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Most of these Nigerian/African hair braiders in abroad claims to be professionals and after the service you’ll notice the hair nothing compared to what they advertised. The black Americans are not ready to pay if they’re not satisfied. Here in Japan, we are scared to braid our hairs because we don’t want to pay almost 50,000 naira for nonsense and there has been lots of problems between braiders and customers.

What if she misplaced her money? What if her card was rejected ? What if she forgot the money or card at home? What if she was supposed to collect the money from someone and the person come disappoint last minute ? Just what if ?😂

This no hate here but I think persons will speak this language out there should try to control certain situations instead of making it worse and everyone getting to know we are all Nigerians. I get shame small 🤦🏾‍♂️


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Ije nwoke. Men pass through lots of shit to make the family proud. To be a man is no one-day job. Respect your husbands and boyfriends ok, pray for them and keep hoping for their time to arrive. God bless all men, na time and patience we need to get. Nobody should put pressure on your life, don't allow that.

Is Nigeria and being called a Nigerian a crime? Here lies your answer. It is bad enough to be identified as a Nigerian and as people of color. No be say if you hit the black person he go dey change color as a white person when pummeled. I hate that this is my reality. Hopefully, it will be a short life to live.

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Biafran men are always spoiling the road for Nigerians. He may not have done something horrible, but because others have done despicable things without minding tomorrow, others now bear the brunt. So it was your fellow Igbos that created this reality for you.

Senseless comment

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Incomplete story. I bet this is to get Abike's attention, but he must have been rightly or falsely accused of something. Nine years and you are just coming out. How about his family? I still wonder why Nigerians go to India of all countries. However, it said that it is the world's sixth largest economy with a GDP of USD 2.7 trillion but is still classified as a developing nation like Nigeria. Cases like this are more in Malaysia

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We are still in 1920 o

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u will start seeing mumus talking about culture and traditions wen it comes to subduction of women but these sets of people want to use exotic cars and luxurious things from the western world

1920 Ba, but the queen was buried in her tradition Abi? We lost ourselves in been others.

why do we always bring the queen into every single matter. What about our kings that sold us to them. Blacks sold fellow blacks out to oyinbo for MONEY.

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Ok. I find it hard to believe that you can be arrested and locked up for nine years without charges. Can you please reach the Nigeria consulate in India or the office of NIDO and Abike Dabiri, who is in charge of diaspora affairs, to follow up on this matter? Look up their emails and contacts online.

Please stay away from doing shady things we've been known for and live a simple life. I hope you get your trial. He must have done something. The Police in India is not stupid. Okowa Collins Chigozie.....Hmmmmmmm. 

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It isn't very kind to be Igbo. Everything about Igbos is disgusting and irritating. Dumb idiots, let him rot in the house India provided free of charge since, like most Okoro global nuisance, refuse to stay in their father's land.

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Hmmm, abroad na your mate? No body even say make dem pay for her to end the embarrassment chei!... If not for bad governance, home is home. People for don ask, how much be the money. Hmmm,but she get mind, enter saloon make hair and no, money.

Make una also help her clear the hair for her SKU*LL TOO TO EASE THE STRESS SO SHE NO GO TRY AM WITH ANOTHER VENDOR .WEREY GIRL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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I hope he get's justice and released soon


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You know,,I use to wonder why them Aunties in abroad always cut “low cut” hairstyle until I realise that the money to make hair in abroad no be here and if you can’t make your own hair,it’s better to shave it

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it can’t be more than £100 nau and she will still need to carry it for 2 or more months why she no go pay? Make she work nau. £100 na beans? I made hair for £75 once as i loose the hair nobody told me to focus on low cut

Nigerians dey calculate the money in naira. I braid hair but I nor dey braid Nigerian women hair. Them go call you my sister one million times. Na price I take dey pursue them. Na akata dey pay without questions.

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Don’t don’t try to make your hair in the UK 🇬🇧 if you can’t afford it, wether it’s what you ordered vs what you got I repeat don’t. What she did was wrong but at the same time you can use it a a sacrifice for bigger level. I believe if you free her from your whole heart, God will double blessings for you. Life no balance


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we don’t understand the full gist yet. But I can tell you that , the extortion in hair making here is on a higher level. The annoying this these stylists are our people. Once they see you they’ll add hair price, they won’t put the price tags on the wall for you to see. I just braid myself sometimes and dwell on my wigs.

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