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It's because the West portrayed those foreign gods in a friendly, joking, and exciting manner via movies, but our local Nollywood made us understand that our local gods are not one to mess with. Mess with our gods at your own risk.

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They should portray them as more attractive than those who want to identify with poor-looking gods that are always angry and causing harm. Their priest is always poor and dirty. It's not about race; it's how they are perceived and viewed. I mean, look at Thor and Zeus, the wealth they portray, the strength and handsomeness, but look at a Nigerian film where the gods are always shown in one dirty mud house looking for blood to spill common 🙌


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Nothing African is good enough for Africans. African Family holds hand over ceremony as the females submit the remote to the males in the family as Premier League season starts


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In the same way, we have Ogun, Amadioha, and co. In movies, where they are fighting for villagers in one way or the other.. everything no supposes to be an issue. The person that said that might not visit their village before but will come online and rararara!😂 😂 😂 SANGO can make you dance SANKO in the market 🙆🏾‍♂️😆😆😆

Are we brainwashed to hate ourselves? What's stopping us from creating our fictional superheroes? Our enslavers left us to handle ourselves and look at how our country is. Not just Nigeria, most African countries are filled with corrupt leaders with no sense of patriotism.

But really? Imagine comparing movie superheroes to spirits(traditional gods).. everybody is claiming woke up online; please rest. Stop comparing real gods with fictional characters.

Who dem born well look into the eyes of Sango if not another goddess like Oya.

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they told us our culture and traditions are evil, and they replaced it with a book they don’t even use and put our continent backward… Africans might never regain consciousness from the love of our enslavers….some are still saying Jesus is the way, and they don’t know the color of what Jesus looks like 😂😂😂

Also, Maybe if we portrayed ours as lovely and unique gods and not always gods of wrath and punishment.. maybe our people for like them 😂😂😂😂 Because unlike their Nigerian counterparts, Thor, Aquaman, Storm, and the likes fight for justice. They don't kill innocent people or use their power for intimidation and wickedness.

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Even Jesus, who can be argued with biblical facts to be among the original Igbo men, who share the same complexion with Ethiopians and even healed a blind black man with mud just like a priest of the Edo people, is still depicted as white-skinned with blue eyes, and the devil is described as a black man.

In great Fela Kuti's voice - Black Man's Cry.

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Sango is our forefather. Nobody hates him. We adore him. We are ready to fix Nigeria and Africa at large that is why we will be voting for Peter Obi


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Common shut up your mouth. There is one only true God. And that is God Almighty. Creator of heaven and earth.


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Oh, please. How busy do people see Thor as your problem in this life? So this is what you are paid to do at your job? Think up useless ideas and write without reason? This one don chop bellyful and has time to be postulating on useless matters like what people think of Thor online. He is still being fed, clothed, and housed by his parents for trivialities consuming his mind so much that he feels the need to tweet. I'm sure he thinks that he has written something profound in his utter smug cluelessness. Even I see myself wasting my breath and time attending to his useless tweet. Sheesh!!

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