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  1. Which brand's toothpaste and toothbrush do you use?

I'm only brand specific if it's too expensive or low quality. The first consideration is price. Why? Because the economy is biting hard.

2)If you use or do not use Colgate, then why?

Price and availability.

3) what would make you switch from the paste you use to another? Like price, quality?

Price & quality.

5) Where do you purchase them? Like convenience stores, online, etc.?

We purchase them from Market, convenience/neighborhood shops.

6) from where do the majority buy their brushes/pastes?

We purchase them from Market, convenience/neighborhood shops.

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This is deeply troubling but the truth is Most Indians have a deep-rooted hatred for Nigerians and nothing will ever take me to study in a country such as India

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The op didn't say Nigeria is better than Canada.

She listed points, and I can boldly tell you that all she said are true.

After Moscow, Russia, Canada is one of the coldest countries on earth, so it is normal for blacks to feel awkward about the new cold weather, and that could have made many people leave Canada, so the op didn't lie.

Wealth creation: the op is 100% correct. It is easier to become rich in the USA, Australia, and other developed countries than in Canada. To become rich in Canada is very difficult, just as it is also difficult to become rich in the UK as a Nigerian migrant unless you join a business/entrepreneurship.

Go to any community in Nigeria; the wealthiest people (professionals) living abroad from that community are those living in the US, Europe, and maybe the UK. You can hardly hear of a wealthy Nigerian living in Canada, so it is proof that Nigerians living in Canada hardly become rich in Canada. They could be comfortable but rich, nope.

The op is correct with that point.

Loneliness: the op is also very correct.

Medical professionals: Canada is the only country that requires a foreign-trained Nurse to acquire a Canadian nursing license before studying nursing in Canada. It is bullshiiit. The Canadian healthcare system is below the US, UK, Germany, and others that accept our Nurses without further educational qualifications from their country. How much groundbreaking medical research comes out of Canada? None. How many new drugs are manufactured in Canada? None How many rare case surgeries are first discovered or performed in Canada? None

Canada is good for Nigerians tired of Nigeria. It has no other developed country option to migrate to, but it is never an option for someone that can migrate to the US, Australia, Germany, etc., to consider.

The US is the number one country where nobody can become a billionaire.

Ellon Musk tried in Canada and couldn't achieve his dream of becoming a billionaire in Canada, so he migrated to the US, and today he is the wealthiest man on earth.

How many world billionaires come from Canada? None known but the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, etc. have a long list of billionaires which should tell you where the wealth is.

Canada is not for anybody that desires to become wealthy; it is for people that want to break the yoke of family poverty and give their children a secure future to become middle-class and upper-middle class.

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If pastors study theology or church history, they will seize to be pastors instantly. Even the bible said the truth shall set you free, even that truth is scary. They say knowledge is power, and that same knowledge can destroy everything you know.

Nigeria will get there. Young people are getting more information compared to the previous generation. The validity of suffering on earth and enjoy in heaven is reducing and becoming extinct. I don't think it is wise to encourage people to study church history, we should move on from it and promote and join the progressiveness of human nature. History is important but it should be left alone for historians

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The "BRO CODE" is a bunch of nonsense.

Do you value your friendship with the guy above the girl?

If yes, then ask his permission. If he says no, then forget about the girl. If he agrees and still go behind your back to say nonsense, then kick him out. He's too immature to be your friend.

Do you value the girl above your friend, then go for her irrespective of anyone's opinion.

But make sure that Ur intentions are right, cos if U're just lusting after her, you'll still break up when you're tired of eating her, then u must also have lost Ur friend.

Also, make sure that u ain't the reason they broke up in the first place


7 months ago

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Good things u will miss:

1. Affordable education

2. Free heating most year round

3. Affordable feeding

4. Affordable transport fares

5. Family closeness

6. People filled churches and mosques

7. Affordable clothing

8. Access to more friends.

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Henry mayb be? LOL

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7 million is nothing abroad.

Note you're starting afresh and u don't know what lies ahead. Better get higher. Most countries u don't just land and start working. Like someone said. It depends on country

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What Is The Hardest Course Or Major To Study In University?

nothing like hardest course.

Even the course you think is the simplest course people still complain that is very hard. The pham and the biochem you mentioned some still consider it as nothing, it all Burns down to the individual.

Nothing beat studying the course you aspire for not the one school give you just because you can pass their POST_ utme.


one year ago

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Sorry for being too harsh, your result is useless.

Sit for another exam, this time with correct subject combinations. I'm even confused if you are a science student or not, you sat for marketing, Further math and economics when you should have taken Geography, Agricultural science and Economics. Those subjects will give you more courses you can decide to study.

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