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Found in the throne room of the Black Panther movie, Nsibidi was a method of writing in Southeastern Nigeria even before European civilisation came to West Africa.

Nsibidi: Do You Know About The Ancient Igbo System Of Writing

Nsibidi, also known as nsibirinchibiddi or nchibiddy, is a system of ideographic writing or symbols indigenous to what is now southeastern Nigeria. The system of symbols is estimated to have been around from 400 to 1400 CE, as the earlier forms of the symbols appeared on excavated pottery, ceramic stools and headrests from the Calabar region.

Nsibidi is a very exclusive system said to have been primarily used by the Ekpe (leopard) secret society, also known as Ngbe or Egbo, found among the Ekoi, Efik and, later adopted by the Igbo people. However, because the largest collection of Nsibidi was found among the Ejagham people of northern Cross River region, the origin of Nsibidi was attributed to them by the colonial administrators.

I feel this is also be the mother and parent writing system of today's modern languages

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