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I love this man. But whys a whole government of a state Wearing Arsenal jersey. Osun has no football team?


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He should maybe pursue a career in dancing cause diving ain’t it.


6 months ago

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Wait, what? These applicants are promoting how easily they fall asleep. As a man in his late 40's my weak bladder would not allow me to be able to do what I always wanted, which is to sleep on the job.

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Learning an online course is not the same as having expertise in the subject area; without extensive practice, that course is useless. The way most I.T companies work is that they'll still train you in the company's cultural and operational methods, but you must be able to scale an interview without looking like a confused person.

If the goal is to earn lots of money, then I.T is not for you; success in this field requires passion and tough skin. Your ability to translate complex technical language into simple and concise statements for the target audience(consumers, management, etc.) is everything!

In all that you do, stay away from that Chemistry trap; those jobs are the least flexible in this global economy of gbas gbos!


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Nigeria is a lawless place where anything can happen. We don't even have labor laws to protect people from bad issues like this. It's great he has saving did they even give him a severance package? The whole thing is like betrayal.

A practical way he can sustain his family and also be available for them this period is to start an online business. He does not need to get a psychical shop right now so he doesn't spend alot of money.

He can get access to products from importers and wholesalers from trade fair, balogun market, computer village, Lagos island market on  www.gotahia.com. With a reseller profile, he can connect to these wholesalers from the comfort of his home. The thing about starting your business with Gotahia is that you get access to learning sessions about business and sometimes, sales coaches take those classes.

Create your reseller's profile today on  www.gotahia.com/reseller to start your own business.

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Stop blaming everyone but yourself. We can create another economy without the help of the government just like we did with the (entertainment)music and movie industries.

The Country is not useless. Everywhere you go in the world, it's skills that drives the economy.

Skills creates Jobs that employs people. Apple was a one man Ideal and was skillfully executed using different skills. Amazon too. Facebook, Just name any company.

Nigerians should stop blaming the government and get down to work.

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100% what I would say.

I do all these for my colleagues, trying to cover their incompetence, bad work ethics and all. But the day I was confronted for taking charge of a task we were to do together which they give no priority to, I chose to let everyone be.

Now the boss is really seeing their incompetence, it is me that still end up clearing their mess.

I've learnt to do my best and allow others to show their incompetence. I have vowed to myself, none of them will do any task better than me.

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Data analysis.

It's crazy how many companies are looking for data analyst.

Last week I was doing networking and installation job for a new company office. And I heard the MD talking about needing a data analyst.

I quickly told her I know someone who is good at it. She said ok the person should come and see her,

I went home and told my landlord daughter that I know is in that line that I will help her get a job. As they said the rest is history.

The company is starting full time next month

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My Incompetence Just Cost Me A Job. I Really Need Someone To Talk To, I'm Really Tired Of Trying To Work Out Things On My Own. I Feel Worthless

It's normal to feel useless when nothing seems to workout.

The problem I can deduce from your writeup is LACK OF CONSISTENCY, nobody is sucks at anything... CONSISTENCY is the key.

I know you need to eat, if you're alone wolf with no helper of any sort, kindly divide your days. maybe 3 days for hustling, 4 for rigorous learning/practice of your skill. Do this for just a month and you'll see a drastic change.

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