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This soldiers came to the ATM, one was able to with draw forcefully and after withdrawing he went and start calling his colleagues to come do the same thing, that was when a guy on the queue asked them why will they be doing that and then they started harassing the guy, told him to roll on the floor. A female student was there doing video of their action.

They where not even sure if she was doing video of them or just pressing her phone and the they went and call their female colleague to come beat the girl, that was when the school security came in to rescue the girl and they pounced on the security, saying they dont have right to interfere.

That was what stated the fight. And i got to find out that they injured someone in the eye during that process. Now this morning at about 12am this same soldiers had gone into the school to beat up school securities on duty and destroyed people cars and school properties. This is actually not funny cause it will cause more problems again.

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we give this people to much power. Dey can as well go inside the bank n slap the manager bcos dey wan to collect money have u seen the follow up videos? People re bn admitted @ UBTH soldiers destroyed almost all the cars that was packed inside Uniben bcos u re wearing one uniform smh

That's Nigeria system for They use their uniform to intimidate People they should protect . No fundamental human right for their citizens.May God help us in this country

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God bless those students 👏 . Warri boys can never do such all they do is rant and breaks innocent ladies' heart, mtchewwwwwww

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Please check well. Her English name is Sharon and e fit be say her papa nor even give am Sharon. It is not on her birth certificate, so it may not be her registered name. All these girls of these days sef. Una papa give una beautiful names like Ndidi or Izoduwa, but una must be Jessica by force.

Casting Promax! What a foolish girl!

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Always read after typing before posting anything whether comment etc nonsense


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My children are a generation that fears the Lord, hates iniquity and loves righteousness. They shall be taught of God and great shall be their peace. My children are a chosen generation, royal priesthood, peculiar people called out of darkness by God to show forth His praise. In JESUS name Amen 🙏 🙌.

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I done dey even fear to get piking 😢 this data generation get as e be

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Lol... A Teacher Shares A Love Note She Confiscated From A Student.

Everybody is laughing now, oh so sweet, I hope she says yes, blah blah blah. When they drop sex tape now, the hypocrisy will start oozing. Nobody is looking at the fact that this kid went online to copy that scope, what else is the kid learning online?

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Lol... A Teacher Shares A Love Note She Confiscated From A Student.

This is my bidders regret from secondary school,I never ever even saw any girl’s face…..It was just book and stubbornness for me.

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Help Needed for Research

  1. Which brand's toothpaste and toothbrush do you use?

I'm only brand specific if it's too expensive or low quality. The first consideration is price. Why? Because the economy is biting hard.

2)If you use or do not use Colgate, then why?

Price and availability.

3) what would make you switch from the paste you use to another? Like price, quality?

Price & quality.

5) Where do you purchase them? Like convenience stores, online, etc.?

We purchase them from Market, convenience/neighborhood shops.

6) from where do the majority buy their brushes/pastes?

We purchase them from Market, convenience/neighborhood shops.

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  1. I mostly use whatever brand I see, but it’s been either Colgate or Oral-B for the past two years. My current toothbrush is coincidentally also a Colgate brush(I don’t usually check the toothbrush brand).

  2. A decline in quality.

  3. Stores


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Congratulations Nwaoma,you're blessed beyond measures,I love your energy😍👏

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