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This is really sad. Drug abuse is really damaging lives all over the Nigeria but much more in the North. A research carried out showed that Kano state has the highest number of drug abusers in Nigeria and by extension Africa. Every 1 out of 4 youth in Kano state is abusing one or more drugs according to researches. There is a very serious need to declare emergency in this area by government, parents, schools ,families , churches, mosques etc. All hands need to be on deck to tame this menace or else in the next few years the leaders of tomorrow may be drug addicts and wrecks. Right parenting is very key in correcting this menace. Also peer pressure need to be tackled. Show me your friend and I can tell who you are.

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The so-called leader of tomorrow. Useless generation of decadency. What a generation. Tomorrow, the boy go bleep her raw with his tiny hairy dick, and his shameless mother will rejoice like that American idiot rejoicing to be a Grand mother at 36. Shame to you all and una parents

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Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets
Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets
Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets
Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets

Me I am voting for the future of Nigeria, with all the possibilities that it holds. Gbadebo is the full representation of the future of Nigeria. A man who' s blood line crosses through different territories in Nigeria and unites the people in every sense.

An educated and brilliant young man with vision to carry lagos forward from its tribal and bigoted past. He represents the future and not the past of Nigeria.

If you are wise young people, vote your future and destroy this alaye attitude that is controlling Lagos state, diminishing its potentials to become one of the greatest cities in black Africa to ever exist.

Vote Gbadebo!

Greatest Nigeria!

Out of many, we will become ONE!

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We thank God for labour party for redefining politics and elections in Nigeria

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Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets
Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets
Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets
Rhodes-Vivour, Labour Party Governorship Candidate Campaigns At Lagos Markets

This election will experience fewer chances of rigging by INEC to appease the youth. Due to discouragement, there would be a small turnout of voters like the previous. Some critical stakeholders would be promised federal portfolios. Hence they should avoid repeating the same game with INEC. The desperate ones would adopt a different strategy, including snatching ballot boxes, disrupting the process, etc.

What I love most about this election is that the people now recognize their powers.

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Wow!!, Labour party from zero to One hundred, Kudos guys!!!

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What you don’t do at home don’t try it in public. She has not kissed that man in decades so now people are around she wan show say Na she hold ground? Nonsense Nigeria women dead live

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Na waa for the woman, the man obviously don't want the kiss

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To God Be The Glory


17 days ago

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Our history must be taught in schools to our kids. A good history will inspire us while we can learn from the bad, so as not to repeat such mistakes!The history of the first-ever military coup which ultimately led to counter coup and Biafra/civil war must be taught because that event reversed the fortune of Nigeria and caused this present mess we have been trying to correct.

The military guys led by Major Chukwuma Ezeogwu, Major Ifeajuna Emmanuel, Anuforo Chris, Nwatuegwu Timothy, Ademoyega Adewale, Chukwuka Hemphrey etc, staged the first-ever military coup in Nigeria in 1966, planing to k%ll all political leaders from all three major regions and take over power. But they only k%lled political leaders from the north like Tafawa Balewa (Prime minister) they k%lled Sir Ahmadu Bello ( Northern region governor) and his unharmed wife.

They killed Sir Ladoke Akintola ( Western region governor) they k%lled Festus okotieboh ( Minister) and but protected all political leaders from their own region, they hinted Nnamdi Azikiwe(President) to travel out just a few weeks before the coup so he was not killed.They did not kill Akanu Ibiam (Eastern region governor) they did not kill Nwafor Oritzu ( Senate president). Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi (An Easterner) was installed as the first military ruler and he terminated our regional democracy, the political system Canada, Germany, and UAE (Dubai) still practice to date and we can all see the degree of success.

Nigerian economy and currency were greater than that of US and many European Countries we now run to for greener pastures. Aguiyi Ironsi replaced our democracy with the first-ever military rule! Then the military guys from the North felt betrayed. They retaliated, took over, and held on to power from 1966 till 1999 before the military now gave us this 1999 military-concocted constitution upon which we now run our present democracy. All current politicians are the same,they are massively benefitting from the mess created in 1966 by Aguiyi Ironsi hence they will never want it reversed. They jump in between parties, they divide us across ethics, religious and tribal lines for their selfish interest.

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Irrespective of the outcome, as a young Nigerian, if you are proud of that show of shame that INEC displayed on Saturday in the name of elections, you are part of the problem in Nigeria.

Let's start asking questions in this country!

Let's start questioning the process and only sometimes celebrating results.

If you see how sane nations do most of these things, you'll be ashamed to be addressed as a Nigerian following Saturday's elections.

I rather lose doing what is suitable than win doing what is wrong.

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