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Just saw the movie. I don't know how to speak English to complement the film, but for me oooo, the storyline was excellent, and the young actors tried, but I just realized I like happy endings more. Lol overall, Sha u try

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Thank you for immortalizing the Aluu 4 boys. I just watched the actual video. People advised me not to as it may be disconcerting. But hearing the story alone made me think about it for years. I even thought about them last month. Thank you for constantly talking about them.

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Sola sobowale 😩, please my wedding must be nice 😭🤭

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Ireti anytime anyday.

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Nigerian-American Film Director Chinonye Chukwu Has Called Out The Oscars Committee After This Year's Oscar Nominations Snubbed Her Movie.

Your movie is not good enough that’s why it was ignored. Quit playing the race card. Nobody will give you an award just for being black. Go back to your drawing board and try harder

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until then but don’t say it ain’t about race . It’s always about race on this side . Now if we wanna go down into the politics that goes on in show business particularly in Hollywood , I’m sure you would understand better if you do your research . You think you just wake up one day as a minority group and boom! You have an award show with top ratings and still enjoy its dividends from the wilder population ? Have you seen the movie , do you know what it’s about ? Did you bother to research on it ?

everything is about race in America and Hollywood, if you don’t read don’t speak like you know the plight America of Africa decent. Everything about this world is racially motivated. Try de read books and watch documentaries

Create yours and award only blacks. There are influential black people in entertainment, they can make something for just blacks. Why complain about an award from racist

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Nigerian-American Film Director Chinonye Chukwu Has Called Out The Oscars Committee After This Year's Oscar Nominations Snubbed Her Movie.

The lead actress was good in that movie but probably not enough to get nominated or win🤔

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Wish I could contact him and share how I cured mine. Mine was severe. My right eye, mouth, nose, face, and arm were slowly dying. I couldn't blink with my right eye. I was almost unrecognizable. But thank God I recovered.

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Please, since you said you wished you knew how to contact Chidi and tell him how you cured yours, you can get in touch with him through his social media. Please, quickly do so. Chidi is one of the most brilliant actors that we have in Nigeria. Please promptly do whatever you can for him. Thank you.

Bee, send a DM to him on IG. Also, you can drop it here if you are not planning to make money from the information. If he doesn't reply to your DM, we can contact his management to find him.

Thank God for your recovery. You can share the remedy for others to learn on here

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The truth is that a man does not need to see a woman naked to have an erection. Nudity takes away the appetite for sex sometimes because sex is made to be imagined first. So rampant nudity kills the urge.

When women cover from head to toe and have multiple layers of covering, men still do everything possible to have them.

Women of those days usually made eight babies and above and most cases impregnated by a single man, which is to say that the man still enjoyed the woman even after she had made plenty of babies.

Today, men hardly stay with one woman for one year without sleeping with another because the key to intimacy is getting lost.

We will always want to deceive ourselves by claiming it is modernity and enlightenment, but humans are trying to destroy the secret to human existence out of foolishness.

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The 🔞 scene may not be what's happening on set, as there r video editing software for such effects.

However, it doesn't rule out that she played a naKed role - v.shameless trend among so-called stars that younger girls look up to as mentors.

You know the world is now digressing toward empty love in relationships, absurd and demonic lust for popularity, money, and fun.

Beautiful looking woman gets exploited by her greedy husband. She, therefore, raises lesbian, rude, and feminist daughters whole have sugar and "baby fathers" as long as the money keeps coming, she n her kids r settled with business on Instagram & Dubai.

Many women then used to train their kids to become better people even as they were experiencing many bad things in their marriages.

Today, E don Red

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And indeed, they're gradually bringing NSFW Pictures/ Clips into everything - cartoons, Films, and Series.

Imagine LGBT Personalities inside your child's cartoon on Cable TV while you're out at work. Or scenes of cartoon parents telling their kids to go ahead with such relationships.

I said the same thing when I watched an animation movie in which they are trying to normalize gays. Parents nowadays have a lot of work to do!

Didn't you notice those little boys with hair braids n ear + nose rings now in private n boarding schools? The mothers have so much to be blamed for this - only if they'd accept n make amends.

Many prefer listening to + obeying their religious leaders rather than their husbands. Deep down, many are hurt by their actions but are bent on destroying others in the same deteriorated, irreversible state.

What's happening on Snapchat and Instagram. a guy even said Zug is "an agent of Lucifer." Yet we know the effects and continue like empty-headed fishes?

Imagine the level of the HIV variant coming soon.


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I swear any woman that aspires to be an actress should not be taken as wife material.

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Was that Vivica bouncing out? What movie is this?

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That’s her! This should be massive. MamaG is an OG of Nollywood and deserves big time movies like this! I hope this is Netflix movie!

It was Vivica Fox, LOL, the movie isn't out yet, but it's secured to be hilarious. This movie is going to be massive, and I expect a lot of funny moments.

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