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Mhen men feel deeply too , it’s the way the presenter wept for me .. that’s a father that could resonate with such pain both as a father and as a son too . 😒 you are doing very well my brother you are an upright and honest man in the society of today that’s extreme nobility , which could equal the characteristics of the service of a doctor .. i applaud your courage and accountability πŸ‘πŸ‘


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And no one is talking about the sis😍 Mr Moses, I pray God answers you and give you the peace you seek. I also want you to know that you've got a strong and amazing woman as a sister. May God bless you and heal all the broken hearted including me. Amen!

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Peter Obi is the next Nigerian president. Nobody says #PeterObi has no structure again. Nobody says #PeterObi can't win again.

Their eyes are now clear and they are afraid of the big storm that is coming....the soo called 2 biggest parties with the structure are teaming up to attack a structureless party that they claim can't win.....Peter OBI is coming

The Man We Trust Is PO. Kanayo O Kanayo Endorses Peter Obi

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She has a speech defect which can be rectified, she also knows it could be used against her yet she refused to help herself instead started typing nonsense on twitter thereby further putting an X on her back in the eyes of other radio station HR's who might want to help her as a favour.. I think I believe her sack letter more than her story


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Whenever i have the opportunity to. For me, listening to radio is fun. I remember some classic radio programs then...

Lean on me with Tony Amole on 92.9 kapital fm (Those staying in Abuja will understand. the whole abj useto be on standstill for this program. lol)

Rhythms of the night with Trish on Rhythm 94.7 abuja

Evening showers with Ciana on Hot 98.3 abuja and other shows where she (ciana) use to punk some celebrities on Air  (there was one perv celebrity that fell yakata.. had it been social media was very active then as now the guy for hear weeeen. Then the saturday morning breakfast program with Ciana and Akeem.. where ciana argues for the women and akeem for the men.

The road show with the Ark of cool Benny Ark on cool 96.9fm

Midday Oasis with those ladies on hot 98.3 abuja

Political Platform on raypower fm with Okhiria Agbonsuremi

The pidgin news by John Kennedy on kapital fm 92.9 (there were some cool programs on kapital fm too..)

Then that sports program on 88.9 Brila fm. its a must listen 

Then came Wazobia fm. with Expensive. enjoyed some of his programs (closing jolly jolly on go slow parade. he later changed it to go slow debate , he usually plays one mr jeje laye gba take am easy song before he starts, then his chook your mouth program, connect me back program.. if your wire cut. etc  Then his ultimate dem say dem say news program.

Most radio programs now are just full of shytettttt save for a bunch..

Apart from the baseless talks without actions, i do enjoy State of the nation comedy program on 95.1 nigeria info and The love doctor (Daniel Akpata) on 90.9 max fm and the recent wetin dey on max fm with powski

then Hembelembe with Ordinary Ahmed Musa on human rights radio 101.1. you cant even miss this one going to work in the morning if you're using a cab 

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Don't Be Frustrated!

Don't be frustrated! I voted for APC and they have given me Lagos Ibadan expway, Apapa Oshodi Oworosoki expway, Outer Marina expway...

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Auntie Thank God Bless U Abundantly Deliver To Lekki 1 Lagos I Appreciate D Trust U Hv For Dis Girl @MensahOmolola

Auntie thank God bless u abundantly deliver to Lekki 1 Lagos I appreciate d trust u hv for dis girl @MensahOmolola

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"Na Married Women Dey Cheat Pass Now For Lekki"

"Na married women dey cheat pass now for Lekki" - Nedu

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Our Nigerian Army The Nigerian Army Are Preparing For The GCFR Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, May 29 On Our Mind

Our Nigerian Army the Nigerian Army are preparing for the GCFR elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, may 29 on our mind. 😎

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