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It's easy to blame when you're in opposition. Atiku and Obi will continue blaming the federal government but when you asked them what they have contributed to Nigeria we can't point to one single thing. Electing either Atiku or Obi will simply mean Nigerians are not learning. It simply means the future aspirants can do the basics and contest for the presidency just by capitalizing on the errors of past administration to campaign.

I say we follow track records. Lagos is progressive we need Lagos spirit to move this country from this stagnant or retrogrssive state.

Deep down all of us wants what's happening in Lagos for Nigeria compared to what Obi did in Anambra and what Atiku did as the vice president

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You are a fool. What exactly happened in Lagos? Lagos was built by successive military governments and British colonization. Maybe you're a teen, so you don't know this, especially since they stopped teaching history in schools. Lagos was the capital of Nigeria for decades before Tinubu ran for governor. The British started the development of Lagos, and the military continued as a civilian govt could not accomplish that much before they were kicked out. Gowon, Babangida, and Abacha built most of the expressways and bridges in Lagos, not Tinubu. Go to southwest states and show me the advancement due to APC. So how can Tinubu, which has been unable to transform SW despite having billions and controlling most of it, go to Aso Rock and do anything? The Tinubu of 99 has gone forever. The man there now Is close to an invalid. Daft like you

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I remember mailing Access Bank over a hanging unreversed transaction which I was debited. Wrote them twice without getting feedback.

Google search led me to the CBN address cpd@cbn.gov.ng. I wrote them again this time with cbn copied in the email cc.

In less than 2hours I got feedback with a promise to check and resolve the issue swiftly. They eventually did the next day.

Everyone na weyrey for this country. If you snooze you loss.

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Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

Att @PoliceNG @Princemoye1

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