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And the same God no fit save am so the question now is do God exist? If he does then is a powerless God smh he cant save his so called son abi wetin una dey call unsef im waiting for those religious mumu to come defend the powerless God with he save who he want to save such a mumu talk

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my God do exist. If you read your Bible very well, you will see how the mytars died. I will advise you to give your life to God.

may I ask a question? Are you a Muslim, Christian, a traditional worshipper or an atheist

ChurchLast activity 2 months ago

Imagine! So much good deeds these kinds of people should be allowed to live really long so humanity can keep being felt through them na 😩

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It Was In This Building In Zungeru In Niger State That The Amalgamation Of Northern And Southern Nigeria Happened In 1914 By Lord Lugard.

Zungeru Town was presumably the 1st capital of Nigeria. It was also a major railway hub and the birth place of Nmandi Azikwe and Odumegwu Ojukwu, among other historical facts about the little town.

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It is imperative that we preserve our historical records, places and structures, but most importantly it is highly important to know our history as a nation.

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Is it only the Niger bridge that will be tolled? The ones you did in the north, I hope it will be tolled too.

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3 months ago

Bridges in the North do not pay a toll. Na, only for the east. Shame on our governors. Federal Govt is milking the east of oil and road, and I wonder what's next after they've chased people out of Enugu and rest. Obadiah spoke about all this.

All the roads and constructions in the west and north are not tolled. Wicked man. Let it be vital. Igbos are confident in paying. Just no stories on that bridge ejor


6 months ago

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Just look at ,in Nigeria government know ransom was paid and they know the informant chai 9ja to the world. Yet the same bandits arrested a thief and hand him over to the authorities 😂😂😂 its time we invite singer Vic O 🤔

Them go still release am or abi una go soon leave am


7 months ago

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This is the height of it.......obviously we are in hot pepper soup.. They are desperate to wreck this nation. 😔😔. Everybody pls find your square root if you can o... .this people have no plans for us.

Consider this.. How much is the government loosing to oil theft? Compare the price to 4bn monthly... Let's see which is better

Last last to carry kala dey pay o.😂😂😂 wetin una wan encourage these small boys, wetin concern me sha, but I know say all these na tactics to use him win their elections


7 months ago

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What more can I say after Farooq Perogi has said it all? Igbos don't just hate people or individuals for hating sake, except when they use their innermost eyes to see your true self; that is when they severe themselves from you completely.

Just as Igbos warned other tribes about this most tribalistic, nepotistic, and religious fanatic man called Buhari but other naïve tribes called Igbos all manner of unpredictable names now who is laughing last now and who is crying last now.

Igbos are now warning Nigerians and other tribes about Tinubu, who is Buhari pro-max and replica they have started hating Igbos again and mistakenly Tinubu become President of Nigeria God forbid and become worst than Buhari same people that called Igbos unprintable names will still be the ones that will still come here to lament. God keeps vindicating Prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when he said that that man in Aso Rock is not Buhari and that he has a plan, which is to complete what Uthman Danfodio could not finish, which is to Islamize and Fulanise Nigeria.

I am that Igbojew the table shaker

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