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Some N!gerians youths don't love 9ja, they just hate APC. If they truly loved 9ja, they would have never supported Nnamdi Kanu & neither would they be rooting for a dancing governor, over a working governor... Most N!gerians don't vote based on love & patriotism, they vote based on hatred, which is why the country has failed to move forward for over 63yrs.

Adeleke has nothing to offer but the youths like him because he's not an APC member... 90% of Adeleke's supporters are Igbos who have never ever been to Osun state!!! The igbos have a reputation for minding other people's business, while they all are forced to quietly sit at home every Monday in their villages.

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I can see you don't have a single senses. Why mention Igbo people. What is Igbo people business with a man that is happy for him life. You need to check yourself before commenting on platform like this mumu

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I love this man happiness is free you can't buy it with money😍😍

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From what people on the field said on election day, Adeleke bought over some of the APO I, APO II, and PO officers are the booth and those who exploited the INEC loophole that led to overvoting.

Some people who were not legible to vote in a specific polling booth were allowed to vote even though the BVAS failed to accredit them.

They are allowed to vote, and other party agents at the polling booth are fooled by counting the number of voters that stood on the line as tho they are accredited and credible voters.

So let's say 500 people were counted to be on the line. When the ballot counted, they measured the same 500, so other party agents were deceived. But APC played a game where their agents started snapping election results. They demanded an accurate BVAS accreditation report just after the election, which exposed INEC and turned the PDP game against them.

The issue here is not the failure of the BVAS device itself, it is due to some INEC officials willingly sabotaging the election by themselves.

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APC urchin, Na lies and propaganda will destroy you more. The Appeal Court and Supreme Court of justice will decide on the Bvas reports. It’s not over yet


one month ago

You guys in the Adeleke team are the reason for his misfortune because you are all illiterates.

I pity the man, upon all the money he don spend and dance wey he don dance, he does not deserve this.

Let me tell you, I have little interest in the Osun election, and whether Oyetola or Adeleke govern them is none of my concern. Even when Adeleke won, I bear no animosity towards him in real life or Nairaland here.

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My Father Remains Osun State Governor - Gov. Adeleke's Son, Sina Rambo, Reacts After Osun Tribunal Verdict.

Make sure your take out time to unfriend anyone around you that is supporting Apc and also stop associating yourself with people that doesn't have pvc especially the one's that aren't making efforts to get it. Power belongs to the people and justice must be served.

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Based on the new electoral law, when the case is not a pre-election matter, it ends at the appeal court for governorship election cases. Only the presidential election can get to the supreme court in this scenario. That is my belief from what I read when the law came out if I still remember well.

This Osun case is an Election tribunal matter. Post-election.

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Ok or whatever. Just tell your Agbado followers to comprehend Adeleke still signs the checks.

Anything he signs now will need clearance from the APC-dominated State Assembly. He has already lost, and if he misbehaves, he will resume in EFCC cell after he loses his appeal.

Like other SW states, Osun is known for brilliant leaders. When Oyetola said he won, I knew his intelligent Osun folks had found a loophole. They are not flippant.

The APC folks were snapping the declared official results and immediately requested BVAS to seal their argument that proves overvoting. That is brilliant!

Oyetola does not settle with bribes, but he is known to be far more brilliant than Mr. Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke.

After sufficiently proving the overvoting, APC used Mr. Nurudeen's controversial WAEC result to distract PDP and INEC. Most people, especially our mediocre media, thought APC was banking on the WAEC.

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My Father Remains Osun State Governor - Gov. Adeleke's Son, Sina Rambo, Reacts After Osun Tribunal Verdict.

Why do we even need to vote if the court can over turn election results πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄


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Osun State Chapter Of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Has Suspended All Political Activities For The Week Over The Death Of Ifeanyi, Son Of David Adeleke, Popularly Known As Davido.

do you know how many kids that die everyday in Osun because of avoidable situations? Or kids who lose their parents to kidnapping and other vices that the government can easily tackle? To whom much is given, much is expected!!! It's disgusting and shows the level of decadence in the society the way you all go about this... at the end, we are all going down 6tf... you all should have love for humanity and not using a small child's death to do eye service!!!

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Osun State Chapter Of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Has Suspended All Political Activities For The Week Over The Death Of Ifeanyi, Son Of David Adeleke, Popularly Known As Davido.

Each post I see brings it all back like if we can feel this way then how would the parents be feeling. I have been praying in my mind for Davido and chioma...God, this hard πŸ˜”

No parents deserve dis may d almighty God give dem d strength to bear d lossπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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Peter obi MTN. Everywhere you go! If nothing, one must confess that Peter Obi is quite energetic. His vast daily engagement in moving around the country and the diaspora is impressive.

If God doesn't answer our prayers through Peter Obi in 2023, it means that God has forgotten Nigeria because Peter Obi is an answered prayer.

If this man eventually wins, Nigerians will understand what it means for a leader to be straightforward, goal-oriented and people-centric

Peter Obi is too fresh.

I love this man

I pray that God makes him win.

Peter Obi will make a good president.

He commands great respect anywhere he goes.

He's the right man for the job

God bless the incoming president of Nigeria.

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...the Bible says prayer and faith without work are dead.. after praying to God for Peter obi to win the presidential election.. Nigerians must do the job by learning from their past mistakes of voting for incompetent and evil leaders. And politicians now rally around to support and vote for Peter obi to win the presidential election.. God will not come down and vote for Peter obi or force Nigerians to vote for Peter obi..it's Nigerians that have to do that

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Why Is Nobody Defecting To Labor Party Despite Obi's Growing Popularity?

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This election is between the poor masses, youth, and rich type of elections. Why did I say so?

If Tinubu defects to the labor party today or Atiku etc

What will happen many people who are talking now against Peter Obi will disappear and join the labor party

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