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OBI is the face of the Youth

Enough of these Old Politicians that have plundered the nation.

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?



Peter Obi is the answer to our prayers.

Lets take religion and ethnicity aside and make Nigeria great again.

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

He’s a smart politician. He identified the frustration of the youth and branded himself as the face of their movement to establish a new order.

Nigeria is long due a populist leader especially after the EndSars movement. People like Atiku and Tinubu lack the political skill for this because they are sooo disconnected from the youth and everyday people.

For these reasons Peter Obi should not be underestimated even if you don’t support him. He might just pull a Trump and stun the establishment this election.



PO sounds appealing to the young elite voters who the Endsars movement have given a reason to fight for Nigeria. However, lesson from the Endsars saga shows if we are to regain power control to a younger generation the class of youths up north who have been brainwashed religiously and influenced negatively politically also needs to tap into the PO movement.

This is what I feel the handlers of the Labour Party should do while people are coming out canvassing for PO Labour Party itself should work on those areas where the other parties can use to exploit the election.



Say no to a president without certificate...

Say no to a president that based in Dubai...

Peter Obi all the Way.....

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?



Peter Obi's selling points from his speeches

1. I can’t sleep because I know what to do! I have gone round the 36 States of the country like I have gone round 31 countries of the world, I know the problems of Nigeria and I know I can fix them easily! Because I can see them, I can fix them!

- Peter Obi

2. Hunger takes people to the streets! Job and food will obviously take them out of crimes! That’s my specialty, creating jobs and wealth!

- Peter Obi

3. I have not come out for myself! I have come out for the millions of youths that are losing hope in our beloved country!

I have come out for the millions of women who are afraid of tomorrow and what it holds for them and their children! I have come out for the poor who are asking weather it’s a sin to be a Nigerian! For them, I have come!

- Peter Obi

4. For people who are asking if Peter Obi has ‘structure’, what structure is bigger and stronger than the collective will of the masses on whose necks the knees of the politicians have been? What structure is greater than the determination of a people who have at last decided to take back their country, their only country?

- Peter Obi

5. The battle for the rescue of the soul of Nigeria has just begun and we must all be contributive and participative in it.

- Peter Obi

6. Yes, we may not have the money to share because we didn’t steal any.We have not come to enslave but to serve.

- Peter Obi

7. Have you imagined somebody giving you money to help you? Bribing you to go and serve you? It’s wisdom to go for a permanent solution than a temporary remedy!

- Peter Obi

8. This battle is to help Nigerian youths, Market women, struggling families, students, teachers, famers, old and poor, whose helpless looking faces I see everywhere I go. It’s for these people that l, Peter Obi, have come! However, like a drowning man, they must bring out their hands to be saved!

- Peter Obi

9. In this battle, if you can’t fly, run! If you can’t run, walk! If you can’t walk, crawl! If you can’t crawl, roll! If you can’t roll, shout! By all means we must be on the move and we must be heard!

- Peter Obi

10. These people are more than 50 million of the Nigerian voting adults. They have the power. Their destiny is in their hands so they can change it. If they will it, they will win it!

- Peter Obi

11. Remember, the man with energy will always be at the mercy of the man with strategy based on synergy. With God on our side, we shall not fail and we shall not fall! May God help us!

God bless Nigeria!

- Peter Obi

12. I will rather lose doing the right thing than win doing the wrong thing.

- Peter Obi

13. Nigeria must move beyond oil, we must move from Consumption to Production nation.

- Peter Obi

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

The Man Called Peter Obi. PDP never knew what they had until they lost him.

Labour Party never knew the popularity they will have until they gained him. APC never knew that any candidate can become a threat without paying #NoShishi to delegates until they met him. The youths never knew there could still be hope in Nigeria until they found him.

Then, between

Atiku who prefers to take sides with Deborah's murderers to gain Northern votes,


Tinubu who thinks his reward for making Nigerians go through the clueless Buhari is to be made the president himself even when he should be resting. . .

Concern and true Nigerians were in a fix on who is better to rescue Nigeria from the shambles of Buhari's epic destruction. Then like a ray of lighting, Peter appeared and everyone just knew without any doubt that #PeterIsBetter.

And if there is anyone having any slight doubt, the person can go and verify.

If Peter Obi wins this election, it will send a strong message that everything is possible in Nigeria and Nigerians will be liberated from these evil men and women who have kept us in captivity for decades.

Young people, we can do this if we shun tribal and religious sentiments and vote for competence. If this country works, it works for everyone, including our children and their children. Everyone knows that Atiku and Tinubu are not coming to fix this country. Let's stop the hypocrisy for future's sakes.

How can a presidential candidate tells you the solution to insecurity in Nigeria is to recruit 50million Nigerians into the army and feed them with cassava, agbado and corn yet you are campaigning for him to win.

Are you OK?

Do you need help?

Of course obi is the sure bet 

Yes, that's the next president. Call him any name, e no dey work

You really need to ask this??

Mr. Obi represents CHANGE

He's candidate of the Youth!

Even if the other two candidates were not so old and so corrupt (which they are), PO would still be the best choice!

Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

Someone asked me for a giveaway here some days ago, I went to check his profile and posts and saw him campaigning for APC and Tinubu. I was dumbfounded. I mean, how can an unemployed and hopeless youth that doesn't know where the next meal will come from be campaigning or supporting Tinubu or Atiku to win..... You all should know whether I gave him the money or not.

The truth is just beginning to come out. The endsars movement started as a very noble movement by nameless and faceless youths who were tired of police brutality. However the movement was high-jacked by PDP and their agents. They paid PDP influencers like Reno, Jackson Use, Rinu. Odanz, Deji Adeyanju, Segalink, Dipo Awojide etc to seize the narrative and use it against the APC. This the PDP did with the backing of Sowore and IPOB youths.

All seemed well when their common enemy was the APC. However elections have come and things have fallen apart. Reno, Segalink, Deji Adeyanju, Odanz and Jackson Ude have to continue to work for PDP but the IPOB youths have broken out supporting Peter Obi. That is why there is war in their camp. The same people that fought together to criticise APC are now criticising the likes of Reno, Deji, Odanz, Dipo etc. Peter Obi is no longer in PDP so they cannot work together any longer.

And Sowore is also running so it has caused more divisions. My own issue is that why they keep blaming Tinubu a man that has not held office since 2007. We heard about the dreaded Okpuzu SARS in Anambra whose leader was Peter Obi’s CSO but it is somehow Tinubu’s fault. Tinubu does not control the army or police but they blame him for Okpuzu SARS.

The truth is now coming out and the enemy’s camp is gradually being exposed.


17 days ago

Do regular family households in Nigeria really pay N70k in a full year for electricity? I assume this must be for people who bypass meters.

Meanwhile petrol prices in the UK just hit record levels; price of petrol just hit £2/litre in parts of the UK. Meaning about £100-£120 (N78k -N95k) required to fill the tank of a small car.

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Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement?

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