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A Nigerian Lady Narrated How She Saved A 13-year-old Girl Who Snuck Out Of The House For A Blind Date With A Man She Met On Facebook.

If you are a man and you don't see wrong in the idiot/paedophile engaging the girl , but you are so quick to condemn the girl's parents on child negligence, you are also a pervert. And to men indulging under-age, y'all should be hanged. You have no right to erection even if an under-age open her naked laps opposite you. If an under-age sit on your lap, even naked, and you have an erection, you should seek help

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High Tension Wire On A House Pillar: Your Opinion On This Picture

The picture is just one of the thousands way to die...

This is not my dear country Nigeria. We are better than this

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Clergyman Kneels As He Asks An Enugu Politician To Come To Take A Seat In The Front Row During Mass.

The politician politely declined, but the clergyman rejected his plea as he went as far as kneeling to ask the politician to come to...

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