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Scarcity Of Cash: Nigerians Should Expect Significant Improvements Between Now And The February 10 Deadline- President Buhari

ACCESS BANK customers cannot have access to their money in their banks ,,,
First bank has failed to fulfill their obligations that says to their customers "YOU first',,them no put their customers first again,,,,, there's no unity between UNITY Bank customers with their money in unity bank,
The Union between UNION BANK and their customers has been terminated ,,
There's seriously infidelity in FIDELITY bank as their customers are suffering from infidelity of cash ,,,,United Bank For Africa has been divided
ZENITH Bank is headed down right now, There's no Guaranty anymore at GTBANK
The Key to enter into KEYSTONE bank has gone missing.
All Nigerian banks are in a townhall different from balablue, blu blu,bulaba

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Scarcity Of Cash: Nigerians Should Expect Significant Improvements Between Now And The February 10 Deadline- President Buhari

Thank God you're aware of this one since you became president you always not aware

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Caption This Handsome Photograph Of Peter Obi And Yemi Osinbajo
Caption This Handsome Photograph Of Peter Obi And Yemi Osinbajo

Peter Obi will work with every capable Nigerian when he becomes President. There will be no prejudice. All we want is a better Nigeria

. Osinbajo is an intelligent man. He only found himself in the wrong place but don't worry, a government that will bring all brilliant minds together to rebuild Nigeria is coming under Obi and Datti.

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Buhari, You single-handedly caused all these untold hardships and the collapse of Nigeria's economy worse than in 2015. Because you knew pretty well then that you didn't have upstairs what it takes to make a country better than you met it, but you went ahead to impose yourself on Nigerians, and this big mess Nigeria is in right now is your overall score after eight years, SHAME ON YOU.

Because there's no accountability Tinubu is by the side boating that he would start where Buhari stopped, madness in every side courtesy of failed APC, a Bunch of retards with no good intentions for Nigerians from day one but full demons and self-centered blood suckers and cameleons.


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Sai Baba and his squard.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂yesterday Governor Ganduje went with his entourage to meet the president and among entourage was Mallam Abubakar Lawan Triumph the Islamic cleric in the viral video telling Muslims never to vote for an infidel that no matter how bad a Muslim is its better to vote him I to power than voting a good non Muslim 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I expect Mallam Abubakar to come out and tell this hungry and angry kano Muslim citizens that Islam will bring them food and better their lives. I am not a Christian neither am I a Muslim but I live in a country where religion doesn't determine who leads. Good policy and good governance benefits all human being. I urge Nigerians to be human beings first before being religious


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So now you know! After chanting change over eight years.

Is this bastard just waking up from his slumber?

Mr. President, you need to be corrected. You have been assuring us since you assume office. Is it at this 9th hour you want to tell the truth?

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All arranged by the state Government 😂, all those small almajiris on the streets stoning chopper and why not responsible adults


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Truth be told. PMB did far better than GEJ regarding Infrastructure, Economic management etc.

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Sometimes I hear you people and wonder if you reside on the Moon. Are you mentally okay, my friend?

What is the Nigerian GDP currently? Why is GDP growth rare now? What about the GDP per capita? Get out!!!

What infrastructure are you thoroughly enjoying right now? Don't mention the 2 Niger bridge that was started by GEJ and completed by Buhari.

Na, so you dey plan brings Sleepy Joe pro max Nigeria version abi?

Bias does not allow people to think straight.

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This is fake news, everywhere is safe and calm. Buhari is working and there were no killings, kidnappings, the whole roads in Nigeria have been built by Buhari, and electricity is 24hours. right now everywhere mara mma everywhere stew, plus fuel is now #40. Please SAY BABA

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Na south west dis happen or east, dem for don kill protesters 😢

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