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3 months ago

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Men And Cheating. Na Wa O. Even With This Small Beautful Ugochi

The girl I impregnated called my wife and asked for money for abortion. I have never seen my wife send someone 100k with such supersonic speed without arguing. My only punishment was to follow up to make sure the girl removes the pregnancy. In the night I still chop madam kpekus like water melon.

VideoLast activity 4 months ago

These are just a group of adult men and women having a flirty video call with themselves. But because you are so gender biased and you low-key hate men ,you packaged your caption in such a manner that portray these men as pedophiles . Stop it please.

VideoLast activity 4 months ago

Please this your post now, of what value is it? You no fit talk about traffic or situations of things in some parts of the country so people can be informed, you’re showing us something that doesn’t even concern the country


4 months ago

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😂😂😂😂😂but the truth remains that if u lije be a virgin ur husband go still cheat 💯 so u as girl enjoy the hell out of ur life and wen u marry commot mind from ur husband as far as his given wat u need he attends to the need of the home ,and he respects u omo don’t go and use ur hand to find watin no find u ooh because if u go u most see

VideoLast activity 4 months ago

Na so your own husband go sweet another woman then you will feel the pain the pains you put ur fellow woman through is not a curse it is called karma what goes around comes around.

MenLast activity 5 months ago

Fanciful tales by foolish over sabi scientists. Sex with your spouse can never kill you because she always cares for your body, checking you well. If she sees you are not fit physically, she will deny you sex in a caring way. But you see side chicks who don't want to know if you are dying, you must do and pay them money, and if you die in the process, they will run away. They won't even attend your burial. Stay faithful, and you won't die while making love.

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“ you might be going when you think you’re cumming”

Orgasms Can Trigger A Cardiac Arrest Or Stroke. Check Your BP Before You Cum - Medical Doctor Advises Men.

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

The difference then & now is that even if they were doing hookup.. they hid it like palliative. It was always a secret !
These days,people literally carry placard to announce what they are selling!
In short, dem get shame pass our generation. Shame so they can protect their children/future children from societal stigmatization which is now lacking amongst newer generation…


5 months ago

NigeriaLast activity 5 months ago

Even when God created Eve for Adam, it was with conditions. So sex has always been used as a transaction. He told Adam I would give you a partner molded from your rib(meaning compatible with you) that will be your helper and comforter(meaning sex and warmth).

So from time immemorial, there was always the understanding that a man takes care of the woman's needs and the woman makes him happy in bed. But the difference is exclusivity and decency. The intention was not for women to open their punani for every dike. But instead, those that they are in serious relationships with hopes of leading to marriage. The woman should negotiate her marriage terms with any man that wants to enjoy her pussy before she gives it up. So they both must like each other.

This includes unmarried or married men polygamous if their cultures permit. In biblical times polygamous was the order of the day. What we practice now is something influenced and sanitized by the euro-west cultures. Then, of course, there are the oloshos. That is just what they are pussy sellers with no marriage or settling intentions but rather for purely monetary gains.


7 months ago

MenLast activity 7 months ago

This reminds me of a girl I dated way back in Jos.

Those days I was a player with many girlfriends. This particular girl, I could never go beyond three thrusts before shooting the gun. No exaggeration o! More like 3 secs, man.

I felt something was wrong with me cos never happened to me before. But It's pretty weird. I would meet one of my other girlfriends to confirm if it was me. But I will perform excellently well and with flying colors.

Then invite her over, and the same thing happens all over again. All the times we had sex, I don't think we went past 15 thrusts. Which, of course, was an improvement from 3 thrusts.

I don't think it was exciting about her body, though ‘cos at the time, I had way finer, cuter, and more sexy girls I was shagging, and this wasn't happening.

And I loved her because she was my gist mate and confidant, unlike most others at the time. But I found the sex frustrating.

One of the reasons we finally ended the relationship.

MenLast activity 7 months ago

Exercise is the way out. Do a lot of exercise. Head on to Google Play, download a home workout app, and get started. Keep to it consistently for one week and watch. You will see a considerable improvement.

Also, blend watermelon and drink before meeting your partner. It's excellent.

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