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You mean the dark, sweet, chewy ones that make your mouth fill with saliva...lol. Idk where in the US you live, but you can get them at African stores. If you live in the DMV, there are African stores everywhere.

I sometimes get them from a Nigerian store very close to me—about $3 for a bag.


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The only thing I've benefited from parading myself as a fine boy without sense was a 50k job at a construction company back then and nothing else.

na one secretary weh mumu canceled someone's name in the hiring list and replaced it with mine, her "lover". No serious person will look your way if you be a fine boy unless you have other things to offer.

I done go meet one UBA area manager back then with the hope that my looks would mesmerize her into pushing forward my CV but madam was too professional to even notice my foolishness.

Today with a small change, the fine boy done come back fully but I done get the sense now to dey apply am only to boost my contract chasing and not to beg person for free money. When I drive into your office premises in my well-ironed senator with my well-washed and waxed Chrysler 200, you'll surely give me that contract. The magic works better on older women though. 

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This is what a 35-year-old (soon to be 36y/o) man is thinking about

Why Did GOD Create Some People Ugly And Others Better Looking.. And Yet They Say He Is Not A Partial God?

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What is the essence of beauty if not to attract the opposite sex? Lara married Oshiomhole and Stella married Obasanjo.

There are lots of beautiful women who married very ugly men. If you want to attract the opposite sex, think of what they want:

1. Fame

2. Fortune (money)

3. Intelligence and exposure

4. Generosity

These things can win you the heart of any woman even if you don't look good.


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For the Records, God first created Only two black people Adam and Eve. And then asked them to go and multiply, so you are a product of multiplications. You should be blaming why your dad or mom is ugly, not blaming God.

Lastly, you have low self-esteem and are broke at the same time. Don't ask me how I know, ugly broke guys feel intimidated easily. My Advice is, You should take your bath this morning, and then go and hug a live transformer.

Partial God kee you there.

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There is a gay tendency in you that's unfolding.



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Wait, what? These applicants are promoting how easily they fall asleep. As a man in his late 40's my weak bladder would not allow me to be able to do what I always wanted, which is to sleep on the job.

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It isn’t compulsory you should understand the meaning of every word, you simply say “I beg your pardon…or please facilitate what you mean” but guilt will not let this people speak rightly, being forward with their blank skulls😢😂

Imagine minister of communication doesnt know simple word of English.. and he sought argument instead of enlightenment.. what a pity.

I don't understand what buoyed means until this morning, the former minister could have just asked why she meant; "buoyed how" "by bouyed you mean?" etc.


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Even if Tinubu like he should pick pastor as his running mate; we won’t still vote for him 😂😂

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They have a point (their pronouns are they/them). Many Nigerian families would instead protect their child’s abusers because they are family members or someone of authority.

And they are right about Nigerian kids not being protected from abuse and child labor. I witnessed a friend being beaten for bending down to tie his shoelace! Many Nigerian teachers are power-hungry folks who abuse their powers, and the worst part is that they are rarely vetted by the schools employing them.

If you don’t fully agree with all the tweets they made, that’s okay but let’s not act like they don’t have a point here.

Maybe the person might be generalizing, but there are so many cases of domestic violence incidents in Nigeria and people not being protected. There was a mini docu video) about women being coerced to have sex with teachers to get good grades; for goodness' sake, these women were in college. A song about a teacher wanting sex with a student (anyone knows Bimbo Oyemi?) was trendy; Whig means that these things are expected. There have been cases of teachers sexually assaulting girls in public schools too. There have been domestic violence cases, and it’s so common that there are research articles written about it. Domestic violence includes sexual violence as well.

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