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These people are senseless. No other country brings state Governors to the UN General Assembly arena during the UN GA high-level week. Google it. This act is the most shameful representation of the abused Nigerian ESTA code. How can a Minister of Foreign Affairs and Nigerian Ambassador to the UN take a back seat in their country's UN delegation and the governors of states that do not imply the UN has a front seat? If the Buhari administration could be reproduced into a brain and you put the brain inside a bird, the bird would fly backward!

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But frankly how many state governor's accompanied other countries head of government?. This governor's went their for sight seeing or excisions base on say they really don't have much doing because I can't understand. The waste here is really something else. The must uselessness president ever in the history of the Nigeria 😢See how useless the governors are. They left their states that are suffering from hands of bandits and flooding to waste tax payers money on sitting and listening to Buharis speech. Shameless Apc candidates. Big fools

I am sorry to say but this person looks older than the one that went to Owerri recently. Please how many presidents do we have and who is the original one if he is still alive?

One reason I just can't wait for next year is that I'll stop seeing or hearing about buhari this often...... I'm so excited

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What are all the other Governors doing there just wasting our money doing follow follow. Our Nigerian system spends recklessly on irrelevant things 😢Gone are the days in Nigeria when a President will make such visits accompanied by officials from different parties!

Can't he see as Joe Biden deliver his own speech without even looking at any book for once,abeg my fellow Nigerians mek everybody get their #PVC and vote wisely and for Peter Obi. Imagine #Tinubu reading there 😢

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Delivery speech abi reading scripts. He was just reading scripts like a nursery school pupil....😂😂😂😂 SMH look at them laughing in his face like he did something special 😏 Wetin em talk? Ask him any question different from the handout, answer will still come from the handout😢. God abeg deliver Nigeria


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Peter Obi, if elected President, is likely to remove oil subsidy without first ensuring there is local refining of crude oil and an uninterrupted electric power supply.

Even Buhari had to apply wisdom to reinstate the subsidy, despite that there was no protest from the comatose opposition parties when he removed it.

Obi will prove senseless and eventually drive Nigeria into the same mess he caused Anambra youths who took to drug trafficking to survive the hardship in Peter Obi's Anambra.

That is why I always remind Nigerian youths that Peter Obi has no knowledge of the manifesto of the Labour Party he gatecrashed at the 11th hour so that he could desperately secure a Presidential ticket

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Mumu talk, Buhari applied wisdom to stop what? They told us they removed the subsidy, which increased fuel prices, and we were shocked that the government still subsidizes fuel. No be yahoo be that? Lots like you can keep defending the indefensible. Everybody is better than PO. Keep deceiving yourself. Funny, all this is your supposed intelligent analysis, and you support a handicap to rule Nigeria. Omo go shave your hair.

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Nigeria urgently needs a turning point. Everybody, including some of Tinubu's close associates and urchins, knows that Tinubu does not represent the future. Unfortunately, Nigeria cannot afford a Tinubu presidency. After eight years of maladministration by Buhari, we cannot waste one more day of our national life on another deadwood. Such a person in charge of the entire nation's resources will build a pipeline from the federal purse to his private pockets. If anything, Tinubu's poor judgment on leadership selections proves his lack of managerial understanding by helping to bring the disaster called Buhari to power. Today he is running away from identifying with Buhari in his campaign for the 2023 presidential election and wants Nigeria to vote APC back to power. Never again!

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He is the most powerful man in the world. What do you expect? Life itself is political. Exceptions are made for exceptional people for their outstanding role in the scheme of things. All world leaders are not the same. If they wanted him to come, they had to allow American security, period.

How can looting enslaved polygamous people be treated the same way as a master looter who loots for the benefit of his people? Check am na,

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It wasn't about world power but protection of mouth leakage. He barely recognizes what he says, so it's helping to protect the American mess from the world leaders. What you read on paper is different when observed.

No big deal.. his security risk threat is high.. everyone would like to target the leader of the free world .. POTUS is one of the only presidents who travels around the globe with his security details.. and that includes the presidents of Russia china and Japan, and maybe 2 or 3 other countries .. with a lot of world leaders in the UK at the same time, i doubt it if the necessary security measure can accommodate them all

Ecclesiastes 8:4 "The king acts with authority, and no one can challenge what he does." (Good News Bible). "Since a king's word is supreme, who can say to him, 'What are you doing?' (NIV Bible). "Where the word of a king is, there is power; and who may say to him, 'What are you doing?'" (NKJV). That's the USA.

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Biden is a world leader if every president moves in with their cars no space in the compound anymore! It's normal 🙌 you guys don’t know England and US are the same but choose to hold different countries they are like the same parents.

On behalf of BUHARI we jointly express our greatest SHOCK 😂

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you’re telling me to learn ?sis I’m a US citizen and all I’m trying to correct above is US and England aren’t the same .

US is more respected than England ,US is a powerful country,way powerful than England and they aren’t the same .

They don’t even share information..

They aren’t same parents even tho they colonized them ,England and US aren’t the same .

they respect US a lot.. learn.. don’t just be a keypad warrior 😂 America is the only passport the British government doesn’t stamp.. I can boldly tell you as American citizen

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These are the manipulated minions from the abyss who sold their people to the evil plan of eternal slavery. These so-called African shameless looters have signed out the body of Africans for the "Transhumanist" agenda. If you care about yourself and your loved ones, you all should advise them not to allow anybody to put anything inside their body (injection or chip) for any convenience. Suncorp Bank is already luring its customers to give it a try. And recently, the state of Babylon proclaimed the fast-track building of a biological circuitry system that will connect cells to AI. Make you hear, if you like, Na tik tok make you focus on. Many are called, but few are chosen.

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Most African leaders Na hire dem hire dem eye Na oyibo Eye dem rent That is the reason whyyyy Corruption dey authority stealing dey Kurukere Kurukere.

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