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Some insights on the top parties you listed and could help a reader choose a candidate to vote for in the upcoming elections.

APC is a center-left, neoliberal party. They want capitalism with a social safety net, vital public services, and strong regulations. For instance, Lagos State has spent a lot on public schools, hospitals, and transportation. And they're more heavy-handed than most states regarding regulating businesses. Also, Buhari started a program that directly gives cash payments to poor and vulnerable people. They call themselves progressives but SocDems, like Germany's CDU.

PDP is anarchocapitalist. They believe in small government and letting the private sector control everything. They're happy to let Dangote have a monopoly on staple foods and starve the poor to increase his profits. And if Shell pushes Niger Delta people too far and they start protesting, PDP sends the army to shoot them, no problem.

Labour Party was supposed to be to the left of APC. They branded themselves as a trade union-controlled party fighting for the interests of workers over those of capital. But they've never governed like that, ever. Oshiomole wasn't a particularly left-wing governor, even by Nigerian standards. And the party has abandoned all pretense of being a party for workers. Their presidential candidate, Obi, is another small-government capitalist. He's still bragging about cutting spending as governor and investing state money in the stock market. And he's promising to cut spending and do austerity when he becomes president, like the Tories in the UK.

I am still determining what Kwankwaso is about and his party.

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I'm afraid I disagree with your summary of party ideology because Party ideologies take a lot of time to form in a young country. If the big guys left the APC today, it would 100% be a dead party.

Look at the very America. Back in the day, it was the Democrats that stood up for state rights- For their rights to keep or not keep slaves. Nowadays, it is the republicans that want less federalism.

We do have party ideologies, but they are not centered along the lines of the US. It’s no use comparing both countries as the factors are different. Ethnicity/tribes, religion, and so on are huge factors that define us as Nigerians.

Technically there shouldn’t be a Nigeria, but hey, it’s the hand we’ve been dealt. Now up to us to make it work the best way we can.

Lol, political parties in Nigeria don't have party ideologies. Even if they do, it's all in writing, and this is why it baffles me when folks are all about "party supremacy." Parties that convey absolutely nothing but the greedy interests of their party stalwarts.

Yes, it is Stealing money and oppressing poor people. Thank you. That is a unifying metaphor for all Nigerian political parties. That answers the question for the Kwankwoso the OP knew nothing about his party.

They don't have any difference. That's why party members switch so quickly. Most of the policies LP are talking about are the same thing PDP has done or says they want to do

Guidelines and manifestos are just mere expressions. Public officials need more political will to implement or follow through on these policies, which is where the problem lies.

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The Americans are masters of using familiar-looking faces to push their state department and CIA propaganda. The subtle message they're making here is "the white man is bad, and China is equally as bad."

China didn't colonize us and never couped us or armed rebels or started a civil war on the continent. China has never attacked an African country as the oyimbos did to Libya and Somalia. China is giving us loans on far better terms and letting us decide what we build instead of lecturing us as the west does.

They see that China is giving us an alternative to western hegemony, and they don't like it. They want us to say no to the new railways, ports, and dams and never industrialize. We should keep exporting raw materials and cocoa and be poor forever like good little slaves.

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I’ve had this entire conversation with you. In your determination to run away from the white man, you'll apply lipstick on a pig, blind yourself to the “Peoples Republic “activities, and ignore that everyone is indeed out to take our shit.

Honestly, it’s sad seeing how so many Africans will prostitute themselves to any charlatan that offers them salvation, refusing to do the hard work necessary to reconstruct the African continent with the only process we know that’s actually worked and worked over and over again. Detente.

Instead, we’ll want to join the PRC in their losing Hegemonic challenge in the hopes that we’ll get to decide on the new order. The same delusional choice we made during the Cold War. But then again, the Cold War propaganda is thick on this continent amongst the so-called “liberation minded.”

If you know how china is stealing African resources, you'd realize they need to have us in their best interest. Both sides are bad for Africa. As Thomas sankara said, "he who feeds you controls you" We are still a slave to these people. Some of you don't know what Nigerians are going through from the foreigners on our soil, how they are shipping out resources, and mining Gold on a large scale in Osun state. Do your research, and you'd know westerners and Asians are not our friends.

Wonder how it's looking for the residents working for Chinese-owned companies.

We should be refining and building our stuff, not waiting for the Chinese to do anything.


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Try Removing Kuti From Your Name Make An Know Weda Anybody Sabi You- Peter PSquare Tells Seun Kuti
Try Removing Kuti From Your Name Make An Know Weda Anybody Sabi You- Peter PSquare Tells Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti goes to perform on many global stages from Europe to Egypt to Asia to the Americas and certainly the entire African continent. He is of noble birth. Go and find out who his grandfather and grandmother were before you abused such a man who chose to stand on his family principle. But Psquare, you are nonentities that cannot even construct a stable sentence in English. You are hustlers that work for all the corrupt politicians in Nigeria. Whether in apga or PDP, or otherwise. Seun kuti and his family are globally respected, bcos they do not bow to pressure.

Psquare, you are tribal bigots and fools, and we will sort una matter after the elections. Peter OBI, my ass. Peter OBI is just as corrupt as any other Nigerian politician. The Panama paper's criminal inditement on OBI is more than enough proof. If p-square wants an Igbo man as President, they should tell us. But they abuse all other people's candidates while preaching to us that their candidate is the Angel of the Lord. We tell them that we are Yorubas. We are not Igbos. Yorubas think, and we use our brains. I thank you.


9 hours ago

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Try Removing Kuti From Your Name Make An Know Weda Anybody Sabi You- Peter PSquare Tells Seun Kuti
Try Removing Kuti From Your Name Make An Know Weda Anybody Sabi You- Peter PSquare Tells Seun Kuti

A lot of this Igbo people here are so senseless. Read Seun’s comment again. It was pure sarcasm and y’ll can’t even comprehend that? I see why a lot of you re being deceived regularly. Deceived to fight Biafra war that was not yours to fight. Deceived to think every other tribe in the country is against you, deceived into thinking you are doing better than everyone else, when even ijaw people get money pass Igbo’s. Deceived into alienating yourself from everybody else, deceived into shady way of life and desperation for money, deceived into call a liar and a fraud a messiah.

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Yeah, I expect Tinubu to win. The numbers indicate so, except something that has never happened in Nigerian political history happens. Voter turnout is as high as 70%, which is unlikely due to voter suppression and insecurity.

For example, in the Southeast, some areas like Idemili and Obosi will see hardly anyone votes due to Unknown shooters and IPOB terrorists saying there will be no election in Biafra land. This will affect block votes for Peter Obi in that region.

In Tinubu's stronghold, there will be voter suppression in areas where Igbos are known to reside, like Okota, to reduce the turnout. Tinubu is likely to sweep through the southwest.

Also, most students who are likely to be Peter Obi supporters will not be able to vote due to the travel time/cost, especially with the fuel scarcity and uncertainty of the new Naira notes.

As long as Tinubu can maintain a healthy margin in the SW, get a few votes in the SS like Cross river and maybe Rivers if an alliance with Wike works, and then inherit some party votes in the North, mainly if the Northern governors deliver, Tinubu should have enough.

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Yeah, I expect Tinubu to win.

Which is an opinion you formed before your analysis that followed.

The numbers indicate so except something that has never happened in Nigerian political history happens.

Nigerian political history? You are talking as if it's a long, extensive history. The current democracy only goes back to 1999!

...in the Southeast some areas like Idemili, Obosi will see hardly anyone vote due to Unknown gunmen and IPOB terrorists saying there will be no election in Biafra land

Where did you get this information? This sounds more like wishful thinking on your part!

there will be voter suppression in areas where igbos are known to reside like Okota to reduce the turnout.

Are you with them as they're planning it??

most students who are likely to be Peter Obi supporters will not be able to vote due to the travel time/cost especially with the fuel scarcity and uncertainty of the new Naira notes.

More baseless, wishful thinking! The youth vote is mobilized and energized, similar to what we saw with the End SARS movement. These youths will crawl over burning firewood to get to the polls. You're kidding yourself if you expect otherwise!

Of all the options, a Tinubu win is the worst-case scenario for Nigeria in this election. The man has demonstrated that he has no vision for Nigeria - he's simply running for prestige and power because he thinks it's "his turn."



You better wake up and smell the coffee. There will be a massive voter turn out in the entire south and the middle belt. I suspect voter apathy. I'm in the North West though.

Adding to your analysis, there’s also disarray in Ogun State and Oyo state right now over the fuel/money scarcity. There are reports that the police have killed some protesters. All this happens a few days before the election in Tinubu’s stronghold. Doesn’t look good. 😬

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In A Few Weeks Time, Nigerians Will Be Voting. What Do You Think?

If Nigerians historically cared about the advancement and growth of the country, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That barb about Shoprite is a remarkably telling blow, given how lowly ranked the store is in South Africa. However, Nigeria has aptitudes that probably exceed anything South Africa offers and have gained worldwide distinction. However, the country has declined to the point where skill cannot flourish if people stay in Nigeria.

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I’m embarrassed as a Nigerian. I hope for the best for this country I genuinely do.

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Many times if you can’t think beyond the box you will never understand the level of wisdom people has . You can’t relate to their points unless you think deeply to the cloud they’re. For instance Even if you vote wisdomly Nigeria might never be a good country, The damage that has been done can’t be restored. Indirectly Nigeria is ruled by individuals not the elected president.

The president can only do few things to better the country, the real betterment of Nigeria lies in the hand of you and I , you ever seen a president shooting a gun ? The level of banditry, cultism, terrorism , kidnapping and robbery , thuggery , police brutality and harassment in that country is undermining. All these are crimes by Nigerians (individuals) not a president.

You need to research and watch crimes documentaries in Nigeria. Thuggery, Terrorism , cultism they’re all being sponsored by the so call government, how can they possibly fix it? Abba kyari is a good example. He did well arresting criminals not knowing he’s a criminal himself. They only set up and arrested those who is not willing to comply with their demands.

Crimes has eaten so deep into that country that even if there’s 1 billion employment opportunities The youth will choose crime over it , a country where by political thugs are richer than a doctor , bandit has more freedom than the citizens. Citizens seems to be prey to the leaders, they find pleasure in peoples pain . Once they got what they wanted the rest nah story .

Thinking any of them (presidential candidate)is your savior is a long lasting dream that will never come through. The whole world is under attack of inflation and famine , and you think nah this period 9ja wan better . You might go on a journey of no return. You might get killed by a stray bullet, you can be kidnapped. Imagine the fuel matter , despite the fact that we are oil producing country . Just electricity this people can’t provide for how many years? I don’t want to talk about the new note . Some think it will help against vote buying.

The present regime is not in good terms with the incoming and that’s what brought about the redesign. You can see how immoral our girls has become , indirectly many of them are prostitute, dating a guy is such an employment opportunity 😂 ( sorry girls ) And guys , majority are into fraud , robbery, thuggery, name the crime . We are still young having fun . The useless will be more obvious few years to come . When Al the fun is over and nothing to lean on. Nobody gonna have your back when all the fun is done. A fair Nigeria maybe . But better Nigeria is not by appointing a leader . Is about fighting in accord . Tackle the problem one by one .

Endsars help a bit , but the harassment and killing has began . Vote wisely will come , the Election Day will come and the shit will continue. Peter obi won’t have a chocie than dance to their tune after all . Don’t be surprised if tomorrow he decamp to Apc or pdp . A savior politician no deh that country . Be more scared of silent people
. But either way, I pray Things get better for us individually. We need new standard of constitutions .

The judiciary system is so fucked . A better Nigeria start with justice, how about protesting against Chief or army staff , IG , Attorney general, because they know so well the problem of this country. They are aware of the people terrorizing Nigeria. A yahoo boy will go to jail because of $200 . And. Yahoo man is working freely after series of crime . And you want 1 perosn to come
And fix all this ?
We have a lot
To do .

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Lmao, I just hope people won't accuse Inec when results start trooping in

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INEC should be criticized regardless of who wins lol. They need to be more competent and have done less than the bare minimum.

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In A Few Weeks Time, Nigerians Will Be Voting. What Do You Think?

I reviewed the page and its followers; they’re all Nigeria-obsessed right-wing crazies. It’s super weird and scary yikes

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vote is by choice …vote who you wan vote ,country good we go enjoy am ,if e bad we go still feel am …sharp

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