The recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic and divine in nature.

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What's Your Experience On Spiritual Husband Or Dating A Girl From The Marine Kingdom


11 days ago

A Seria-Leonian girl who has been eyeing me at Church and had started getting close one day during a night vigil outside the church building suddenly pulled me closer and stole a kiss. I was surprised. I didn't fight her but since that day I was using style to stay away from her. 

One day without asking her questions she came over to me and said "Bro. So and so, do you know I am from the sea?" I was shocked. I said how do you mean and she replied even my mum too. 

Really, I was not all that surprised because sometimes she looks neat and pretty and at a times she would look horrible and you'd wonder why. With those words from her, I gradually increased the gap I gave her. 

But I never told anyone her secret. I kept it to myself and myself alone.

These other incident happened to a friend. Trust me this is a true story. The person is my close pal.

To all atheists. This is real.

Don't mind typo errors please.

He was coming from Portharcourt to Ibadan. He boarded a car with a lady. He started chatting with girl and was buying things for the girl all the way. Food, perf and body cream.

Instead of going to Ibadan straight, he headed to Lagos with the girl . He eventually convinced the lady they should lodge at a hotel till the following day since it was already evening. The lady agreed.

They got a room and after a while they went to buy Suya and drinks as dinner. The hotel guy gave them a plate and forks. They ate and before they slept, the lady said she wanted to shower so she entered the bathroom. My guy too told the her that he wanted to ask the hotel manager something so he left the room. He actually went to keep his money with the manager because he didn't trust the girl. 

By the time he came back upstairs the lady had finished bathing and was on bed. My guy entered the bathroom too and took a bath. He came back and ask the babe they should have sex and she said she was tired and doesn't have interest. My guy talked and talked even begged. Babe no gree. Na so he applied force. 

The lady withdrew and suddenly rolled off bed and landed hard on the floor. She remained stiff and my guy ran to her picked her up and her eyes had turned like as if she was dead. My guy called her so tey no response. Na so he ran downstairs go call manager. They both rushed upstairs and met her same way he left her. 

They both carried her on the bed. And the manager told my guy he should not panic that they will find solution in the morning. So he left. And my guy could not sleep he was already shedding tears and he sat on the bed praying. 

Suddenly the lady rose up with the loudest noise roaring like a lion. Her eyes turned wild and the hair on her head stood up in strands. 

My guy said he didn't know that as loud as the noise was he was the only who heard it. He got to know that later.

He stood up and ran to the plate and picked a fork and he was shouting Jesus save me, Jesus save me. 

He said girl laughed and said He will not save you because this is not what He sent you. Then he started begging the girl. Then, she said you claim you are not married. Whose child are they doing the naming next tomorrow. 

My guy said it is mine. I am sorry. 

He said she said again "you went to give money to the man downstairs. Do you think I am thief? My guy said "I am sorry you are right. 

She now said "you are very lucky because you have been good to me on the way from Portharcourt. I would have taught you a lesson." 

Next time a woman says no to sex you don't force her okay? 

My guy said okay.

Then she said I forgive you, you can go to sleep. 

My guy thanked her but stayed awake all night. 

In the morning my guy went to collect the money and gave her some but she rejected it but rather she asked him to make a request and that she would grant it. 

My guy was afraid and said she should not worry

Then she left him and never took along all the things he bought for her on their way coming.

This is a true story. 

My guy would tell it all the time and never miss a line.


11 days ago

Some guys and ladies are super possessed. They have a source of supernatural power. They can do some crazy things your brain can never comprehend. 

One major thing I know for a fact about these possessed ladies is that, they all love sex... I have dated three at least. 

One once told me some scary shit about my life before we met. She also told me something about my life that will manifest after I am over 30. And in truth, things are playing out right now. 

I've seen one shut a door with just her eyes... E shock you?! Same girl would never dare to go near water wells, river or beach. Other things that I dont even wanna touch. 

Only an ignorant person would say they dont exist. They are everywhere.


11 days ago

Horoscope is not of/from God.

Though it could remarkably strike one as accurate, perhaps most times, but that's exactly the plan.

It's basically one of the devil's successful programmes to make people ignorantly choose their yoke.

Saved souls are completely free of the devil's yoke because they've rather got Jesus'.

Please avoid horoscopes, zodiacs and the likes by all means.

Wahala no dey finish na wa o


11 days ago

It’s a matter of the unseen world, the world of jinns and humans mixing together. If I elaborate further many people will think I have taken Mkpuru mirin. Make I keep my my shut.


11 days ago

She can be delivered from it but only on the ground that she will receive Christ as her Lord and Saviour. When power see higher power, they bow. You too should embrace Christ. It gets you connected to the highest power in the universe. 

There was a young lady who had spirit husband since she was 5 years old. She always see herself putting on the wedding ring since she was 5 years old. And the man makes love with her virtually every day. She recognizes him cause it's the same face.

Because of this spirit husband, she was unable to keep a relationship. She said her parents had taken her to several places and she has spent over 1 million naira paying different amount for her deliverance but the man kept coming. She was never free.

When she told me, I marveled at the ignorance of people. Well, I told her that she will be delivered and she doesn't have to pay a dime. 

I first led her to Christ after which I led her to break up the marriage with the confession of her lips. I told her a simple prayer that she should pray before she sleeps. I guaranteed her he will never come back. 

After a few days, I got a feedback from her that she has never seen him for days which has never happened. She was free with just simple prayer, using the name of Jesus. 

Spirit husband and wife are very real. But if you don't know how to deal with them, they can ruin your life.

Spiritual husband and wives are as real as Sun n moon. Nobody told me this shit, I had a terrifying experience. God only saved me!! Marine spirits too are everywhere you go like MTN. 

One day una go hear my story. 

Fear God !! Fear most bootylicious fine babes. Na snakes dem be. Infact, avoid fornication if you can. 

I saw spirit husbands. Some of them are giants.


11 days ago

I went for a program organised by a catholic church here in Lagos.

The visiting priest asked those experiencing these spiritual lovers and prostitutes to come forward to the altar (notice how I didn't refer to them as spiritual wife. Wife? who bond me and a spiritual bitch as a wife? ).

I went forward cos those bitches just keep on disturbing me in my dreams.

Wow ! The catholic priest touched my forehead with the anointing oil.

After the program,the bitch came in my dream and was scared of coming close to me,always pointing at a spot on my forehead. Not wanting to come close.

Aaaaah ! The Christ in me have prevailed. Thank you,Lord God Almighty.

By God's grace,those bitches don't disturb me again in my dreams. I sleep sound as a new born baby.


11 days ago

For those that have dated girls that have spirit husband, how is the sex like? Are they very wet because they are marine (water)? Im asking for a friend

Anyway there was an experience I had, years back meet a girl in the club we both rocked ourself on the dance floor and exchanged phone number later on. We flowed well and very fast, invited her to the house (nothing happened).

With time when we became close I had a nightmare and someone (man) warned me strongly to stay off the girl that she is his wife. When I woke up I wanted to dust the dream off and run the girl but the dream was so real and the man was so specific and direct in his warning, I just drop off the thought of the girl.

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