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APC supporters and members have high purchasing power. A bag of rice is 8 thousand nairas. Everything is so cheap for them, and some fools are still clamoring for that druggie to become the next president. APC is cancerous. They are killing the masses daily and feeding everyone with lies upon lies. How can a man with a narcotics history aspire to be president of a country like Nigeria, and the blind one still support him? What a shame. The Giant of Africa and the most influential black nation on earth. We deserve better.

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If you have a loose change, buy insurance shares now unless the upsurge is upturned. Make a choice not to complain if you cannot change the situation. Seek how to benefit from this knowledge.

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Don't be funny. They certainly wouldn't pay higher dividends to shareholders because the premium got tripled. The increment is to be appreciated by the owners, managers, industry influence peddlers, and regulators.

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1. Make sure you're dealing with the rightful owner. And how would you know he or she is the owner?

A. Ask around. Don't base your findings on just one person or two unless you know them from Adam or a reputable person.

2. Papers to look out for; RofO ( Right of ownership) and CofO (Certificate of occupancy). Check whether or not the names correspond with the one he's telling you and the one on paper.

3. Go with a site engineer. They usually have more knowledge of landed properties or real estate businesses.

4. Remove yourself from a community land. Unless you're the president of this country.

5. Go to the board that houses or is in charge of the area land database. Submit the available document given to you by the land owner for cross-check. That's where everyother step you'll follow lies.


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Our mumu don too much. I think it’s the market. Once women are empowered with a buying power, then the narrative will change.

Why Do Landlords Refuse To Rent Rooms To Single Women In Nigeria?


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Don't start by saving 400k every month. Instead use that 400k every month and buy materials for whatever type of building you want to do. Because prices of building materials ain't smiling and won't wait for you to save up something big. Prices are steadily increasing. Don't make that mistake.


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My Tenant Is Owing Over One Year Rent And Is Refusing To Leave. How Do I Eject This Tenant ASAP?

Sack your lawyer and address the court yourself on next adjourned date. Explain your predicament clearly.

Ask the court to grant you an order to re enter your house and an order to seize the tenants property.

Once you get the order organise bailiff and police to the premises. Lock the place and pack the tenants property to court. If he doesn't pay his arrears of rent, court will auction of the valuables and pay you your money.

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I Was Served An Eviction Notice While My Rent Hasn't Expired. Please Help

Where do I to start

1. You rented shop and you were not using it.

2. You then turned to sub landlord and rented out the same shop that you were renting.

3. No wonder the landlord chased you out.

4. Anyway, did you rsign a written rental agreement with the landlord?

Did the agreement allow you to do what you have been doing like re-renting out the shop that you are renting?

If it didn't, then sorry you may have no case.

Also did the agreement state that the landlord could adjust the terms of the agreement if situations changed'?

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Share Your Experience With People Who Like Borrowing Phone Chargers

That's how My colleagues kept borrowing my Follow come charger until it finally blew. Now, I blatantly tell them no, bring or buy Ur own charger... Even after My phone is fully charged, I just unplug the charger, put in My pocket and bounce...

Nonsense and APC...

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Omagwa under ikwerre LGA is under the greater Port Harcourt city.

I encourage to buy the land but ensure that families are not in dispute for the land.

Also ensure the land is not part of the area market under the greater Port Harcourt city.

Although Wike abandoned the idea of the greater Port Harcourt city but I fear his successor might adopt it and lands market already sold might be revoked by the state govt and taken over.

Goodluck brothet

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Sack your lawyer immediately. You said the case was already in court which means that you already have a lawyer fighting the case for you in court. But still, your uncles are still trespassing on a land that the case is already in court and your lawyer is doing nothing about it!!!. This isn't normal, either your lawyer is clueless or he has taken some cash from your uncles without your knowledge.

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