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In which state? Complain by corpers from which parts of Nigeria? What's tenable to corpers from other states currently in their States? That's the bone of contention here. This story needs to be completed!


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You even get toilet, I used potty during my NYSC days at Awgu, Enugu state…. Little did we know that they were training us right from camp how to use potty and I used it till the end, let’s not even talk about the house itself, We sha thank God, Awa re baayi

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Man Shares His Body Transformation After NYSC
Man Shares His Body Transformation After NYSC
Man Shares His Body Transformation After NYSC

This one pay NYSC allowee, him no collect am😂 He must have been trekking to and fro his PPA, but something good came out of it. He will probably gain it back in 3 months, it's easier to gain than to lose weight.

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I hope John Thomas is faring well wherever the hell that son of a gun is. I have had classmates bearing Paul Aeroplane and Fineboy Remember.


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Abeg na which engineer build dis una love for una? Mak una recommend him for me😂😂😂😂😂


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Most people call for the scheme to be scrapped for people who have already served.

The prospect of meeting several graduates from different universities, the allure of being in a new place with new people, and most importantly, the promise of free socialization sex is just too enticing for people who haven’t served to want it canceled.

It should not be made mandatory; it should not be a prerequisite to getting a job or government appointments. Let the people who want to serve to do so and the ones who don’t forge ahead with their lives.


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Normally in a developing country, many employees ends up doing what they didn't study.. they jump into whatever that will give them money... Or an available opportunity...

Don't be discouraged.. U are doing what you can to stay afloat.. when the desirable is not advisable, what can you do?..

If anyone asked u to go back to what u studied and there are no openings , will you remain idle until u find a chance or an opening? No one can determine how long the waiting period can be... Just keep acquiring those skills buddy, it will be important and handy some days...

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Your friend should not bother showing up or following the process. Just like people who studied abroad, most do not bother coming to Nigeria for NYSC. When your friend gets to the age that qualifies him for exemption, he can apply for it or if he decides to serve before he is 30 years. He can go to NYSC office to ask for NYSC posting.

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It's totally your choice.

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