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As an Igbo person, I'd love Biafra too, but logically, the benefit-cost ratio of Biafra for Igbo people doesn't look that good. In this geopolitical climate, secession isn't just a fight against the current powers ruling Nigeria and fueling tribalism and the oppression of the Igbo people. It'll be a fight against them and their international partners, who happen to be the ones that wield power - think the US, China, GB, and even the EU. Abi we bin watch all these political leaders talk sey dem want free and fair elections for Nigeria - where dem dey now? crickets

All these international alliances benefit significantly from one Nigeria and the country's feigned stability, i.e., in terms of powerful tribes, keeping the Igbo people in check and the Hausas/Yorubas primarily in power. They'll do anything to keep Nigeria as-is, even if it means disregarding the oppression of the Igbo people and any attempts they make to establish Biafra.

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As a Yoruba person, I applaud you for not going along with the bandwagon created in this election; you've made excellent points here, but I must say, I do find it irrational when people assert that the Yorubas want to keep themselves in power in tandem with the Huasas/Northerners, as the information we have does not support this argument.

From 1960 till date, there have only been two heads of state/President originating from the southwest geo-political zone in the names of "Chief Ernest Shonekan" (who was only an interim president) and "General Olusegun Obasanjo" (who ruled for three terms). Moreover, the 1st civilian President and 1st head of state were the "Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe" and "Aguiyi Ironsi," respectively.

Therefore, I do not understand how people can conclude that the Yorubas perpetually want to keep themselves in power. Is there something I'm missing here? Or are people simply equivocating "Asiwaju Tinubu" with Yorubas?

Finally, what has occurred recently with the elections is regrettable and will likely have undesirable repercussions. I think the best we can do as individuals are to try to remain as rational as possible in the future.

All is well.

Thank you for pointing this out.

It’s honestly gotten insane how much southern bitterness there is. And how little people get Nigerian history.

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Even during the Biafra War, Nigeria’s main allies were only the UK and Soviet Union. The US government was largely neutral, and the US people supported Biafra. I think Biafra could get more support this time, seeing that we have 60-plus years of failed governing in Nigeria for the world to see.


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I don't see the point. Tribalism wasn't as disturbing as we see it play out now. Under the military, Lagos had an Igbo governor. I believe some southeast states had Yoruba/Hausas.

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Obi rode on the back of Religion, Endsars, and ethnicity. It was hazardous, many politicians stylishly used it, but OBI used it as a central policy, thank God he didn’t win.

He exploited these three very well, but I hope those that think it favors them will be able to take it when another candidate of Muslim extracts uses the same method from the North.

Because no Christian from the North will be able to stand the fanaticism they will introduce. I assure you that the Igbos will leave the North quickly.

It is wrong for a pastor to come to the pulpit to campaign for OBI and threaten fire and brimstone when he loses. Others are watching, and I am sure they will employ the same methods someday.

The aftermath of the ripples and effects is what you see playing out in Lagos state.


Back then, tribalism was a bad problem. A bad problem.

The same issues we had back then, we have now. The same thing happened about the army appointing people from one region into offices... back in the day, the IBB admin was accused of Islamizing Nigeria and succumbing to the Northern oligarchy. Sound familiar?

Army rule is not the joy you think it is. Just because your side lost does not mean you should call for it (and no, I am no APC supporter, or LP or PDP supporter, and have never backed a mainstream candidate)

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No apparent function. I feel they wear it to stand out, as you’d easily guess anyone wearing a reflective cloth and helmet to be an engineer.

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It's honestly so ugly

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Most Wanted Nigerian Mafia Female Leader Who Ran Prostitution Circle Extradited To Italy (video)

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If someone is selling, it's because there are buyers of it! Why are Italians so obsessed with pedophilia and prostitution? Arabs too

When you attack the supplier and make it impossible to supply, then demand will diminish.

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We Whine Of Xenophobia From The South Africans And, In The Same Breadth, Go About Doing This To The Igbo People?

It's not mainly against the Igbos. Everybody has conveniently forgotten how hatred against northerners has been wholly normalized everywhere, including this sub. All the "Fulani cattle herders" talk and terrorist innuendo. Labor party supporters have been particularly guilty of using thinly veiled religious and ethnic hate speech.

People always think xenophobia is fine until it's targeted against them.

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This is a blatant lie. It is mainly against Igbos, and the Fulani cattle herders being terrorists talk is not tribalism considering just one day after the Presidential election ended, Fulani herders killed THIRTY people in Benue.

It is mainly against the Igbos

It's an interesting dynamic because northern Nigeria has some of the most xenophobic regions in the country. And their xenophobia isn't limited to just name-calling.


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from your name, i assume u are a southerner denying islamophobia in nigeria is a bad idea.sure, there is tribalism in the north, but one has to remeber how northerners are treated in the south

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Normally, Alex Otti suppose win Abia ✅ and Gbadebo for Lagos if APC does NOT yet again, rig. Rigging is their first name. Their sponsored propaganda against d guy won’t work, too late. He was out there with the youths during EndSars but SanwoOlu was at home dishing out orders on behalf of Tinubu to protect their looted legacies. The voices of the poor souls they killed will work against them. Their hands r filled wt blood, make dem waka. All dis one SanwoOlu is doing na yahoo yahoo and we sabi that game. Na now e remember to pay pension and hold town hall meetings? All these years what has he been doing? “A guy cannot guy a guy”. So he should go & rest. PDP and APC have had their turns. while PDP was not entirely bad, APC has been the worst so far. They fill d streets of Lagos wt lunatics called “agbero”. The opportunity for revolution has come. Wishing all LP candidates the best!

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Colonialism still has a fist jammed and sunflowered in the throat of Nigeria


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The selfish man is all about his personal ambitions..what has his presence in court got to do with the case? Is he one of the lawyers that will argue his case? Now he’s leaving other candidates in his party hanging to pursue his own selfish ambitions that will never be realised. Peter Obi the opportunist at it again. The most selfish, self centred and pretentious and divisive politician Nigeria have had to unfortunate opportunity of producing. Very toxic human being.

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APC is now claiming that the INEC cannot reverse its decision as law provides, even when situation of election data changes after a winner had been pronounced. In other words, APC is set to challenge the INEC or any litigation against it. That's where we are now.


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I support him. Na small remain this people almost use us shaa all in the name of one Nigeria. My eyes don open ever since Igbo people said Lagos belong to nobody. Wetin Yoruba no fit try for their side then dey do it for us here. Eti ya Werey.

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