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LagosLast activity 2 days ago

Sad😢😢😢😢😢😢 Poverty is a curse.

See what money can do to people ? The country is now very hard and cases like this will only increase

MoneyLast activity 2 days ago

This is why Nigeria needs a Credit bureau, debt collectors, insurance on goods and services, and scalability!! Smh

This is why I don't and can never borrow anyone my dime; I can only dash you what I can afford but not borrow you to pay back. Never!!

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

What’s wrong with his management? The other time, people complained about him coming over 5 hours late in our country like that and didn’t perform well. Something is wrong.

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

It simple he will refund the money back when he refused that when you call the police on him, no regard you just carry arrest kiss Daniel, no respect, this tin dey vix me.

Compare their Police stations to Nigeria’s own 😮

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maybe you’re just too blind to see how amazing your country is??? You’re blinded by hunger and poverty that you’ve failed to see all the wealth, beauty, development & excellence around you!!! . I’ve been to Tanzania twice, and it’s a poor country! Very poor!


3 days ago

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

If he wasn't going to show up, why did he even travel to that country? And when he was Kuku there, why didn't he show up? How hard can that be

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

This is absolute nonsense...not performing does not warrant an arrest. He won't run away with ticket money for commonsense sake. Did they find out why he didn't commit? This creepy thing is coming from east African countries tho. Last time it was Omah lay and Terms 🤷🏾‍♂️

VideoLast activity 3 days ago

So why was he the country in the first place if he knew he wouldn’t show up?

PoliceLast activity 3 days ago

It's in videos so they can claim that they are smoking rolling tobacco, which looks like Igbo, and it's not illegal to smoke in Nigeria. There’s nothing that can be done about it. It's part of grey areas in law. As long as you do catch them face to face, rest!

Also, It’s when the people do something to give themselves joy that they will speak, so what about the officers who smoke and the ones who keep checking their phone and also the leaders entirely of cocaine and gbana cos we know of them, so do they “UP APC” why are they not going after them abi the law No reach that side ni😮


3 days ago

PoliceLast activity 3 days ago

Have you people finished fighting bandits in Nigeria fool Mumu man is smoking a crime as long you are +18 and above? While your so-called comrade are busy smoking and still doing what you guys are preaching on Twitter, go to the street and see what police people are doing to its citizens


3 days ago

PoliceLast activity 3 days ago

Police dey use our eyes to see nonsense in this our country imagine inviting someone over to come as a witness in an incident getting there you arrest the person demanding 20000 naira as a bail laying false charges against the person

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