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Talk is cheap. When they started doing well, these people suddenly realized that they were more arab than African, even though they were located north on the African map. Arrogance has its price to pay. Secondly, he ( the coach) needed to improve his strategy. He was clouded by the fluke of his wins, forgetting to learn and strategize against his upcoming opponent. Lastly, if African football doesn't improve, we no go even see the Quarter final again in the next 20 years, let alone semi finals.

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Excellent analysis, but before then, you have to change your Arabic narratives to African.

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they didnt only make morocco proud it was a win for africa, the arabs and the muslims ❤ NB: they’ve beaten Belgium,Spain, France this isn’t luck. Pure Hard work and Determination.

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what nonsense comment. there’s nothing like it was a win for Africa. How’s it a win for Africa? Bcoz they are African?? Lol. It’s like Portugal winning and someone is saying it’s a win for Europe. Lol. Also your comment reeks of religious bigotry, sentiment.

leave religion out of this everything is not abt religion,Remember all world cup holders are Christians countries nobody is bragging abt it,we are proud of Morocco period

Arabs are generally so determine on the field, dat is wat 9ja lack. Morocco for the cup.... They have given us a reason to dream of the cup.

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