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All of you supporting ds post ori yin ti buuru πŸ™„. So actors and actress should leave their professions? Bcus A Religious man feels the scenes they take in movies aren’t necessary. Who will pay their bills? πŸ™„ ds whole write up,on top Wettin? πŸ™„ what is all ds sef? I respect this man a lot but recently his posts are beginning to sound/look somehow to me. That is why oyinbos are making progress than Africans. We attach everything to religion. Some even limit themselves bcus of religion.

An actor/actress can take a role,get their money and it ends there. It doesn’t mean the role they acted defines them. We watch all ds American movies and they even do worse. Why is nobody preaching to them? πŸ™„. Make daddy preach to p0rnstars. Wahala don day too much abeg.

This same religious people will say hairdressers won’t make Heaven bcus they use attachment for people, naso iya ola lock her saloon begin suff3r to even feed her kids and herself. Una go day attach religion to everything. Mtcheew.

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Sometimes I wonder if God is also aware that they are acting, like God knows what acting means. Una dey try sha

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What does religion do to Africans, eh? It will take God's grace to change our mindset...

This same GOAT is an acronym used by white people to appreciate those doing well in their fields..

These same white people are the ones who first printed the bible.

The same white people brought this Christianity to Africa.

Now we don sabi the religion pass people wey teach us

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Baba, get out. You don't know anything about development and advancement. The White people had the religion and still progressed, and the Asians, middle Easterns too. Religion is not your problem. What have you achieved?

Do you know what the White Man called the period in his history when religion ruled? The DARK AGES. That is how well religion does when given the right to rule.

All you have to do is look at Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to see how well society thrives when you decide to forgo your senses.

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