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You and closeted gay people are in the identical shoe. At least Uti Nwachukwu and Alex Ekwubo are now living in his and his truth. You might want to migrate to an atheist-friendly country like Norway.

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Osinachi has Nerva opened up to any pastor.... Do you remember that during the cause of her death pastors said they Nerva new all this is happening to her and she Nerva spoke up for once to any pastor

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Beauty is a big deal in this part of the world. But from experience, most beautiful women/guys are empty inside. Life is more than dating, you know.

When I was young, many girls rejected my advances because I have this full lips that are pretty pronounced.

As I grew older, it kind of became smaller.

The rejections from girls made me focus on other productive things; I

t gets lonely sometimes, though.

Life is just like that. You can't have everything at the same time.

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One mentally unstable person will follow this advice and miss a golden opportunity to marry a great woman because she bleeped another man meanwhile he probably has 2 other side chicks he bleeps. This is why I hardly take advice spewed on social media seriously.

Sunday and Friday you go enter church and mosque go beg God for “forgiveness” but another human being no deserve am.

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BBN is a business, it's an entertainment show and people are earning a living from it. Money is circulated to different ppl and organizations in diverse ways. PPl are benefiting from it.

Now let me ask a question; is BBN worse than a man or woman having multiple sex partners? To those that patronize brothels, can you also condemn BBN with ur full chest.? Oya!

To those who because of the challenges rocking Nigeria has not been clubbing/partying, visiting brothels and having multiple sex partners , etc should continue to call for the discontinuation of BBN


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Its a fact that "mr lord" obviously has big issues...but let's turn the tables around.how would she feel if she discovers that her new boyfriend is chilling out with another girl; a relationship that is barely two weeks.

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If by the future u mean marriage, i go say mk u relax, marriage na scam. No go kee yourself for wetin no get head. Focus on yourself and your career, no too dey reason women matter or you go lose focus for this life.

the sooner men realize there's hardly wife material in this era the sooner they find peace ,my guy stop stressing yourself, be like don jazzy be like timaya ,they ain't married but they're are happy ,no be must say everybody marry

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If there is anything that captivate my attention in this post the part you said he would be online and still won't reply your chat or pick your calls.

All I can say to you at this junction, is that you deserve better. You deserve happiness too.

It seem like you are the only one still in that relationship...

Aunty move on. Accept that you have just received your breakfast and move on. If he were yours he would have stayed faithful. Some of us also distance relationship for years and the relationship culminated in wedding. Next time don't be in a hurry to get emotionally or sexually attached to any man no matter how nice he seems. This is to ensure that when you discover he is not meant for you you can easily move on with little stress...

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Gays are multiplying in Africa gradually and people are yet to take full cognizance of it.

This thing would turn to a political machine in the hand of the west someday ,and many African politicians ,and leaders will be forced to bow to the demands of the western world in one way or another .

The powers behind them are using movie producers to push these by casting LGBTQ scenes .

Even our children are not save .

Some of these guys were initiated at a young age ,and they were able to manage the dirt for long .

Eyes on your kids if you care for their future .

Educate them on sexual orientation before they help you do the wrong one .


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If you are into any serious relationship, beware:-

When he only prefer to answer your call at some particular time of the day.

When he blocks any unannounced visit to his place home/office

When he refuses to discuss his future, your future and the future of the relationship

When he refuses to allow your free interaction with his real friends

When he refuses to introduce you to his family members or give you free access to them.

When he allow you to stay away from his family functions

When he only talk sense before having (illegal) sex with you

When he frequently prevent your interaction with some of his colleagues.

And many more

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