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That is a rather odd question to ask an astrologer. I would be an incredible hypocrite as a professional astrologer if I didn't. As a physicist, I started as a skeptic, yet in my attempts to debunk it, I discovered that it worked far too well not to have validity. I understand enough about quantum mechanics to know that science has yet to explain numerous mysteries. When something works as reliably as astrology, it's hard to see how anyone would deny it. If they base their opinion on their daily online horoscope for their sun, sign it's no wonder they don't believe it. How could any astrologer, no matter how great, write accurate predictions for millions of people? However, why so many people read them is even more enjoyable.

The birth chart provides a wealth of information about a person. Some claim such things are coincidences, but the odds against that are incredible. During my training to become an astrologer, we would do an exercise where we'd be provided a natal chart of a famous person without knowing who it was. The challenge was to guess the person's identity. What are the odds of being able to do that if it doesn't work? I remember seeing Ernest Hemingway's chart and immediately knew it was him. Go figure. Another chart that figuratively screams the person's character is Albert Einstein's. You can't make this stuff up.

Like all life's truths, each must discover them for themselves. One's beliefs should not be transplanted onto another without their investigation. Unfortunately, too many people need to check their facts. Those who denigrate astrology have not given it a fair chance. It's easier to prove that it works than the opposite, that it doesn't work.

Unbelievers may be afraid of it because it will clash with their paradigm regarding the meaning of life. Our beliefs are an inherent part of us and when they're threatened, defending them is human nature. However, those who approach life with a closed mind are missing out on numerous things that could enrich their life by expanding their vision and understanding. Forgive the cliche, but there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

It's not up to me to convince anyone, one way or the other. If they care enough, they must check the facts with an open mind, whether it's regarding astrology or anything else. If they're not willing to do that, they need to recognize their opinion is not based on facts, only hearsay at best, and leave it alone. Scientists, politicians, and religious leaders have always been right. All are belief systems, but how many contain absolute truth which can be proven, either statistically or in the lab? How different would today's world be if people opened their minds to facts instead of remaining enslaved to their beliefs?

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If you are into any serious relationship, beware:-

When he only prefer to answer your call at some particular time of the day.

When he blocks any unannounced visit to his place home/office

When he refuses to discuss his future, your future and the future of the relationship

When he refuses to allow your free interaction with his real friends

When he refuses to introduce you to his family members or give you free access to them.

When he allow you to stay away from his family functions

When he only talk sense before having (illegal) sex with you

When he frequently prevent your interaction with some of his colleagues.

And many more

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