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Nigeria can never have birthright citizenship because it is an indigenous land. America can do that because it is the land of immigrants. Only the land of immigrants or countries desirous of increasing their population practice birthright citizenship. Nobody wants to give strangers the right to their land. The land is for the past, present and future generations to inherit.

Will you expect an Igbo man to claim Kano because he was born there never or a Fulani man to claim Imo and its forests simply because he was born there? I trust the North to finish off any non-Northerner on their land. This type of citizenship will only lead to chaos and bloodshed.

Nigeria is not a nation to practice such. The one that can work is the right of return for people with Yoruba ancestry to settle in Yorubaland from Brazil, Cuba, Salvador, etc. People from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea with Igbo ancestry can settle in Igboland etc. This act will bring foreign investments, cultural exchange, development, and easy integration, i.e., finding your lost cousins.

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It would help if you kept in mind that Jus Soli predominates in the Western Hemisphere (North & South America). This type of citizenship is not shared outside of that area. 

However, given the history of the Waves of immigrants and the Atlantic slave trade, unlike nations outside of North and South America, non-indigenous groups predominantly run these nations from various places and their descendants. Doing citizenship by straightforward birth makes it much easier to entice people to immigrate and encourage movement. 

It has been used as an argument against discrimination against groups like slaves and certain indigenous and immigrant groups, which the US and the rest of the Americas all have a history of fighting.

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Because it is madness, given Nigeria’s ethnic makeup.

It would lead to civil war.


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Buhari's administration under APC will go down in history as the administration that made life a living hell for Nigerians since independence. The highest rate of maiming and killings, kidnapping, food and fuel scarcity, terrorism and banditry, unemployment, worst ASUU strike, worst Naira devaluation. At this rate APC as a party should have been extinct by now. Buhari should be ashamed to even be endorsing anyone. Failed leadership, failed party. Shame on APC and all supporters of APC.

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That's why she's the biggest Female Artists in Africa not just Naija... Far Bigger than Tiwa 🔥🤍💯


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This act is what is happening across the country. All the banks claiming they don't have the new notes are likely to lie, waiting for the highest bidders to knock so they will cash out at the expense of hapless Nigerians. They are very much the evil that is happening to us, all Nigerian banks need to be probed, and those found complicit in these sufferings be made examples of.

This is a significant definition that wickedness is real. Tufiakwa ndi banking system in Nigeria.

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I like how to compare football as a unifying metaphor for Nigeria. I wish we can have that same passion and select our next president Peter Obi to lead us to the promised nation.

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If this isn't evil in its raw form, then I don't know what is

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Scarcity Of Cash: Nigerians Should Expect Significant Improvements Between Now And The February 10 Deadline- President Buhari

ACCESS BANK customers cannot have access to their money in their banks ,,,
First bank has failed to fulfill their obligations that says to their customers "YOU first',,them no put their customers first again,,,,, there's no unity between UNITY Bank customers with their money in unity bank,
The Union between UNION BANK and their customers has been terminated ,,
There's seriously infidelity in FIDELITY bank as their customers are suffering from infidelity of cash ,,,,United Bank For Africa has been divided
ZENITH Bank is headed down right now, There's no Guaranty anymore at GTBANK
The Key to enter into KEYSTONE bank has gone missing.
All Nigerian banks are in a townhall different from balablue, blu blu,bulaba

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Scarcity Of Cash: Nigerians Should Expect Significant Improvements Between Now And The February 10 Deadline- President Buhari

Thank God you're aware of this one since you became president you always not aware

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Nigerians must find a reason to smile

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