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NigeriaLast activity 3 months ago

The difference then & now is that even if they were doing hookup.. they hid it like palliative. It was always a secret !
These days,people literally carry placard to announce what they are selling!
In short, dem get shame pass our generation. Shame so they can protect their children/future children from societal stigmatization which is now lacking amongst newer generation…


3 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 3 months ago

Even when God created Eve for Adam, it was with conditions. So sex has always been used as a transaction. He told Adam I would give you a partner molded from your rib(meaning compatible with you) that will be your helper and comforter(meaning sex and warmth).

So from time immemorial, there was always the understanding that a man takes care of the woman's needs and the woman makes him happy in bed. But the difference is exclusivity and decency. The intention was not for women to open their punani for every dike. But instead, those that they are in serious relationships with hopes of leading to marriage. The woman should negotiate her marriage terms with any man that wants to enjoy her pussy before she gives it up. So they both must like each other.

This includes unmarried or married men polygamous if their cultures permit. In biblical times polygamous was the order of the day. What we practice now is something influenced and sanitized by the euro-west cultures. Then, of course, there are the oloshos. That is just what they are pussy sellers with no marriage or settling intentions but rather for purely monetary gains.


6 months ago

WomenLast activity 6 months ago

Who really understand the voice and even the write ✍️ up abeg ooooo😢😢

AfricansLast activity 6 months ago

You dey smoke igbo 🚬 Na only bad bad things una de learn from white people. The good ones una no go learn am . Na de bad ones una de quick learn. What's wrong with u and sex ode.

Somethings just can't be normalize in the African society. Y'all should learn to accept CERTAIN things and leave them as they are. She is reaching right now.


8 months ago

VideoLast activity 8 months ago

The lady actually has a point in my opinion. If you by chance get married to someone only to find out on your wedding night that the man you just said "I do..." to has a dick of a horse, what do you do then? Your guess is as good as mine: Such marriage is dead on arrival. Wouldn't it had been better they knew on time that "they are not comparable"? Such a marriage is heading to divorce... Which one is better? Broken relationship or broken marriage?

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LOL. If a woman that choose not to have sex before marriage and discover that your husband has a dick comparable to that of a horse, both of you need to sit down and work it out. There are a lot of things that people don’t get to know about their spouses until they get married, and they decide to either work it out or leave the union (if it’s so bad o. There’s nothing new under the sun sha). That is why Sex is good before marriage or is better if the communication is better. Sex is just a part of what makes marriage work. It’s even a minor part, though very important but minor for the man with a horse’s dick, you both figure out ways and positions that you both will enjoy from. For the man with small dick, you do the same. For the man with ED or PE, you get help from medical practitioners. For the woman who’s unable to orgasm or likes sex too much or isn’t active in bed, you get a therapist that will help you or speak to a trusted elder or pastor. You can’t go around sampling everyone in the name of trying to find the most compatible sex partner. Sex within the confines of marriage is the best.


one year ago

EducationLast activity one year ago

Where Are The Boys In The Chrisland School Sex Scandal?

In their houses.

If you like go and raise a billboard and put their names and pictures. Boys will always be boys and the responsibility of chastity will always lie on the female gender.

This is enough lesson for female in general, culture blame and make female victim of sexual intercourse. For girls who have mentally one man can do woman can do it better.

Same goes to babcock university girl and other girls which their tape or nude leaked in the past.

I even read that the girl is sad and lonely now, while the guys would be bragging where they are now.


one year ago

SexualityLast activity one year ago

Chai as I see the video shame catch me

I nor fit naked for where by friends dey

But see a small pikin, riding away carelessly

They even dey do different styles

No shame , no nothing

Nor be today she Don dey climb boy

The parents of the boys and girls should hide their face in shame.....they failed

The school failed for now enforcing separations of the kids but it's most likely the girl may have sneaked into the room of the boys

SexualityLast activity one year ago

Everybody go just de give his/her own opinion de call am expert opinion. If sexual intercourse reduces the risk of prostate cancer then why won't masturbation do same? She is only trying to discourage people from masturbating simple.

SexualityLast activity one year ago

My brother get yourself something doing

Be busy, and that Konji energy will be transformed to work energy and to do many other energy.

Men SexualityLast activity one year ago

U are a foolish man. You don't do pre-intimacy at all. Na aboki u be. U go just say make we do , take your weapons chuk inside like that. Mumu. So tey una come dey browse ontop straff matter. And how to make am simple.

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