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Most people call for the scheme to be scrapped for people who have already served.

The prospect of meeting several graduates from different universities, the allure of being in a new place with new people, and most importantly, the promise of free socialization sex is just too enticing for people who haven’t served to want it canceled.

It should not be made mandatory; it should not be a prerequisite to getting a job or government appointments. Let the people who want to serve to do so and the ones who don’t forge ahead with their lives.


5 days ago

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Exactly, NYSC is a waste of time, it should be scrapped, its puts graduate in danger and waste their time.

They should replace it with a skills development program for the youths in the state where they studied, graduate should not be travelling about to be used by kidnappers.

I did my NYSC, and i did skill developments by myself, it is what enhanced my future, not that useless NYSC program, where they sometimes send people to unsafe places.

Or they can make NYSC Optional, for those who need it.

NYSC Program Should Be Scrapped. It's A Waste Of Time And Energy. Youths Protest Against Demands To Scrap NYSC

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Anybody that participated in the scheme and wants it to be scrapped is evil! The only best and enduring plan in Nigeria! Why didn't you leave Nigeria? People with troublesome wives, children, or parents, did you kill them? You did not stop traveling because bandits were out there; you did not stop business because the currency lost its value. Allow others to experience it. Death is death, whether at home or outside.


21 days ago

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Give am Belle.. Na sure odd be that, she go wait.




.Honestly L Don't Want To Lose Her And L Also Don't Want To Rush Anything. Should L Succumb To Pressure And Her?

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Oga let her go. A woman's time and that of a man are not the same. At her current age, 3-4 years of waiting is too much.

Guy, you've made your points clear to her, if she's truly meant for you, she'll wait and convince her mom, if you decide to get married and then start working on your financial stability it doesn't always work out, make it first oo

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The law should allow all these girls marry themselves in the registry so that they don't miss their planned date of getting married .....because me I don't understand how you will want to marry with another person's money and contribution, yet will be fixing the time by yourself as if the person doesn't have a say....

what does she mean by telling you she planned to marry by 25 as if you are slowing down her life and she could have done it one her own....

.look oga.. Women will always make it look like they are doing you a favour by being with you...its their classic way of getting what they want...

even sex...they will make it look like they dont want it and that they are just giving their body to you to help you..

She can even tell you she left many guys for you this year.....all na format....

Don't do anything under pressure...she will leave or cheat you if you can't cater for her .... She probably has little or nothing to contribute to the ceremony or marriage....its all on you...

So..if you are not ready...let her see reasons with love why you both should wait....if she refuses..oga let her go... women always have plan b these days...


one month ago

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Normally in a developing country, many employees ends up doing what they didn't study.. they jump into whatever that will give them money... Or an available opportunity...

Don't be discouraged.. U are doing what you can to stay afloat.. when the desirable is not advisable, what can you do?..

If anyone asked u to go back to what u studied and there are no openings , will you remain idle until u find a chance or an opening? No one can determine how long the waiting period can be... Just keep acquiring those skills buddy, it will be important and handy some days...

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Go for that which you have passion for.

But mind you, banking job is seen as modern day slavery, there is no career prospect in it. Don't bother going into what you don't understand. I know folks who jumped in on the programming bandwagon. They almost ran nut.

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Your friend should not bother showing up or following the process. Just like people who studied abroad, most do not bother coming to Nigeria for NYSC. When your friend gets to the age that qualifies him for exemption, he can apply for it or if he decides to serve before he is 30 years. He can go to NYSC office to ask for NYSC posting.

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