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Omolalomi getting better daily. No be Destiny ton ko fuji be that. Portable Ologbon, you cook this one well well

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Tbh this guy Sabi sing......nah too just dey calm down remain...

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Naaaah....Can we just accept that this new Portable tune #AzaMan is definitely going to blow?!!

Awesome tune and flow if you ask me.

And the lyrics are clear....not gonna lie

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Silly girl, she knows why she posted this. She believes if it goes viral. Asake might see it and possibly want to reconnect. She knew then he was very much attracted to her, but times change, but hey, even Asake reconnects for some reason, he should make her one of his bed warmers and add her to his list of souvenirs. Nothing to be taken seriously. But Asake's taste fit don step up to pass her appearance, character, or whatever he saw that interested him in her.

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Asake, please run away from all these leeches. They will be running after you now that you have hit the limelight. Lols una go learn by force. Shey una like to dey commonize person lols.. life has a way of teaching us lessons, next time u no go dey downgrade..

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Madam, if I were you, I would move on without letting the world know what transpired in the past. Are you not embarrassing yourself with this revelation now? good for both ... what if you guys rolled up and e no blow nko??? you no go screenshot and post...not your thing duo.. yu suppose don marry by now 😹


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I have been asking ladies out now, but they have been refusing to give me their numbers but I if I blow you come near me na foursome I go use do. People only want to be associated with success... that's one major lesson here, guys. Nobody wants to know how you did it... be successful, and you will get their attention.

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he's such a gentleman he even responded to her with a heart. Yeyenatu! It's gone.. Success has so many friends. May we keep winning!!!

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The music industry is overstuffed with no talent, having muthafuckaz all over the globe.

I was saying the same thing. This generation of artists doesn't work. They go live all day, every day. They don't sell records; they sell clickbait. Then they buy the clicks. It's crazy.

They believe a beat, then mumble over it in auto-tune. I'm like, what the f**k is this bullshit. And then they create awards to award themselves for making the best stupidity. Nonsense.

I can NEVER f**k with this washed-up, drug-infused generation.


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We are having the Headies, just copycatting the Grammy Awards. Hosting this edition in far away America is more than meets the eye of the Ignorant public. Nigerian money laundering cartels have been using international music shows for money laundering. Everything about this award is fraud.

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