The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), formerly the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA)

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one month ago

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Real question. How do you guys survive without regular electricity? Just being curious. My light goes out for 10mins once in probably two weeks n within that 10mins the way i get uncomfortable. How do you guys survive such a system?

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This is too funny!

Lies… even in Ghana, is not 24/7.. or even america


one month ago

Black Outs? Plenty? In Ghana? You must be living in a different Ghana. Only intermittent disruptions which lasts at worse an hour n only happens once a blue moon.

ask your father he didn’t grow up with 24/7 power


one month ago

My father has forgotten what it feels like to be without light. You are in a better position to gimmie an answer. Just saying..

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

Off your light and stop saying rubbish!!!! When there's no light complain light dey now complain!!!! GOOD THINGS ARE USUALLY EXPENSIVE EVEN GOOD LIFE IS EXPENSIVE.

Why do we like to complain, won't you pay for what you have used or it a crime for has the power improve

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Una well done ooooo, Na why person never see light since morning be this abi? Chineke ga akpo all you oku for keeping innocent Nigerians in this situation. Why dey off Abuja own fess, why not Lagos?☹️


10 months ago

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Thanks for these!

NigeriaLast activity 10 months ago

This must be the joke of the century. Make Nigeria fix light issues and try to dey give us light abeg so make this kain thing no happen. I have never laugh the way I laughed this evening. I laughed, I cough and tears came at of my eyes. This kind of funny things only happens at KATAKATA STREET.

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