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Simple Advice:

1- Make sure it is God talking to you and not your stomach or your Financial Condition.

2 - Wait for God and I say it again Wait for God.

Do not wake up and start ministry because you heard a voice. There are many voices out there. Stay in the ministry where you are currently serving under.


God should set you apart from your current ministry to the specific Location and People that he wants you to minister to.

Apostle Paul was Chosen in Acts 9 but was not separated for ministry until Acts 13.

That was a very long period of time if you understand Bible chronology. During those times of waiting he was under the tutelage of the Apostles before him.

3 - God would signal your Pastor or your Spiritual Leader when the time to launch out finally comes.

God is not a Author of Confusion. And he would never ignite Confusion in his church because he wants you to start a fresh work.

Your Pastor will see clear evidence that it is time to let you go and do God's bidding. Even if he is deaf in the Spirit, he would not be able to resist your launching out.

Eli became deaf in the Spirit but when God was about to raise Samuel the Prophet, Eli knew that this was God speaking.

It was the Senior Apostles that God told to Separate Paul and Barnabas. He didn't only speak with Paul and Barnabas without involving their covering.

4 - Location... Location.... Location

This cannot be Overemphasized.

If you miss this, then forget about ministry. You cannot fulfill God's calling for your life in a wrong location.

He has to direct you to the right location where you will sweat less and the results will be massive. So many are struggling in ministry today because they missed their appointed location.

Jonah was sent to Nineveh and not to Tarshish.

If you refuse to go to Your Nineveh, then get ready to Lodge in the Belly of the Whale until you decide to go to Nineveh.

Jonah 1 : 17.... 2 : 9 - 10

5 - God must not stop speaking to you.

The voice you claimed to have heard before you went into ministry must continue to speak to you and confirm his word with signs and wonders if not your calling and ministry will be seen as a 21st Century Joke.

Study the book of Exodus and you will notice one line ...

" And the Lord said to Moses"

" And the Lord said to Moses"

" And the Lord said to Moses"

God never stopped speaking to Moses and confirming his word to and through Moses with signs and wonders.

The Constant Consistent Voice of God is the Secret of every great ministry you see today.

Many are Stranded in ministry today because it seems the heavens are closed. They are not hearing anything.

Most times, it is because of their disobedience to the Last instruction God gave them.

God does not waste his word. Until you obey the last instruction, he will not show you the next plan of action and will remain silent.

And some others Received what I call "A Flash from Satan" . The voice they hear that makes them start ministry and doesn't speak again to them in another 10 Years.

They now become Stranded and Confused. Many of such people now go into Fraudulent acts in ministry because they want to save face and appear as if God is behind the ministry.

6 - Avoid the Voice of Men.

Then again, some of these ministers heard the wrong voice or the voices of men that made them to start ministry or ministry projects.

God cannot bless a ministry or ministry projects that he has no hand in. It is very simple.

The Voice of Men must never make you start ministry because when push comes to shove, the same Men that stood with you may run away.

But if God is the one behind the ministry, Men may leave, but your caller will remain and bring your way the people you were called to be a blessing to.

7 - I Wish you all the Best since you are so convinced that your are hearing from The Holy Spirit.

Nobody follows The Holy Ghost and remains Small.

He is the Maker of Men

The One that knows the Road to your Destiny.

He will be your Strength and Stay in times of Trouble, you will not even notice trouble came calling.

God Bless You

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God can help us all

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It's great to know. God bless

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Na bad luck I hear oπŸ˜…

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β– Go for a long walk.

β–  Go fishing at the closest lake

β–  Go for a long drive

β–  gaze out the window, maybe at passersby or at the sky for as long as it will take to wake your mind back up

β–  Try to binge watch those shows and movies you would ordinarily not be interested in

β–  sit out in the backyard for as long as it will take for the fog in your mind to clear

β–  Do chores

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They will all say .never. Or at the very least once, we know them wella .

Born a catholic, still am

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