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JESUS CHRIST!!! Now I understand how my vocabulary and words appreciation developed

I read this book in primary school...in the late 90s...life was good and easy then! This is pure nostalgia! Macmillian books are legendary!

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Church Members Roll In Mud Water After Falling Under Anointing (Video)

A video has surfaced showing the moment a man of God made his congregation members fall under the anointing in dramatic fashion.

The incident happened at a church on Nigeria.

The church members who fell under the anointing could be seen rolling in mud water, while some others were seen running helter-skelter.

In fact, the whole drama has left social media users agitated with many asking if this is truly the Christianity Jesus Christ brought to the world.

Watch video below:

Church members roll in mud water; many ask if this is truly Christianity. - YouTube " rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"> Church members roll in mud water; many ask if this is truly Christianity. - YouTube

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Happy birthday to Veteran Nollywood Comic Actor, John Okafor, Popularly Known As Mr. Ibu, Turns 61 Today.

What Interesting Story Or News Did You Read Today?

Happy Birthday to him 😍❤️

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Natural comedian. Happy Birthday!

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PollMen, If You Were Required To Delete One Of Those Options Forever, Which Would It Be?

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48 votes

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Don't Be Frustrated!

Don't be frustrated! I voted for APC and they have given me Lagos Ibadan expway, Apapa Oshodi Oworosoki expway, Outer Marina expway...

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Auntie Thank God Bless U Abundantly Deliver To Lekki 1 Lagos I Appreciate D Trust U Hv For Dis Girl @MensahOmolola

Auntie thank God bless u abundantly deliver to Lekki 1 Lagos I appreciate d trust u hv for dis girl @MensahOmolola

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"Na Married Women Dey Cheat Pass Now For Lekki"

"Na married women dey cheat pass now for Lekki" - Nedu

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Our Nigerian Army The Nigerian Army Are Preparing For The GCFR Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, May 29 On Our Mind

Our Nigerian Army the Nigerian Army are preparing for the GCFR elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, may 29 on our mind. 😎

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