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Possibly because he supplies the NEXT supermarket chain of stores, Hero beer factory, and all Cubana lounges. 'Industrious man makes life for himself' is all I see. Power to him

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The level of your illiteracy is that you would have enquired how much a gallon of good palm wine from Enugu is sold. A gallon(4litres) on a typical market day is sold 8k, and in the festive period, it sold from 20k-30k due to demand, and the smallest wine seller comes to market with not less than 3 gallons in a day. So a normal wine tapper in Igbo land that has enough palm trees that are his own is not your mate on a typical day , he might be selling more than 50gallons a day with his contact

You could still have made your point without the opening statement.

Kudos to the palm wine tapper.

I hope he will show his fellow tappers the way.

got 1 gallon of palm wine on Sunday for 7k..


18 days ago

Except for this o

Any other we dey look behind for wetin dey beat him drum.

Na so one man for the hood, na tailor o with little doing don build better storey building and car

With one Igbo man for the market, every day you go see am doing nothing for the shop but at the end of the day baba dey spend money like say na he be central bank

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My cousins, who grew up in the village but lived in Abuja, now do not touch beer or spirits again once they come home. They'll tell U those things are chemicals.

In a day, 2 of them and their friends could drink up to 5 gallons of palm wine, and each was sold b/w 6k to 8k this Christmas. A typical Igbo man values palm wine more than any drink, and our soil type gives the best palm wines.

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