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"If You Have A Problem, Call God," Olamide Tells Those Looking To Him For Help.

All scriptures of mainstream religions encourage those in need to believe. Humanity is God. Serving humanity is serving God. All these feel like demigods cos of the slight change Dem get. The billionaires, by global standards, are all great philanthropists. They are donating hundreds of millions of dollars.

Superstar athletes have charity foundations and donate generously. The Bible says God loves the cheerful giver. That's why all these money miss road riffraff lose their wealth in the latter stage of their lives when they are no longer in vogue. I refer to semi-literate Nigerians, especially the zazus, Dem babyaros.

Suppose all these proud celebrities are given the same royal demigod status where a Saudi business buys a ticket worth over 2 million dollars to meet Ronaldo and Messi. In that case, people like olamide will have called themselves God, whom he should pray to and worship.

They can't handle fame without misbehaving, and their equally silly fans will applaud them like the silky ones begging for forgiveness from Burna boy after cursing them. If you can help people's problems as a public figure, then just shut the hell up on social media and block the needy and the frauds and save us drug-inspired quotes

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This is not pride. I see a guy who wants to control his narrative. The industry wants to rubbish him but he standing his ground. 🙌. Tell your story, or else, others will tell it for you.

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which narrative is he changing, didnt we see first hand here, wen tundenut posted Dat rubbish freestyle n pple laughing sayin who dis again until Olamide stepped in, we saw how long he held Olamide on his feet, crying profusely Dat his life has finally change, the next tin a rubbish song become a standard song with d help of Olamide free verse, free video shoot n even till today is still basking on the glory of Zazzu or has he made any hit better dan Zazu? ..

Not let's talk about how olamide image made him to get notice by the likes Wizkid, Davido even Burna boy which also bust his relevance in the industry ..

This guy is an Ingrate..if Olamide didn't do all dos tin dere will be notin about his life to be ripped by people in d first place.. He doesnt have that moral right to brag Dat nobody help him.if a whole 2baba still gives credit to Kennis Music for helping him despite how much dey milked out of his career. Well is only ingrate that will support another ingrate. Let's keep watching na

God bless your wisdom bro...they all think they helped him, and he made 3 million over the period he was with them, after they used him to make more money, lets not forget that they put his name at the back of the music oooo, like say them feature am


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so olamide used him? My brother give glory to whom glory is well deserved, you don't bite the hands that fed you. No one, I repeat no one can be successful without a helper. God can't come from heaven to do it, he must send a helper. The fact is he was a no body in the industry until kogbagidi promoted his music and poco introduced him to olamide. He even said olamide paid for his video shoot at some point. Without all these people he would have been a no body in the industry.


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did Olamide also try to used him? Wow

He mentioned that Olamide paid promoter and paid for the TG omori video of Zazu and you think Olamide wants to use him too?

even if he had issues with poco and kogbagidi,so he can’t mention olamide to appreciate the verse he dropped that made d song blow… he’s an ingrate abeg…olamide even paid for the video shoot

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Person wey dey kneel down dey thank Poco and Olamide . When you help a poor man to a level he never dreamt of, he thinks it's by his effort. Mumu boy

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it’s sad how deluded he is. But I don’t blame him. He gets more booking than Pocoless anyways. It’s the fans enabling his Ego

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