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Aside from this, which among the prominent Presidential candidates can one risk for a better Nigeria? One that's been accused of stealing the National commonwealth. to the fact that he can feed several citizens for several years or one that has pocketed the whole State and has identity and qualifications issues. The whole INEC 2023 is a sham having on the list of the topmost Offices aspirants with unresolved public matters.

Bat Urchins won't like this news at all. I hope you stay safe. May wetin happen to Funsho Williams not happen to you.

Please loud it for them to hear. Pa Adebanjo is close to his maker, so he wants to do the right thing. Vote Wisely, Vote PO, Vote LP.

God bless you, sir. This is an honest elder statement.

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Tinubu's permutations have opened his eyes that without Christian votes and Atiku winning the North, it would be good as bye-bye to Tinubu's Presidential ambition.

Tinubu thought he was MKO Abiola, who rode on a Muslim Muslim ticket in 1993. Still, even down in the North today, the Northerners are not energized or amused by Tinubu/Shettimma Muslim Muslim ticket, which jeopardizes Tinubu's ambition.

Tinubu also thought he would inherit Buhari block votes in the North. Still, the reality in the North shows Buhari support groups being financed since 2015 by Buhari's Nephew Mamman Daura, head of the Aso Rock Cabal, are instead collapsing their structures into the Atiku support groups in the North.

Tinubu will have to search and beg for votes in the Predominantly Christian and Pro PDP and anti-APC regions of the South-South and southeast to add up to his voices from the South West, which is why he is lobbying the Wike-led faction for support and votes in the south South and South East.

Unfortunately for Tinubu, the five other south South Governors are in Atiku's camp, they all worked against Wike at the PDP Presidential Primary (Okowa of Delta State, Obaseki of Edo state, Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, Diri of Bayelsa state and Ex-Governor Liyel Imoke who controls Cross River PDP)

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Pa Adebanjo is speaking nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, we hate facts and honesty in Nigeria, but those who feel they own Nigeria and its resources will be put to shame this time around. God has blessed Nigeria immeasurably but na our leaders dey mess up, but their evil cup don complete.

Well said, Sir. Give the igbos a chance, too, or let them go. All tribes own Nigeria, and none is of any higher status. I am Yoruba, a card-carrying member of APC, but for presidential elections in Lagos, my votes go to OBi. The rest I choose according to my mind on the election day. Simple

Nigerian political class and the tribalism of some people are so unique. The answer is too glaring even for the blind. On the one hand, you say Unity, and on the other, you want the Igbos to leave Lagos included. Why don't you allow an Igbo president, and then we can all have a yardstick to criticize or analyze the situation as we advance? It is simple, but greed and sectional politics won't allow some to see beyond their noses. Some want the best man to be president, but it must not be from the east. Am confused, honestly 🙄

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You are right, and I can't continue in a marginalized region. It's a cheat. I tire o, make dem leave us dem no gree, allow us dem no gree no be witchcraft be that, but God passes them the way Igbos take achieve their dreams go be like a dream for their eye.

Tinubu will be shocked how many Yoruba youth will vote for OBI or sowore it's better to waste my vote than to end in SAPA.


2 days ago

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Baba has lost his sanity. At any point did Ohaneze Ndigbo come out to endorsed Peter Obi. It as disgraceful on the Yorubas as tribe for baba at his age to personalized issues of National interest. Afenifere of recent has lost it bearing with some youth referring to it as afenifebi. Politics in this country should not be toll on ethinic and religion divide. Baba should have hold his peace and allow the course of events to point to who and who Yorubas will vote for. The social cultural group is not baba personal and estate and should be allowed for collective decision . Best of luck to all the candidates at the he election.


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The current campaign is the end of Fulani minority rule in 2022, the way British minority rule ended in 1960. End of Fulani minority rule in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states. Fulani minority rule destroyed the education system of this territory's natives and killed the social and economic existence of this territory's natives. 

Only the end of the Fulani minority rule in 2022 will fix the sustainable education system of this territory's natives and improve the sustainable social and economic existence of this territory. British bandits violently invaded our God-given native lands to decide our existence on our God-given native lands. We fought them in bloody diplomatic engagement, defeated them, and drove them away with their union jack in 1960. 

Fulani terrorists from Futa Jalon led by Ahmadu Bello hijacked this territory natives' victory over British minority rule in 1960. and declared Nigeria estate of their great grandfather Usman Dan Fodio, said they would ruthlessly prevent the change of power, said they would use minorities in the north as helpful tools and south as conquered territory. 

Fulanis from Futa Jalon are tenants on our God-given native lands and are not up to 0.1% population of this territory. Why wouldn't we slaughter the little rats from Futa Jalon on every inch of our God-given native lands for our security and freedom on our God-given native lands? 1804 fraud nickname Fulani caliphate with its emirates has ended in which only Hausa people of the north are legitimate traditional rulers, political office holders, etc., over their God-given native lands. 

1914 fraud nickname Nigeria is Yugoslavia of Africa, in which the six geopolitical zones are sovereign states. Abaribe is interim president of the Biafra Republic of the southeast. 

Wike is interim president of the Niger Delta Republic of the south. Tinubu is acting president of the Oduduwa Republic of the southwest. David Mark is interim president of the Middle Belt Republic. Ali Ndume is interim president of the North East Republic. Kwakwanso is interim president of the North West Republic. Abuja is the final conquest for Fulani Aso Rock Rock destruction for the end of Fulani minority rule now in this 2022 the way British minority rule ended in 1960. 


2 days ago

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Bakare is still pained and yet to recover from the primary election in which he had zero votes... Jesus never instructed any believer to form an association because he never created one. Thank God he said he could recognize some of their faces and names... Meaning they are not fake Bishops this time around.

A pastor turned politician claimed God told him he would be the next president, still faulting others while leaving his error prophecy out of the discussion.

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This Obidient movement is a no-brainer movement. It’s spiritual and ethereal. No one man is worthy of taking the credit not even after the election. Area Fada we love you but don’t insinuate you orchestrated Abuja lockdown, you were not there in PH lockdown. We are expecting you in Lagos lockdown come October 1st! I will be there.

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We knew it. Fake everything fake. The evil antecedent bat is on a mission with his satanic Mu-Mu ticket to cause breakup & disorder in Christendom.

I have never seen someone so counterfeit in this life like thiefnubu.

Agbadorians are like: which kind wahala be this na, how we want to start now to fend this thief.

The most challenging work on earth is supporting this man. When you think that you are done defending him, before you close your eyes and open them, he has perpetrated another one.

Now foolish agbadorians are thinking about how they will defend him directly with their pale brain. If you idiot know what's suitable for you people, don't try to, because the more you protect the idiot, the more you lose your mind and the more stupid you sound and become.

God forbid bat thing.

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