they make more money, though it comes with high risk. I have observed those that I know who are into the business, they seem to live from hand to mouth despite owing their cars. Could it be because of the state of their cars?

I discovered that some bolt drivers in Ibadan won't turn on the air conditioner. The one I boarded from Oluyole Estate to Bashorun told me that the weather is good. Not until when I told him the 3rd time before he turned it on.

Honestly, I can't say that I have enjoyed more than half of the ride-hailing service engaged in Lagos. Within a week, I boarded two with terrible shock absorbers.

There is no harm in trying. At least, you will have first-hand information.

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I HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES MANY TIMES and here is the solution I do use.

I usually booked an hotel in Ikeja that has an airport pickup service so anytime I arrive Lagos Nigeria I simply call the number of the driver and then call the hotel booking number for confirmation. Do take a snapshot of the car and driver and send to someone I can trust and also my location will be shared on whatsapp while the ride is on.

Even at the airport there are CAB SERVICES that you can negotiate to your budget, also there are hotel taxi services too available at the airport.

Anonymity is good and I prefer being in the country for a few days earlier than the time everyone expects. Lol just a tip. The Nigerian government are yet to prioritize the security of everyone so security is an individual matter. All is good

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