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The difference then & now is that even if they were doing hookup.. they hid it like palliative. It was always a secret !
These days,people literally carry placard to announce what they are selling!
In short, dem get shame pass our generation. Shame so they can protect their children/future children from societal stigmatization which is now lacking amongst newer generation…


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Even when God created Eve for Adam, it was with conditions. So sex has always been used as a transaction. He told Adam I would give you a partner molded from your rib(meaning compatible with you) that will be your helper and comforter(meaning sex and warmth).

So from time immemorial, there was always the understanding that a man takes care of the woman's needs and the woman makes him happy in bed. But the difference is exclusivity and decency. The intention was not for women to open their punani for every dike. But instead, those that they are in serious relationships with hopes of leading to marriage. The woman should negotiate her marriage terms with any man that wants to enjoy her pussy before she gives it up. So they both must like each other.

This includes unmarried or married men polygamous if their cultures permit. In biblical times polygamous was the order of the day. What we practice now is something influenced and sanitized by the euro-west cultures. Then, of course, there are the oloshos. That is just what they are pussy sellers with no marriage or settling intentions but rather for purely monetary gains.


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Masturbation destroyed my life. Anytime I Masturbate, then I lose every good thing coming my way. The earlier you discover yourself is better. I watch porn often and take drugs, but God heals me. Please know this and know peace in your life.

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You better believe her. She has been to hell before and speaks from her experience there. Experience is the best teacher.

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Police Wahala, some of those men don’t have shame 🙄🙄


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We can't be surprised now when police are comfortable checking people's phones. How would they know the limit to citizens' personal properties and life? With their silly mindset, nothing private stays private. Still, Many Nigerians have indulged them too far and given them the confidence and undeserved authority to impose nonsense on them—some out of fear and staying out of 'wahala.'

There was a time I changed it for officers that wanted to check my phone. I stood my ground and claimed my right and how ridiculous it was for them to stop me on the road and demand they see my phone. Some of them were like, even those that study law and know law pass me wouldn't drag their phones with them. That's bullshit, man, that they allow you to trample on them all for the sake of your uniform, and staying out of trouble doesn't mean I would be so stupid to give you, a stranger, my item, being without any charges against me. They eventually allowed me to go jejely.

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It's so hard to be NIGERIAN. No be everyone get mind like that. Some people just wan go about their day jejely without changing am for anyone or getting wahala.


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Your problem is masturbation. Quit masturbation before you damage your sexual life. Your brain has become too accustomed to the touch of your hands with soap, cream, or whatever you enjoy using.

So, It is a psychological problem. It would help if you practiced what is called semen retention. It means 3weeks of no ejaculation. Make sure to exercise at least three times a week and add a press to it. Exercise helps the body and energy build on the stored Semen. The critical point here is -- Semen is your unused energy that needs to be released during sex or sexual activities. But the goal is to store it and release it through other activities.

You also need to relax when you next want to have sex, stop imagining things and getting too excited about it, and let mother nature control Mr. Virgin.

Also, the first dysfunction causes a lot of anxiety, and whenever you see Woman's body, you will be afraid not to repeat another show of shame.

You need to stop excessive masturbation and read about sexual anxiety someone advised earlier. With this, you will better understand your problem and how to overcome your fears.

I wish you well, bro.

STOP MASTURBATION. Even if it requires going short time with Oloshos, I don't need to tell you to use a condom.

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Nigerians eh😂😂

Your husband is wicked ma period.

Some men are heartless and some women are foolish and they're laughing about it.

Also, When you are blaming the men ,how about you ask who initiated the sex first because most times it's the women who ask first and the men can't object to fulfill all righteous...I blame her for coming out to discuss her private matter...


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Just like if a man decides to save his money and not be careless with it. Will you now blame the women that finished his money or himself for being foolish with his money. this shows how stupid these women are

Let not your heart be troubled. Just keep your body worthy. We are old, but the bit of good we can do is share our experiences, either good or bad. If you believe in the efficacy of prayer, keeping your soul and body worthy will be advisable because you have a lot of praying for your future as a young one. Another point about the vicinity is some women who do sports, ride bicycles, climb, or come down staircases rigorously typical of youth can innocently lose it without even knowing.

So when you marry such, you may be thinking in your oh! what happened. To be a virgin is for both man and woman. In the olden days in my place, the husband mostly would not even know how to go about it on the first night. It used to take the elders who'll guide him by explanation.

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Nigerians and the inexperienced abuse drugs, especially antibiotics!

Even our medical doctors are part of the abuse of antibiotics. They prescribe antibiotics for even common cold symptoms.

How dumb can people be to believe antibiotics have contraceptive or immune protective functions??!

The Health Ministry has failed woefully!

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