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NigeriaLast activity one month ago

The difference then & now is that even if they were doing hookup.. they hid it like palliative. It was always a secret !
These days,people literally carry placard to announce what they are selling!
In short, dem get shame pass our generation. Shame so they can protect their children/future children from societal stigmatization which is now lacking amongst newer generation…


one month ago

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

Even when God created Eve for Adam, it was with conditions. So sex has always been used as a transaction. He told Adam I would give you a partner molded from your rib(meaning compatible with you) that will be your helper and comforter(meaning sex and warmth).

So from time immemorial, there was always the understanding that a man takes care of the woman's needs and the woman makes him happy in bed. But the difference is exclusivity and decency. The intention was not for women to open their punani for every dike. But instead, those that they are in serious relationships with hopes of leading to marriage. The woman should negotiate her marriage terms with any man that wants to enjoy her pussy before she gives it up. So they both must like each other.

This includes unmarried or married men polygamous if their cultures permit. In biblical times polygamous was the order of the day. What we practice now is something influenced and sanitized by the euro-west cultures. Then, of course, there are the oloshos. That is just what they are pussy sellers with no marriage or settling intentions but rather for purely monetary gains.


2 months ago

LifeLast activity 2 months ago

Masturbation destroyed my life. Anytime I Masturbate, then I lose every good thing coming my way. The earlier you discover yourself is better. I watch porn often and take drugs, but God heals me. Please know this and know peace in your life.

LifeLast activity 2 months ago

You better believe her. She has been to hell before and speaks from her experience there. Experience is the best teacher.

SexualityLast activity 4 months ago

Nigerians and the inexperienced abuse drugs, especially antibiotics!

Even our medical doctors are part of the abuse of antibiotics. They prescribe antibiotics for even common cold symptoms.

How dumb can people be to believe antibiotics have contraceptive or immune protective functions??!

The Health Ministry has failed woefully!

VideoLast activity 4 months ago

If you're doing it for the betterment of yourself, why then do you ask for recognition... When you're sure you're on the right track.. the feeling alone is enough then any fake online recognition 🤌

One thing is for sure. Being a virgin doesn’t mean you’ll make the best partner. You can still suffer trauma in different ways and make terrible decisions that has nothing to do with your Vagina.

AfricansLast activity 4 months ago

You dey smoke igbo 🚬 Na only bad bad things una de learn from white people. The good ones una no go learn am . Na de bad ones una de quick learn. What's wrong with u and sex ode.

Somethings just can't be normalize in the African society. Y'all should learn to accept CERTAIN things and leave them as they are. She is reaching right now.

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