“If anyone fulfils his brother’s needs, Allah will fulfil his needs; if one relieves a Muslim of his troubles, Allah will relieve his troubles on the Day of Resurrection.”

Ask an anonymous Muslim related question...

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

This is less to do with Nigeria or Nigerian parents and more with human/ family dynamics. You insulted your dad. He seems like the sort who's vindictive. I wouldn't suggest living with him or making arrangements to.

Since you seem young, I suggest working on calling him or finding a way to see him in person on neutral ground or with a mediator and apologize.

Texting an apology might only be effective if it's sincere. After that, I suggest you give him his space and let him choose if or when he'll forgive you. Moving forward with all and any human relationship you wish to sustain, I suggest you embrace patience and be careful with your words.

Good luck.

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Good advice

NigeriaLast activity one month ago

I don't see a lot your dad did wrong. You need to properly apologize to your dad and seek to revitalize the relationship

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one month ago

He's mad at me for not sponsoring his wife for immigration. He only answered my calls a while ago after ignoring them because his mom told him to.


2 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago


NigeriaLast activity 2 months ago

Your children are Christians, and you are a Muslim. That's a problem in Islam. They have a particularly lousy name for such people!

CultureLast activity 4 months ago

BBNaija Constitutes A Potent Threat To Every Home. It Is Open Rape Of Our Cultures, Values, And Norms. BBNaija Is Lactiferous And Is Devil Incarnate, Must Be Stopped– MURIC

Mumu RIC Abi na wetin be that una Maluu name first of all. Talk about your Hausa politicians wey dey fuck small boys first. Think of how to eliminate Banditry, herdsman killing, and kidnapping in your region first—a foolish set of people. Nobody is forcing the television channels on you. U can decide to Block it. There are many blue films channel on DSTV, and people decided to either block them or leave them. It's a choice.

GovernmentLast activity 4 months ago

Popular Islamic Cleric And His Aides Drown In Kwara Flood.
Popular Islamic Cleric And His Aides Drown In Kwara Flood.

Now this flood that killed him, did it know whether he is from north or south? Or whether he is igbo, hausa or Yoruba? If una like continue voting according to ethnic lines. All this alfas their way no pure

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bruh you are just chasing clouts with this comment of yours, people fucking die everyday from different stuffs, I guess everyone’s way isn’t pure then.

Peter ObiLast activity 7 months ago

All Churches should condemn this atrocity. Pastors, please use your Altars for your country now. I hope Rev Oyedepo, Adeboye and a few others to speak against this evil. Redeem church and Adeboye, I highly doubt. Reason why I left these money hungry churches that has turned christainity into a money making franchises

PUPURU IS A Healthy TASTY ALTERNATIVE TO EBA, FUFU AND AMALA. Peter Obi is a healthy alternative to Tinubu and Atiku combined. Stay healthy everyone.

Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Kano Imam Asks Muslims Not To Vote Tinubu (Video)

Peter ObiLast activity 7 months ago

So after Buhari's 8yrs, Tinubu who plans to stay for 8yrs too will hand over to Shettima who will also want to stay 8yrs thereby making it 24 straight yrs of Islamic rule in Nigeria. Any Christian that votes APC is a fool and any Muslim that votes for APC is a hypocrite because true a Muslim will never support injustice. For those who will say competence over religion, how has Buhari's leadership fared?

Hehe. Tinubu said the spirit of 1993 is upon him that’s why he is choosing a Muslim running mate. They will keep referring to 1993 until they finish the significance of that day. Did someone tell him that the youths nowadays don’t even care about 1993? Yes it’s an important part of Nigeria’s history but it’s not enough to make people accept you in 2023.

The only commendable thing here is that Tinubu has his beliefs. In 2015, he wanted to be VP, didn’t care about Muslim-Muslim. And he just showed that again by picking Shettima.

Truth is we will not accept a Muslim-Muslim ticket. PDP and APC have gone North-Muslim because they believe that’s the only way they will be acceptable in the north.

They allowed tribal and religious sentiments influence their decisions when considering how to get bloc votes from the north. Then why are they telling us here in the south that tribalism and religion doesn’t matter when it is in fact the major reason you went North for your presidential and VP candidates? Make it make sense.

ElectionLast activity 7 months ago

Fake attempt at tribalizing and bringing religious bigotry.

No sane OBIdient will do this. Just observe that Obi campaign poster was gumed to the side of praying mat. Not that a whole mat was printed.

This is another attempt by Drugnibu urchins at demarketing Obi

We are too focused to be distracted by these losers whose candidate is unsalable


9 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 9 months ago

Deborah Samuel's Murder In Nigeria Reminds Me Of My Service Year In Yobe State

Non-Muslims should leave the core North for these guys. Stop living in the midst of those who hate you so much.

There are so many colleges of education for her to attend in Niger State, instead of schooling among these beasts in human flesh.

How can your own classmates murder you? Makes no sense at all. She probably fed some of those people who were casting stones on her.

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