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Excellent points. I can see that you have thought about this and have some great ideas. But we need to take a step back and consider a fundamental question: "Do we trust each other"?

All the things you mention above require a baseline of Trust and Respect to work. I have traveled to Thailand, China, Central Asia, and the Philippines, and I walked about there, rode Okada, entered villages, etc., in a way that I would not attempt in Naija. I go to my town, and I can't sleep in my grandmother's house because I have to stay one step ahead of the robbers or kidnappers.

In business, it's a challenging environment because there is no trust and respect. People will defraud you as per usual. It becomes impossible to have a functional business climate. I know many Nigerian friends who have tried various business ventures, including a trucking logistics company, fish farm, game hall, and importing premium shirts. All failed after hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment because Nigerians were dishonest and defrauded them.

How do we solve this? I don't know. But we need to do this first.

P.S. I was in Kyrgyzstan, and when I told them I was from Nigeria, they told me that a year ago, a Nigerian had lived there for a few years teaching English, got many students to pay $3,500 each for a "study abroad program in Canada", but had disappeared with the money. I was ashamed. How do we solve this?

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Charly is on point in this. Surprisingly, many people are unaware of what is happening in the places he mentioned. In Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda overthrew the government; the president ran away.

Our Boko Haram is trying to do this also, threatening to kidnapped Buhari. In Venezuela, hyperinflation has destroyed the economy; the local currency is worthless. I'm sure we all still remember the ethics war in Somalia. Research Lebanon. This will be a bad combination for Nigeria, but it seems we are bent on becoming another statistic.

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People that rented fake bishops are talking about falsehood and disinformation.

Wonders shall never end.


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Agbadorites and jagabandits accusing Peter Obi of engaging in falsehood and disinformation

When they are in charge of all propaganda machinery dishing out lies and falsehood like The Nation Lagos-Ibadan expressway propaganda newspaper, TVC, 30k a month social media urchins, fake clergy members etc


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I was just having this same conversation with a chattered accountant friend yesterday. Venezuela will be a baby, considering what will happen if we as a people do not ask questions or ponder over 2023.

I am endorsing no one!! Nigeria has been let down in the last more than 20 years. Ask questions, research, and make up your mind. Can we have lousy leadership for another eight years??? No, it isn't peculiar. Servicing our loans cost more than our budget. Let your conscience guide you come 2023!

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That is even an understatement. Those countries will be a glory compared to what Nigeria will be. Tinubu is practically caged by Fulani cabals to do their Fulani bidings, while Atiku is already a Fulani born-to-rule head, so if any of these ever smells a victory, Nigeria is finished beyond comprehension.


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I see it coming.. It needs to happen before the country can grow. This results from years and years of foolishness by those incompetent and clueless elites. The sobering part is that they impoverish their northern people to remain in power. They want to use poverty to control everyone, but that will fail... Apc is the worst administration ever. PDP too. Youths need to take their destiny into their own hands. Youth people must demand good governance and ensure their vote COUNTS.


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Charliboy is seeing what some Yoruba people are not seeing, but now some Yoruba people are seeing it. As I said, the salvation of this nation lies in the hands of the Yorubas and the Igbos voters, not the elite.

The Yoruba and the Igbos need to unite with other regions to fix this nation and send the Fulanis back to the desert where they belong. If tinubu wins shettima, the Fulani will control him. The written code of the Fulanis is Fulani blood above others. Meaning a Fulani can not kill a Fulani.

Shetimah will not stand by and watch tinubu declare total war on the Fulani bandits. He will sabotage tinubu, or they will plot to kill him. Baba is old. If tinubu were still young and vibrant, he would deal with them. We need someone that has no affiliations to the Fulanis. The fulanis gave tinubu the ticket


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They came from a tribe that supported Buhari even when Boko haram appointed him as their patron and mediator.

Then, it was anything but Goodluck, born out of hatred for the Igbos ( even though Jonathan is not Igbo).

A tribe that chose the grand patron of Boko haram (Shettima) as running mate.

You can continue to link IPOB to Obi, but we know better, and many Nigerians know the truth.

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When APC opposes a party with no "structure, " they know they are dead.

They are tired of blaming GEJ. It is now time to shift the blame to Peter Obi.

Tinubu has given up already. Your time has passed.

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