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Alot of comments under this post are the reason while those gay men and woman use marriage to disguise dont come for me please am not gay and i am also not against homosexuality just do what ever that makes you sleep at night so what am i trying to say, STOP judging people's choice of sexuality stop it ✌️✌️✌️

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She made a good reference to Portharcourt and Lagos.. please note that these are areas densely influenced with the Western (Oyibo man’s) culture. Today everyone is trying to preach why Homosexuality isn’t a bad thing anymore. keeping Religion & Culture Aside, Scientifically if Everyone in the world today were gay then there won’t be any new life on earth meaning everyone would die…. The driving force of Homosexuality in these preachers of the LGBTQ community is the pleasure they get from the guilt they experience. One thing I always tell these people is that DEEP DOWN THAT REBELLIOUS AND AGITATED MIND OF YOURS, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WRONG. Everyone has there life to live, Live it right and do what pleases you but STOP TRYING TO FORCE YOUR NARRATIVE ON PEOPLE.


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.That his textbook looks like a gold when I had never purchased it then . The textbook was an eye openers in physics for me . I started with physics textbook before other textbooks started coming in for supports , more clarification and simplification. The questions in the textbook were repeated WAEC/SSCE questions. After reading the textbook and understanding clearly how he arrived by calculation at the answers .

Now my turn to solve all the problems behind the textbook I couldn't proceed further after solving 2 or 3 questions. My secondary school teacher then would write out calculation from the handbook and ask you to read up . There was no sound knowledge by passed Mr Ajakaye until I met sweet Messiah,Mr Olowokere , who studies biochemistry or Industrial Chemistry from Ekpoma University unlike my Previous Teacher who might have graduated from Colleague of education.

I really appreciate Mr Olowokere who broke down mechanics ,waves and other aspect of physics for me in secondary school within a short period. I became a student teacher to my mates immediately. Only about 20% questions that were left unsolved in Okeke physics textbook by me. Also most vital person I remember was Mr Tosin outside lesson teacher .

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You can say that again and again. He made Physics so simple to understand. I owe my success in Physics to this Erudite Professor.

His physics textbook came through when Nelkon and Parker and Abbot was like a mystery book, difficult to understand. Long may he live and in good health in Jesus name. Amen

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Human Rights ké??? Nawah o Prof, you know, even get a common logic to see how ironic your action is! Yeye, professor professing dumbness! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

If this is Kwara State, isn't this the same woman who had a uniformed officer (male) carrying her bag - or was it her food? Why must madam have a Police orderly?

This woman na yeye professor. So evil a soul. Orderly should be withdrawn from her immediately.


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I have lived with Igbo, Igbos, people who discovered Igbo in their DNA, and people who think they are Igbo or somehow related to Igbos. They all share one thing: superiority and a pioneer's attitude. 

This attitude is traced to why other Africans think Nigerians are outstanding black people and pioneers of Black energy or Fela Kuti calling Nigerian people to be Young African Pioneers or Suffering and Smiling. These were all because of the Igbo people of West Africa. 

I have come to agree that God embedded this solid African exuberance in the Igbo DNA, and most people will not agree that it is natural for Igbos to be Igbo. 

With her position as a university professor, It's natural for her to speak against Queen Eliza boldly. It is a natural phenomenon for Igbos to be Igbo.


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I don find my role model


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She’s just a clueless bittered old Igbo woman that has mental issues. I guess he didn’t know whom Tb Joshua represents, she’s just a clueless woman that is looking for attention. Tb Joshua left a legacy that in 100 years to come no preacher or philanthropists will reach it. A clueless frustrated Igbo woman talking. She really needs medical help.

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So, money bags, who couldn't make a way into APC or PDP will sponsor a so-called independent candidate, and you think that will produce some kind of saintly government.

And you think the 'independent' candidate will not be beholden to the money bags who sponsored him?

The best way is for an independent candidate supported and sponsored by small donations from millions of ordinary people. I think this will eventually happen as people become wiser.

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