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Where can one learn skills to get remote jobs?

Can I learn it on my phone?

Do I really need a laptop?

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They should be very good ICT centers around you and paid courses online too from universities and accredited tutors as it's advised to learn offline and online if you really want to grab it, going to an offline center would make you mix up with like minds and your interest and concentration would heighten. Well, you can't grab it all from a phone and Yes ...you really need a high-performance laptop/computer, and they would be useful in installing cyber security tools, penetration testing, password cracking via a brute-force attack, observing system traffic and more tasks. Some features of a good laptop include strong battery life, powerful Central Processing Unit (CPU), and good construction (display, keyboard and frame).


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What do you think of people making six figures monthly on fiverr in Nigeria. what type of skill do these ones have. is it vocational skills? Give me examples please.

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The skills required for remote work are professional skills not vocational skills. Professional skills are skills for corporate jobs e.g, programming, tech skills, ability to use existing softwares to do your job. These jobs can be remote and an American company can offer you a project to work on through platforms like fiverr. These skills requires good education(Sometimes not necessary university education) for you to be able to succeed in them. If you learn these, you'd become hot cake in the professional world. Vocational skills are skills e.g, baking, tailoring barbing, shoe making etc. These skills don't require much technicality to learn. If you learn them, you'd have to find customers/job. Don't think there are no jobs. There are jobs but there are few people qualified with the necessary professional skills. There are companies that have been trying to fill roles for months without getting a good fit because everybody believes there is no job and graduates have been brainwashed into switching into vocational skills

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Stop blaming everyone but yourself. We can create another economy without the help of the government just like we did with the (entertainment)music and movie industries.

The Country is not useless. Everywhere you go in the world, it's skills that drives the economy.

Skills creates Jobs that employs people. Apple was a one man Ideal and was skillfully executed using different skills. Amazon too. Facebook, Just name any company.

Nigerians should stop blaming the government and get down to work.

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1. Sometimes when you all start announcing the term "learn a skill" I do wonder if you all think learning a skill is just as easy as the air you breathe.

2. You need to pay for an apprenticeship before learning any physical skill. Even as you are learning, you need to feed at least twice daily. You need to pay for transport. These are basic needs. But you all never consider this. In your minds, these youths are lazy, they don't have the power of positive thinking, and they can't think and grow rich.

3. Digital skills requires a laptop. At least one needs a 100k flat to consider buying a fairly used one. Where is the learner going to see this money? What about data, how is he going to sort himself out? What about electricity, how is he going to cope when it is glaring that the power supply in Nigeria is more epileptic than epilepsy.

4. We should not even talk about getting your first job or customer in a third-world nation... let's wait till you learn a skill.

5. It is so unfortunate that in a country like Nigeria, the only means of survival as it currently stands is through the internet either for a positive or negative purpose. We have not even considered the IQ of the Black nation, knowing fully well that their IQ is below average (85/100). Yes, you can beat it and succeed in science or computer science, but how many will be consistent, persistent, patient, and determined to overcome that phase. It's just like convincing a snail to reach the finish line in a race with hares, antelopes, and wild cats.

It is not easy to perform a job that is beyond your physical and intellectual ability. You must go the extra mile. But what's the guarantee?

6. What about the jobless and underemployed graduates? These sets of humans worked their lives in gaining a degree...or, do you all think spending 4 - 13 years in a higher academic institution is a joke?

7. It is so easy to say go learn a skill when you forgot to consider those who helped you behind the scene. During your go "learn a skill" seminar you never consider these people and the sheer luck that shone upon you. Or, do you think all humans have the same opportunity?

8. Learning a skill is not bad. Nigeria/Africa has left for the gutters, sinking and wallowing in bribery, corruption, poverty, inept leaders, insecurity, social vices, and other evils you can think of.

And as a result, learning a skill becomes paramount.

9. But what I want you all to take note of especially those motivational speakers that hide behind various forms of crime with a saintly look should know that before learning a skill, an individual basic needs must be met. They include food, shelter, clothing, security, electricity, good road, and data. If these things are not provided it will take grace for a few to scale through, and that's why many that started learning a skill never made it to the finish line. You all should give these people a break, please.

10. Before learning a skill you just need to undergo therapy because depression and suicidal thoughts are real.

11. Alright. Since we can't easily savage the situation on the ground, we will endeavor to learn a skill with the hope of success.

Stay aloof from crime. I know. I understand. But just try. We must survive.


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I think Nigerians are beginning to embrace tech skills. Tech skills can create a new economy and new middle class. Once you have access to internet, it can open up a new world for you with access to almost free resources in learning new tech Skills.

Indians did it. They are now the most exported human resource for tech skills. Nigerians can do it too. We have the drive that is never tiring, go-getters and desired to exist and survive even in the hardest human situation. Fela Kuti said it "Suffering and Smiling"


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Yeah, I testify to this. It's time youth, graduates, tertiary students now realize that this country holds nothing for them.

Being a graduate doesn't guarantee a job anymore to talk of a high paying job. Even most people who has a job are just like working to pay bills, nothing to gather, nothing!

This country is messed up! The rate of unemployment is now so high! Why!?

And also, most youths aren't helping their selves, they just keep complaining and blaming it on the government every day, Yeah, I understand they hold the major causes of this, but are they even hearing you out? Since you have been complaining, did anything change?

It's just time you source for an alternative for yourself dear. Nigeria isn't good, Nigeria isn't good, but some people are making it, think of it dear.

I personally thought of this a day just like this, and that was it, today I'd forever advise anyone to learn digital skills. Go into digital skills! stop being an expert at giving yourself excuses, you can't take your excuses to bank. stop saying doesn't learning a skill requires money, you should think about the opportunities in if. You should think about how much money you're going to make from it, you should think about the financial stability you're going to get from that.

And also, when I mention learn a digital skill, I'm talking about lucrative digital skills! not just anyone, you get that? Then ensure the person you want to learn from a real tutor, not all these fake tutors that mention about their fake earnings, not all these tutors who haven't made a dime out of it but claim to have made millions, be cautious

Below are the skills I can testify to, paying my bills, all lucrative!

• 3D Modelling & Rendering

• Graphic design

• Video animation (3D/2D/Whiteboard)

• Video editing

• UI/UX design

• Motion Graphics

• Digital Marketing

• Audio editing

• Affiliate marketing

• SEO/Google analytics

• Photo editing & Retouching

• Web development

• Mobile app development

• Business Writing

• Social Media Management (SMM)

• Web design

• Sales/Closing

• Facebook ads & marketing

• Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation

• Email Marketing

• Public Speaking

• Social Media Presence Growth (SMPG)

• Business Marketing & Growth Strategies (BMGS)

• Photo Restoration (How to restore, repair and colorize old photos)

• Relationship marketing strategy and implementation (RMSI)

• YouTube Channel Growth Hacks: How to grow your YouTube channel organically.

Also, I learnt Data Science and analytics and Cyber security, but I'm not really into them because, well, let me say, because my other skills are paying me well, but those two skills are as well lucrative, you can try them out.

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Is it not money the use in learning a Skill?

After learning the skills are you using toilet paper to buy the necessary tools for the skills you learnt? ...and don't just learn any skill. Go and learn a tech skill, your future self will thank you for it 

What Skill Should We Learn Today To Help The Nigerian Economy?

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Yes, the government owes us a job! Worldwide, it is the job of the government to create jobs. They have failed, that does not mean they should be absolved of blame.

Yes, young Nigerians should learn a skill, but must never accept as normal the failure of their leaders to do what is right. Trump, Obama, etc all brag about the jobs they created while in office.

The developed countries are taking our best engineers, doctors, nurses etc and we are advocating artisanship? Why are all their graduated not artisans? Which first world country attained first world status through SMEs? Which? We may do artisanship in our desperation to survive, but we must never think it is normal for engineers and doctors to become carpenters and tailors.

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Thank you for this submission. I'm always angry whenever I see posts like this one the OP made. People just open their mouth and say all sort or rubbish about skill acquisition. The problem is that we have an irresponsible, below-par people ruling us, people unfit for leadership. It is the Government responsibility to create jobs don't even think otherwise except you're also not intelligent like our leaders. From my observation (no actual calculated statistics) it will take 30 graduates to have made it in life through jobs before 1 graduate to make it through all these skills you're shouting. (Nigeria's case is different, because we wan build house, drive fancy cars and do parties without investing in pensions. And it's still our irresponsible leaders that put us in these positions) Ask your leaders why they open skill acquisition centres for you to go and learn skill after graduation but their kids/wards don't learn skills but rather they graduate from good schools and opt for jobs rather than skills (you still think these skills are the way forward abi?) Let's demand for OUR RIGHT from our leaders! Enough of these rubbish SMEs scam! There is a difference between professional skill and vocational skills. My emphasis is on the vocational skill. Professional skill is a must for everyone to get

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E no easy but we go try, The government provides absolutely nothing for the citizens.

You wish to learn a digital skill, but no power supply.

Petrol is expensive, network providers be zapping data like maddd.

Infact with the hardship in this country, there is low patronage everywhere.

Try and visit popular fast food restaurants, and check out how many people that can even afford eating out now. It has gotten to a stage that so many organizations no longer leave their generators running all through.

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Tinubu's Muslim/Muslim Ticket

Some questions are running through my mind:

1. Is there no Christian member of APC from the 19 northern states?

2. If religion does not matter but competency, is there not competent Christian in the entire North?

3. If religion does not matter, what about tribe? Does tribe matters?

4. Can APC fields Yoruba-Yoruba or Igbo-Igbo ticket?

5. Is APC an Islamic fundamentalist party like violent Muslim brotherhood of Egypt?

6. Can Boko-Haram, Ansarudeen and ISWAP accept Christian-Christian ticket?

7. Why are APC surpporters unrepentant hypocrites?

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