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We are trying to survive, now this,💔God pls help, console these people.

They just dey put fire for every part of Nigeria ..e remain Aso Rock

This is just evil people in the market wicking their fellow human beings by setting it on fire every year

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If it was the north this happened BAT go turn and send them 100m naira shape shape

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For living in Nigeria for decades, I have come to learn that anything about Igbos is politically abused, bastardized and dramatized.

I have never heard Nigerians talk about Fulani presidency, Yoruba presidency, Hausa presidency or Nupe presidency because we are all given the impression that it's natural for Nigerians of those regions to produce presidents.

When it gets to the Igbos, you will hear a phrase like Igbo presidency, which has been abused and bastardized in Nigeria's political parlance.

This seems to suggest that making someone from the South East a president means doing them a favour. But those who propagate this propaganda forget that people become presidents and do nothing for their region.

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Don't Be Frustrated!

Don't be frustrated! I voted for APC and they have given me Lagos Ibadan expway, Apapa Oshodi Oworosoki expway, Outer Marina expway...

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Auntie Thank God Bless U Abundantly Deliver To Lekki 1 Lagos I Appreciate D Trust U Hv For Dis Girl @MensahOmolola

Auntie thank God bless u abundantly deliver to Lekki 1 Lagos I appreciate d trust u hv for dis girl @MensahOmolola

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"Na Married Women Dey Cheat Pass Now For Lekki"

"Na married women dey cheat pass now for Lekki" - Nedu

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Our Nigerian Army The Nigerian Army Are Preparing For The GCFR Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, May 29 On Our Mind

Our Nigerian Army the Nigerian Army are preparing for the GCFR elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, may 29 on our mind. 😎

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