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Nigerians will make Nigeria Great again... No more cowardly acts cos of peanuts. The only chance we have to make things right is the 2023 General Elections, and we must get it right this time.


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The salary was ready does not mean he has paid; last Sunday was 7th, so he ought to have paid for July; saying July salary was ready means he hasn’t paid till August 7th; workers are to earn their salaries at least between 27th to 29th of each month.

The bishop did well; most Nigerians do not know what good governance is, so when you say it, it’s like rocket science to them.

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Governors of Cross River and the Abia States prove that you can have the highest level of education in the world but still make a lousy leader.

A good leader must have empathy - that's where good leadership starts.

Wow! So we still have great men of God like this on earth. I am just speechless. On the other hand, I wish he had collected the lump sum and redistributed same to the less privileged in the state. This same Ayade and his urchins would siphon this money as being rejected. It is a loss to the church and the less privileged general populace.


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Very very resounding from the Bishop.

When they campaign for political positions, they give all forms of promises, including prompt payment of salaries. They accuse the previous administrations of embezzlement, greed, and deliberate refusal to pay workers' wages. Once they achieve political success, they begin the story.

The governor dared to owe workers salaries and yet gave public and whispered donations of such huge sums.

Dem for take the same APC broom to flog am comot from the church.

Ebebe Ayah: Why I Rejected Ayade’s Largesse – Catholic Bishop

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When you retire from the presidency and become a private citizen again, you're free to do personal business, which you're not supposed to do as president. Such as signing business deals with private companies to publish a book or develop an entertainment product, no government funds are involved. This shouldn't be a complex concept to understand unless you're trolling.

Trump was the first American president to follow the African presidential model where he continued to manage his private business during his term and appointed relatives to senior government positions so that they could also benefit. So he's bedfellows with his counterparts on this continent.

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This is absurd; the poorer a country is, the more they lavish on its top leadership during and after its presidency. How does that make sense? The US president gets a smaller retirement package than this.


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It's noble for a president to get a decent send-off package. I imagine he'd be required to contribute to community projects in his locale, such as Harambee's et al., from his pocket, and this money will cater for that. Having served at the country's helm, it would be shameful for any to be left out of it. I imagine your question is based on the foreknowledge that the fellow is already wealthy. It's his prerogative to decide whether that money goes to him or he creates a foundation under his name to serve whatever project he desires.

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The lesson here is simple, dear fellow citizens. If your dad didn't work hard, it is up to you to wake up and build some base. If you don't, your children will see 72m and faint as you are about to. Even becoming a president isn't a walk in the park. So let the president enjoy his retirement.

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1. Bring in investors to create a stable power supply.

2. Give incentives to Nigerians who will produce what we consume (full-scale industrialization). We need to be the economic powerhouse of Africa.

3. Create a welfare policy and plan for poor Nigerians. We will start with children in the first four years.

4. All artisans must get licensing fees and retrain by specialized govt agencies.

5. We will create job Centres in every local govt to match Jobs with skills, retrain and counsel Nigerians.

6. Educational centers need to be upgraded to World standards. We will create trust funds that Nigerians can donate to community projects.

7. Youths between 18-30 must go on compulsory military training.

8. Students in all learning institutions shall be requested to develop innovations yearly. The “theme” of such innovations will vary from Year to Year.

9. Ensure security of lives and properties. Each region shall have a forum where they meet to discuss challenges and propose possible solutions every month.


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What the majority of APC members and their Party agents at the Unit level don't know, according to the newly amended electoral law 2022, is that:

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola Of Osun On Friday Asked The Election Tribunal In Osogbo To Nullify The Election Of The Governorship Candidate Of The PDP, Ademola Adeleke.

Any result signed and uploaded to the INEC Server in the presence of Party agent, and later challenged at Tribunal for misconduct, such Party agent shall be Sentence to Jail of 3 - 5years with no good options.

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola Of Osun On Friday Asked The Election Tribunal In Osogbo To Nullify The Election Of The Governorship Candidate Of The PDP, Ademola Adeleke.

With this, my questions are:

1. Does Governor Oyetola want to send some of his Party members who serve as Partagentsnt for his election to Jail, or does he not know what electoral law says about it?

2. Does their Party agent know that they are representing the image of their Party and Party Candidate at their various Unit?

This Petition already died before its arrival.

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola Of Osun On Friday Asked The Election Tribunal In Osogbo To Nullify The Election Of The Governorship Candidate Of The PDP, Ademola Adeleke.

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